The executable file for the APO Access Service process is AESTSr64.exe. This is a software developed by Andrea Electronics Corporation. The purpose of this file is to filter out background noise from the final sound while using a microphone. The latest version of this program is  It usually starts while booting with the Windows System. The program that runs is Andrea ST Filters Service with the name AESTFilters. 

File location and file size

If this program is installed in your system, you can follow the pathway C:\Program Files\idt\wdm\aestsr64.exe to locate the file. The size of this file is usually 86.17 KB and if installed in your computer, it will run as a file with administrator privileges.

AESTSr64 Full Form = Andrea Electronics System Tray Audio Service

Common AESTSr64.exe Error Message

Following are common errors that you might see on your Windows system:

  • aestsr64.exe file is missing
  • aestsr64.exe not found
  • aestsr64.exe failed to load

Associated Errors

This file is not harmful for your system and is not designed to take up a lot of your CPU resources. Usually, the file will consume 0.0000% of your CPU memory, while running both in background and foreground.

AESTSr64.exe can sometimes give you errors while booting the computer. It may be due to a harmful program disguising as AESTSr64.exe or an error in the source code of the executable file. You can uninstall this file from control panel (IDT Audio or Tempo Semiconductor) and install it again in case of any errors. It will not affect the working of your computer system or Windows



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