15 Best MobaXterm Alternatives for Windows, macOS & Linux

MobaXterm is an SSH client that supports SSH, telnet, FTP, HTML Editor, Rlogin, RDP, VNC, XDMCP, and SFTP protocols. The characteristics that make MobaXterm very different from other SSH clients is that it includes “X server”, and has support for plugins, addons, and macros. Another star feature of MobaXterm is that it does not require installation and it is portable, which is ideal to be saved on a flash drive and run from it.

Best MobaXterm Alternatives

15 Top Alternatives to MobaXterm

If you have been used MobaXterm then you must know that it’s one of the best software available in the market. But if you are looking for software like MobaXterm then try these alternatives tool:


PuTTY is, without a doubt, the best SSH client that we can find for Windows. Light and very simple, this client fulfills its function: to allow us to connect to any Windows or Linux server remotely to control it safely through the Internet. In addition, it has a series of options that allow us to configure, for example, the appearance or save a series of sessions to easily restore them. It has Control over port forwarding with SSH. Complete xterm, VT102, and ECMA-48 terminal emulators and support 3DES, AES, RC4, Blowfish, and DES.

  • Website
  • System supports: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
  • File size: 3.0 MB

Zoc Terminal

ZOC Terminal has been developed as a popular ssh client and terminal emulator that support Windows and macOS. It has a large list of emulations and features, which makes it one of the best tools for tasks such as connecting to hosts and mainframes using a secure shell, telnet, and other available communication methods. It has a current interface in which the tasks to be executed will be much simpler. Provided, an address book with color-coded folders and hosts making it easy to manage. Scripting language with more than 200 available commands.

  • Website
  • System supports: Microsoft Windows, macOS
  • File size: 5.7 MB


This tool is one of the best SSH clients for Android devices. This client, which is open source, will help to make any smartphone or tablet with the Google operating system into a simple and complete Secure Shell client to connect remotely to any server from anywhere. This new version of ConnectBot has received a large number of improvements and new features, although the most notable for users is the implementation of Material Design to give the client a completely renewed appearance.

  • Download
  • System supports: Android
  • File size: Varies with device


mRemoteNG is a fork of the famous mRemote program, which adds a series of improvements to make it much better than its predecessor. This SSH client supports multiple protocols like RDP, VNC, ICA, SSH, telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, RLogin and raw sockets. One of its star features is that it has the ability to work with tabs, in order to have several open SSH sessions at the same time. In addition, it incorporates a manager to be able to save SSH sessions and load them quickly.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 41.57 MB


OpenSSH is a secure alternative to tools like MobaXterm (for which the password circulates in clear on the network), but it is much more than that since it also allows to launch remote commands (like rsh, or remsh), but also to transfer entire files or directories (like rcp). OpenSSH comes in the form of a daemon and a client, the daemon runs on a server and waits for requests from SSH clients so that remote users can connect to the server. You will find a page for SSH clients for windows in the Windows section.

  • Website
  • System supports: Cross-platform


This application is a lightweight program designed to function as an easy-to-use interface. It allows you to open sessions in various tabs and provides you with an intuitive graphical user interface, while also supporting X applications and file transfer. It is designed to act as a more accessible interface, the necessary software should already be available when you try to run the application. The application allows you to manage sessions, and navigate between tabs using simple keyboard shortcuts, and all your connections can be organized in folders.  It is even possible to open multiple sessions in a single window, making it much easier to control multiple connections at the same time.

  • Website: https://winsshterm.blogspot.com/
  • System supports: Windows, combining PuTTY/KiTTY, WinSCP and VcXsrv
  • File size: 684 KB


Terminator can be defined as multiple terminals in one window. The objective of this application is to create a useful tool to organize terminals as if they were cells of a spreadsheet. Most terminals only allow us to open more tabs, this is also done by Terminator, but it goes one step further. Terminator allows us to divide your terminal into as many terminals as per requirements, so that in a single-window we will have different terminals arranged vertically and horizontally. In this way, we can control several processes simultaneously.

