AccessL.exe – What it is, Uses, Fix Error Message

AccessL.exe is a windows software component developed by Chicony and is widely used for modifying the layout of the keyboard. This file is not an essential file for Windows and can be deleted or uninstalled if seen to create problems. The company which designs this software is known for its motherboard for notebooks and personal computers. This is an executable file and many times disguises itself as a malware or virus. However deleting or uninstalling AccessL.exe can lead to the accumulation of junk data over time. However this file should never be downloaded directly from the internet and should always be used in its authentic form.

AccessL.exe information


The main use of AccessL.exe is to provide keyboard functionality of certain brands like HP, Lenovo computers. Since, it’s not the primary file of Operating System, thus, it can be disabled if creating issues.

File Location

The AccessL.exe is not a necessary part of Windows Operating system 10/8/7. The AccessL.exe usually kept inside the C:\Windows directory. The average file size of this executable file is 40,900.

To check whether AccessL.exe is consuming CPU process, follow these steps:

  1. Press Alt+Shift+Esc button
  2. Window Task Manager will open
  3. Click on Process Tab
  4. And locate AccessL.exe file, if it’s there then you will be able to see how much CPU resources is consuming.

Error Common Error Message

Following are few common errors that you might see on your computer:

  • accessl.exe is missing
  • accessl.exe not found
  • accessl.exe failed to load

Why Showing AccessL.exe Error Message?

This .exe file may also display errors, due to the following reasons as listed below :-

  1. Corrupt download or incomplete installation of Gateway Applications
  2. It may so happen that some other program may have mistakenly deleted this software.
  3. Another program or application or a software may be in conflict with this file
  4. This error may also occur due to corrupt file download or incomplete installation of Gateway Application Disc 2 software.
  5. Corrupt windows registry keys may get associated with this file and lead to the error message being displayed.
  6. Virus or malware may infect the file, which can result in the error appearing on the screen frequently.

How to Fix AccessL.exe Error

There are several ways to repair this error which may be listed below:-

  1. Update the device drivers by going to the device manager. In case any device is creating problem, it shall be highlighted in the device manager.
  2. Install all available windows update and reboot the computer
  3. Take a backup of all your files and folders and reinstall Windows Operating System preferably the latest version.
  4. Conducting a malware scan on your PC to detect any virus or Trojans that may have attacked the file
  5. Delete all junk files and data which are no longer required, try CCleaner to perform this task.
  6. Uninstall any application that has been newly installed or downloaded and try installing it or Windows System Restore can un-apply all the changes made to the PC.
  7. Buying the authentic one online from renowned and trusted sites.


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