10 Best Wunderlist Alternatives in 2021

No matter what you have to do, with Wunderlist, better with To-Do, you can organize everything. It is a complete task manager. With it, you will not forget what you have to do, what is next and what is far in time.

Top free Wunderlist Alternatives

You will always keep in mind your activities for today, tomorrow and in one or several months. Your life will be more organized, you will not have to go looking in the depths of your memory what you have to do, who you stayed with tomorrow, what event you have to go past…

Try these 10 best Wunderlist Alternative Apps

If you are not happy with Wunderlist and looking for similar software with better features then you should check this list. I have prepared a list of free and best alternatives to Wunderlist apps that can be used on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.


nTask is counted among the best alternatives to Wunderlist to manage your task.  It allows complete project management with more functionalities such as greater facilities for sharing files or organizing conversations around projects in courses. Its free and can be termed as an easy-to-use task management application for your Android device, as well as, follows the uncomplicated way of managing daily workloads for you and your team while on the move.

Key Features

  • It helps to create teams in order to invite team members for a particular project or any variety of tasks.
  • Carve out dedicated workspaces and add them to the relevant teams.
  • You can figure out the important tasks to get them done on priority.
  • This tool assists to collaborate with members across different teams identical to individual workspaces.
  • For the entire risk resolving process, you can add team members to fix up assignees.
  • You can see plans for project and resource management in a better way through our beautiful Gantt charts.


It has got a simple interface, loaded with lots of features, which makes this tool the ultimate effortless way of commanding daily workloads for you and your team while on the move in the time of need.

  • Website
  • Price: Free; Paid versions start from $2.99
  • System supports: Android and Web-based


This tool is an app for cross-platform to-do lists that is in great shape. It has several features like to-do-list, organize your work and the best part is it’s free. It works with Windows 10, iOS, Mac, and Android phones.

Key Features

  • We will be able to have all the tasks that we are doing in the cloud.
  • You can manage your day with the ease of seeing at a quick glance the lists of tasks that you have to complete.
  • The widgets will allow us to have full control of the tasks from the desktop of our mobile.
  • Tasks can become recurrent and flexible in order to have full control over them and modify them as we finish certain points of them.
  • You can share to-do lists to assign them to a team you work with on a project.


Access more calendar views. Set start and end dates for tasks and it even allows you to subscribe to third-party app calendars.

  • Website
  • Price: Free; Premium version price is $2.4 per month
  • File size: 5.4 MB (for windows)
  • System support: Android, iOS, Web-based, macOS and Windows

Google Keep

Google Keep was developed with the user in mind who does not want to complicate their lives dealing with interfaces full of features. Under its interface, it offers practical and solid functions, suitable for those who only need to take note and add some information.

Key Features

  • One of the most appreciable virtues of Google Keep is that it is present in practically all platforms, which greatly favors the user who uses it often.
  • In the event that we need to make a list of items to comply, it is also very simple to implement.
  • It offers the possibility of moving the sections that make up the list in the order that we want just by dragging them.
  • Keep offers us is the possibility of adding a reminder in each note.
  • Google Keep allows you to make notes with much more than text since we can also include an image.


In addition to the possibility of searching for notes using the traditional method, it also offers us the possibility of searching for text within images through OCR, that is, Optical Character Recognition.

  • Website 
  • Price: Free
  • System support: Web-based


Todoist is a task manager similar in essence to Wunderlist with a very simple base structure. The projects we create can be treated as such or as lists of tasks that allow us, for example, to write down all the movies we want to see. These tasks can be grouped to create subtasks.

Key Features

  • This tool allows managing up to 80 projects, with 200 active tasks per project, with 50 collaborators in each project.
  • The account administrator can easily add and remove team members from a single location where payments and invoices are also managed.
  • Each user has access to the company’s contact list and, with high data protection, businesses can restrict sharing only within the organization.
  • Use subtasks, subprojects, labels, filters, and multiple priority levels to stay organized in the workplace.
  • With native functionality, or Dropbox and Google Drive, users can attach and share files such as images, Word documents, spreadsheets, voice memos.


Use this tool for business on 13 different platforms, including the highly-rated Android and iOS apps, and popular plugins of email managers such as Outlook and Gmail. All tasks are synchronized in real-time, on all platforms.

  • Website
  • Price: Free; Premium cost is $3 per month, whereas Business plan starts from $5 pm
  • System supports: Android, iOS, and Web-based


It is an application that allows you to organize and manage information through notes. It is wonderful to access content on different media, also if you have the Premium version, you can access your content without having an Internet connection.

Key Features

  • You can host files and photos by sending the content in an email to the service.
  • Simultaneous search with Google. The search is synchronized with the content that hosts your account.
  • You can also extract pieces of information from any site. For this, the Web clipper extension is required.
  • Create simple links with the information that you will see later. You can save the most important from the web or create a table of contents in a note.
  • You can save audio notes. The idea is good to have a record of our ideas or experiences in the case of not having a pencil and paper.


