9 Free Alternatives to the Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is an essential built-in program in the Windows operating system. However, it does nothing more than killing unresponsive processes, than actually control or manage them. If you want to control the processes on your PC, here are some Task Manager alternatives to help you manage the processes. I have made a list of top-rated alternative Task Manager programs that may improve your productivity:

These task manager programs are free and have various functions. It provides more control and comes with several features that you won’t find in classic Windows Task Manager.

9 better alternative to the Task Manager for Windows

Task Manager Deluxe

This program is a lightweight task manager for Windows PCS. Several extra features are included in contrast to Windows Native Task Manager. This is a simple platform for comprehensive machine process information. It supports 32 and 64 bit Windows platform.

Task manager deluxe

Key Notes

This alternate Windows Task Manager is a free app. There are multiple tabs for each job for all the detailed views. It also allows to view:

  • CPU usage
  • Battery usage
  • Network traffic
  • Services running
  • System information
  • Installed drivers and many more.

The method IDs with their filename and form are specified in the application. Tap on ‘System Information’ to read more about the chosen mission. You have to press on a task and then press on “End Job” in the native task manager. This app, however, helps you to perform many tasks simultaneously. The tool also has the purpose of automatically updating the details on the computer.


Another alternative task manager for Windows PC. The program is a simple substitute to disable, monitor, shut down, and debug Windows processes in the native Windows task manager. Like other options, Daphne is also a multifunctional process control tool. Daphne also encourages debugging a program, in addition to eliminating unresponsive systems.

Daphne task manager

Key Notes

Daphne has more ways to terminate a process than the Windows Task Manager. Offering to murder, murder politically. You can also prepare a closing program, which is a nice function. In order to do so, you just have to click on the method you want to stop and set a date and time at a timetable.

AnVir Task Manager Free

AnVir Task Manager Free

As the name stands for, the program for Windows Desktop is a free alternative Task Management. The tool for tracking and optimizing PC performance is a free task manager. It also helps the user to change his operating system in an essential way.

Key Notes

AnVir Task Manager is very comprehensive and presents software, systems, utilities, drivers, and start-up programs with a basic user interface. It lets you pause any active operation, edit or deactivate startup programs, and pause any apps on your device. It is also an antivirus, aside from being a process manager.

Microsoft Sysinternals Process Explorer

Microsoft Message Analyzer

As a whole, the Task Manager does not have Method Explorer roles. It also includes connectivity with the malware monitoring tool VirusTotal. But it can be termed as a task manager as well as an anti-malware program.

Key Notes

If this function is allowed, Process Explorer sends the viewed file and pictures and the DLL views to VirusTotal and reports how many antivirus engines have detected them as potentially malicious if previously scanned. Hyperlinked findings will lead you to the report pages of VirusTotal and you can also upload scanning files also.

Glarysoft Security Process Explorer

Glarysoft Logo

This is a good substitute task manager for Windows, one of several Glarysoft apps. This method is not only a regular task manager but also maintains track of antivirus and antimalware programs. Since it is not always accurate to search the Computer and the details in both the antimalware and antivirus programs.

Key Notes

This tool helps out the users with detailed details on all control applications working on the Glarysoft Security Mechanism Explorer. It informs the consumer whether or not the procedure is secure. You will see a list of all processes on your machine in the main windows of this service. Each of these methods is measured by the value. The green band is fine, but the red region is not so involved in the safety process. However, by clicking on the tab, you can learn more about it.


This application is another free and highly valuable Windows task manager app! In TaskInfo the functions and other device knowledge resources of the native job manager Windows are merged. The application tracks numerous Windows systems in real-time, for example, NT 4.0, 2000, WinXP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Server 2008.

Key Notes

This program tests both running and threading operations. This method of knowledge involves intangible mechanisms such as worm-worms, keyloggers, and spyware. It also checks all threads with information including the starting address of the thread and the call stack with symbolic information. The platform also demonstrates multi-Processor support for Processor use. It also demonstrates memory utilization and speed of processing.

Process Hacker

As its name suggests, this little but effective tool is an outstanding replacement to the Windows system Task Manager program. It is a free, multifunctional platform to track device capabilities, hacking bugs, and malware. It displays all processes with various colour reflections when the tool scans your PC.

Key Notes

It also provides data in graphs and figures that allow us to better understand the processes. Components like CPU, memory, GPU, and disc usages may be shown. We can’t erase or change those files often. Machine Hacker detects and can destroy certain processes using these scripts. The tool also includes active network links on your Computer, which can be shut down if desired.

Quick Startup

While this software is known as Start-Up Manager, it seems to be an optional Windows Task Manager. Furthermore, this is a business manager. The device documents all storage usages, DLL’s, objectives, and thread count operations and details.

Key Notes

This wonderful application displays the objects in the Startup folder, registration entries, and some configuration files while you are viewing your analysis. The user can alter, build, or remove startup objects or disable them temporarily or permanently, as the information is classified and easy to read. The program lists all operations and provides the user with more information. The user will even terminate the proceedings.



Although it is the last in this compilation, the truth is that DTaskManager is a great alternative to the Windows 10 Task Manager. Some of its features or functions should be highlighted, such as those that allow you to freeze or terminate several processes at the same time or in batches. In addition, it distinguishes three different levels when ending a process, request, forced, and override. It has an interface that is very reminiscent of previous versions of the Microsoft tool, but the truth is that it is much more powerful.

Key Notes

This tool boasts a clean and simple layout that allows users to view a list the applications running on the PC and details about them (PID, path, name, handle), while offering the possibility to end the selected task and launch a new program, folder, document, or other items directly from the primary panel.

When it comes to configuring the running processes, you are allowed to:

  • Kill
  • Suspend, or quit the selected process,
  • Set priorities

as well as view information about the CPU, PID, CPU time, memory usage, and others.

Final Word

There is a number of tools like Windows Task Manager that provide you more control over all running processes, applications that start automatically at the start of Windows 10, etc. Download the software from a reliable website and always have a good antivirus installed on the system.



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