  • Website: https://launchpad.net/terminator/+download
  • System supports: Linux
  • File size: 889.2 KB


Cmder is a software package which is based on powerful software and based on the Monokai color scheme allowing it to have a custom design. It is a portable terminal emulator that supports Windows 10 and older version. It offers us a series of unique features for all Shell-based work. It can work with msysgit, PowerShell, cygwin and mintty, which allows us to take full advantage of all the capabilities of Unix in Windows. It can execute many commands in our operating system, such as SSH, to connect remotely to any server.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 118 Mb


It is a modern multiplatform, open-source terminal, developed by Eugene Pankov and it offers a range of features that are suitably combined with its high possibility of customization and its growth through plugin, which makes it an adaptable terminal to the tastes of any user. Terminus has been inspired by Hyper and is largely based on modern web technologies, offering its users a clean, fast, adaptable, cross-platform and functional terminal. It gives support of routes and URL addresses, with direct access to the browser or file manager as appropriate.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android
  • File size: 103 MB (for windows)


SecureCRT is an SSH client available for Windows, Mac and Linux that supports the SSH1, SSH2, Telnet, Rlogin protocols. The main characteristics of SecureCRT is that it provides us with remote access in a secure way, file transfer, it allows us to completely modify the appearance of the program, we can work through tabs in several sessions at the same time. Its graphical interface allows assigning predefined actions to be able to send commands, execute scripts or start external programs. It also incorporates a TFTP server to be able to transfer files using SFTP, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem or Kermit.

  • Website: https://www.vandyke.com/products/securecrt/
  • System supports: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix
  • File size: It Varies on version


It is not actually a completely separate app, but rather builds on the PuTTy basics and is a fork in the PuTTY project. It is designed to run on Windows Operating System and offers many of the same types of features that PuTTY offers its users. KiTTY offers some improved features that are missing from PuTTY, but it doesn’t look any different apart from one or two additional features and a different app name. It is also possible to program commands that are executed once we are connected to the SSH server.

  • Website: http://www.9bis.net/kitty/
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 17 MB


Mintty is a terminal emulator designed for Cygwin, MSYS or Msys2, which offers us a range of ideal functions for a comprehensive administration of each process in Windows. It has Full character encoding support, including UTF-8 and wide-character display. It also supports rich character attributes like italic, double underline, overprint, strikethrough, fast blink. Additionally, it supports all relevant mouse modes like high pixel count DEC locator mode.

  • Website: https://mintty.github.io/
  • System supports: Windows


Babun’s goal is to be one of the best Shell emulators for Windows 10 whereas users have numerous schema and execution functionalities. Babun has bash and zsh from the factory, which provides us with tools for immediate use. It is built on Cygwin and it is possible to use oh-my-zsh to configure the multiple zsh options. Blessed with simple command-line installer, no administrator rights required and Cygwin preconfigured with many plugins available. It has XTerm-256 Compatible Console and HTTP (s) proxying support.

  • Website: https://babun.github.io/
  • System supports: Windows and Cygwin quirks, firewalls
  • File size: 272 MB


You can keep your desktop clean and you can also save the opening of an instance of the application for each connection with the help of several FoxTerm terminal emulation application sessions. Its use allows users to create and then open session that has multiple connections, just as it supports the loading of specific XML file that contains information about the session. Now you have no need to open the connection separately because with this plea, you can bring them in one session. You can start and stop logging on all connections using the log button which is why starting and stopping logging is very easy.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: Varies based on versions


Alacritty is a terminal emulator that follows the opensource philosophy, aims to be fast, and is cross-platform. It uses the GPU thus it’s user friendly. This way it implements certain optimizations which is not just user-friendly but also harldy available in other terminal emulators in GNU / Linux. The speed of this emulator is achieved because it relies on the computer’s GPU to perform slightly more complex tasks. This causes performance to skyrocket, seeking to simplify and facilitate the work of those users who spend a lot of time in front of the terminal.

  • Website: https://github.com/alacritty/alacritty
  • System supports: Unix

These were the best alternatives to MobaXterm that work with Windows, macOS and Linux OS. If you know any other similar software like MobaXterm then do inform me here.


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