Evernote on iOS and Android can be very useful. Already in the account, there is a small integrated player that allows you to listen to the message without having to download it to the PC.

  • Website
  • Price: Free and Paid Version available
  • File size: 125 MB (for windows)
  • System supports: Android, iOS, and Windows


OmniFocus is designed for those users who need to work with a Windows computer or any computer other than a Mac, iPad or iPhone. A version “to get out of trouble” in certain situations, such as with the work computer.

Key Features

  • Tasks can be classified by context. This allows that when you arrive at a specific place, you have access through this filter to the list of tasks associated with it.
  • You can prioritize your tasks with flags as a distinctive visual mark. With this, the emergencies are highlighted in a specific section and at the beginning of the list.
  • Geolocation-based reminders can be created. If you assign a task to a place and pass through the area of ​​influence, it will notify you with a reminder.
  • The “Save +” button gives you the ability to quickly capture new tasks. With the option “Forecasts” you will see your week on the screen at a glance.
  • Tasks or projects can be classified according to their development. You can manage them in parallel or in sequential mode if you go step by step.


OmniFocus does not use apps developed in Electron or similar, so each app it has is native to the system it is on. In other words, the web version is made from scratch.

  • Website
  • Price: Paid version
  • File size: 65.1 MB (for macOS)
  • System supports: macOS, iOS


Any.do was unveiled quite a time ago and in a way revolutionized to-do and to-do applications, offering a simply balanced interface, neither more nor less, simple and effective, something simple to say, but not so much to execute.

Key Features

  • The events will integrate maps, contacts and social networks
  • Connect Cal with all calendar services to always be up to date: Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL and iCloud
  • Every day begins with a new photo to start the day with a smile.
  • Daily planning with integration with Any. Do and scheduled tasks
  • Social integration. Write on a friend’s wall for his birthday, make a call, send a message. Everything easy and accessible.
  • A simple search for bars, restaurants and nearby places in the area of ​​the marked event.

You may consider software like Windows Task Scheduler which are free to use on Window OS.


Any.do is a highly recommended application for those of you who are looking for a task manager for your smartphone. It is simple and complete at the same time and you will immediately get it since its structure facilitates pleasant and easy navigation.

  • Website
  • Price: $5.99 per month
  • System supports: Android; iOS, and Web-based

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is one of the best services to organize our tasks and projects. It shares many of the characteristics of the main services, it has web access from any computer, it has fantastic applications for iOS and Android, and it is oriented so that we do not leave anything to do while maintaining our productivity.

Key Features

  • With the application, we can receive notifications of tasks, either within the app or even by email, twitter or SMS.
  • We can share lists and send tasks to other people, have all the notes on our devices.
  • Organize the tasks depending on the priorities, deadlines, lists, labels … and to this, we add a search engine and smart lists.
  • It is also integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and more.
  • We can prioritize tasks, organize them by date/time, by tag list or by locations.


Subtasks, unlimited sharing, color labels, advanced classification, all kinds of notices, badges and widgets, synchronization with Outlook, unlimited storage, and more.

  • Website
  • Price: Free and Pro version will cost $39.99 yearly
  • System supports: Web-based


Wekan is a free and open-source application based on the Kanban concept a term of Japanese origin that literally means “card” or “signage”. This is a concept normally related to the use of cards (post-it and others) to indicate the progress of production flows in serial manufacturing companies.

Key Features

  • You can assign different color labels to cards to facilitate grouping and filtering and can add members to a card, for example, to assign someone a task.
  • The application allows the administrator to create a list of public and private dashboards, which are placed at the top of the table page.
  • It is optimized in a responsive design to be used in a full screen or window on the desktop without browser buttons and on mobile devices.
  • It has the administration and configuration of members with which you can: create, delete, suspend, edit, assign permissions.
  • It also has an authentication system, an administration panel and the possibility of making an SMTP configuration.


Wekan allows us to mute the different boards, mark any board as a favorite or restore those that we have previously removed, and as for the cards, it is possible to include descriptions, personalized labels, checklists and attaches images and files.

  • Download: https://wekan.github.io/
  • System support: Windows, Mac, Linux


It is a task manager that stands out for being one of the simplest and easiest to use and offers a lot of flexibility. That task can be tagged, it can include a description, complete, fold and unfold, duplicate, or even have subtasks.

Key Features

  • We can create as many subtasks as we want, there is no limit.
  • If we click on the task that has Workflow subtasks, it will only show us that task so that we can focus without being overwhelmed by the rest of our list.
  • All the elements can be moved, classified according to the criteria we want or fold and unfold with a single click of the mouse.
  • If you want to share your tasks for your workgroup and partner, you can decide if they can see or edit your projects.
  • It is an application that is very simple, comfortable and easy to learn since its functions are very clear and specific.


It helps with sharing lists that you can access visibly or with the opportunity to edit so that our work and work projects can be carried out as a group.

  • Website
  • Price: $4.99 per month
  • System supports: Web-based

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