What is AAct.exe? Shall I Remove it or Not?

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If you have noticed that the AAct.exe file is running on system background then it means that you are not using a genuine Windows 10 license. AAct.exe is an executable application and is a component of the KMS activator. It is developed by Ratiborus in Russia.

AAct.exe file information

The full form of AAct.exe is Auto Activation Executable. Lets now find out about it in more detail.

What is it & its uses?

AAct.exe helps in automatically getting the KMS key ready for the activation of all the Microsoft Windows Volume License editions and MS Office. Its uses are:

  • It can be used to delete or install product keys manually.
  • It allows the activation renewal to be scheduled
  • It allows the deletion of the activation renewal schedule job.

KMS which is also known as ‘Key Management Service’ is basically a technology that Microsoft Corporation uses to activate its products. KMS Activator is an activator for Windows operating system and other MS- products. This is introduced to acquire an unofficial license at a cheaper cost to run Windows on their system.

However, I strongly recommend using the original Windows 10. Having a genuine operating system not only speeds up your system but also allows the system to download the latest updates and patches. Nowadays, Windows 10 Basic comes by default in most of the Laptop and the price is very much affordable.

Nonetheless, it does have its side effects:

  • It may provide limited functionality in the system.
  • It will execute itself only once cleared to run by Anti- Malware programs installed in the system.
  • It can slow down your system speed.
  • AAct.exe may be used to hack your system.


  • It is portable
  • It has a small file size compared to other activators. So, it doesn’t take up much storage space.
  • It does not store caches as it does not have the INI file.

These advantages are there if you are ready to sacrifice your system security and personal detail. Thus, I again strongly recommend using genuine Windows.

File size & location

  • The file size of AAct.exe is 958 KB. The file size of AAct x64 version is 714 KB.
  • The location ofAAct.exe is in the C:\Windows folder. 

Is it safe or a virus?

Technically, AAct.exe is not legal and grants a license for Windows activation illegally. So, while it is not a virus, it could still be potentially dangerous for the system.

Moreover, in case a malware disguises itself as AAct.exe, then you can identify it by checking if it is not located in C:\Windows folder. If yes, you can quarantine or delete it. 

Plus, Antivirus may treat Aact.exe as malware or spyware and may delete it from the system. And at that stage, your system may be locked and you may not be able to access your system.

How to remove it

You can uninstall AAct.exe by clicking on following below steps:

1) Click on Start / Windows 

2) Type Control Panel and click on it

3) Click on Uninstall a Program

4) Now double click on KMS Activator application

5) Let the system to uninstall the application.

If you also encounter AAct.exe then let me know about your experience.

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