15 Best Alternatives to Anydesk and Similar Software

AnyDesk is the most availed remote desktop software that comes handy ensuring secure and reliable remote desktop access. Further, we shall talk about the alternatives to Anydesk software in screen sharing field. The best part about below listed application is it is free to use.

Following are 15 best alternatives to Anydesk which works with Windows and Apple PC :

Team Viewer

IT helps perform two important functions simultaneously. Provides remote access and online presentation. Additionally, user can transfer file from one pc to another using team viewer application:

team viewer


  • Time-saving shortcuts
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • 4K Remote Desktop Access
  • Remote printing
  • Flexible file-sharing options
  • Wake Up, Restart and Install
  • iOS screen sharing
  • Secure Unattended Access
  • Mobile Device Access
  • VPN Alternative
  • Cross-platform access
  • Remove Device Control

Apple Remote Desktop

Apple remote desktop

On the platform of Mac, Apple remote desktop is the most effective way to manage networks. It provides a wide range of high-performance features including lightning-fast Spotlight searches across multiple systems.  Automator actions, distributing software and hardware reports makes  the task of repetitive jobs easier than ever.


  • Remote Spotlight Search

Capitalizing upon the far-reaching technology in OS X , the spotlight capability in Apple remote desktop can function on remote client systems in the speed of light

  • Automator actions

Automation of apple remote desktop by Apple or third party action to customize individual workflows which can further be used as and when needed.

  • Autoinstall

It automatically updates the system eliminating the tiresome process or the fiasco of manually updating the system once it starts. All thanks to Autoinstall feature of Apple Remote Desktop

  • Curtain Mode

Curtain mode provides a virtual curtain that blocks the view for the end user retaining full control of the system. It serves as a great plus point for those working on a public-facing system

  • User history reports

It records and tracks all those who have accessed your computer.

Software and Image source: apple.com/in/remotedesktop/


Access your Windows PC or MAC from anywhere 

GoToMyPC aids in a safe and secure use of your computer from anywhere. It provides access to multiple operating system like Windows, Mac, iOC, Android and Kindle Fire. It instantly works on your files, programs and network with a feeling of you sitting at your desk.



  • Automatic set –up
  • Heavy Authentication process
  • Universal Viewer
  • Encryption and Maximum Security
  • Optimal performance
  • True color
  • Remote printing
  • File Sync and Transfer
  • Sound
  • Guest Invite
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Mobile access

Real VNC

The software includes a server (VNC Server) and client (VNC User) to exercise control over different computer screens remotely.

Real VNC


  • Multilingual support
  • Online team management Intuitive remote control
  • Tried and tested performance
  • Cross-platform support
  • Attended and Unattended success
  • Direct and Cloud Connectivity
  • Pre-install or connect on demand
  • File transfer, printing, and chat
  • Secure by design
  • Remote deployment
  • Virtual desktop under Linux

LogMeIn Pro

Built with an emphasis on endpoint security. You can access your computer through any device the remote control feature of LogMeIn Pro.


  • File transfer
  • Remote printing
  • Unlimited remote access
  • Multimonitor display
  • Screen sharing
  • Password management
  • Remote control
  • 1TB file storage
  • Unlimited users



It enables to install any software in your machine. Aids in accessing your desktop remotely.


  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows
  • Transparent for Firewalls & User-friendly
  • High standard for data transfer security
  • HTTPS proxy supported
  • Fast performance
  • Remote server control
  • Multiple features at an arguable price
  • File manager
  • Voice chat

You can also consider mRemoteNG free remote sharing software.


It is an excellent software for remote desktop. It provides nonpareil control and support to your PC. It is affordable, light and easy. It is fully UAC compatible and supports USilio.



  • No router or firewall configuration
  • Multi-connection
  • Meeting ready
  • Drag and Drop file transfer
  • Efficient and reliable security and protection
  • Customizable


It is one of the pioneers of the remote desktop support industry. It boasts of innovation and experience.  The most secure and reliable remote dektop software to support customers or access unattended computer. It’s affordable and just works.


  • Managing administrator rights
  • Session details
  • Matching keyboard
  • Whiteboard tool
  • Adding server address
  • Cross-platform remote supported

Remote Utilities   

It can be easily integrated in your system. Secure and configurable remote desktop designed for IT  professionals. Multiple features are accessible like remote screen viewing, keystroke sending, mouse pointer control, file transfers e.t.c.

remote utilities


  • Active directory support
  • Two factor authentication
  • MSI configuration
  • Self-hosted server
  • RDP integration
  • Customization and deployment

Lite Manager

With lite manager you can remotely control one computer from another. It provides an open window to the other system and allows access to the entire system.

lite manager


  • Programme installation and update
  • Security and data protection
  • Desktop video capturing technology
  • Network topology map
  • Capturing sounds from the remote computer
  • Connection by ID without using an IP address
  • Power management. Works on LAN function
  • Multilingual user interface and Unicode support


It is a software designed to help IT professionals. The software is apt for those working in software consulting firms, technological experts, and providers of managed services. It allows you to instantly connect with desktops or mobile phones via remote system in order to resolve any technical issues in a much easier way.


  • Annotation tools
  • File transfer
  • Integrated APIs
  • Team-based support
  • Session recording
  • Multi-session support
  • Two-way screen sharing
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Multi-monitor navigation
  • Mobile device remote support

Goverlan Reach

The software provides desktop support along with streamline system management.


  • End-point management
  • Powershell Access
  • Video Capture
  • Audio and Text chat
  • Script execution
  • Real-time information


It provides a platform that protects your organization from unwanted remote access, stolen credentials and misused privileges.


  • Access notification and authorization
  • Web and mobile access
  • Access extender
  • Collaboration support
  • Session forensics
  • Help Desk Administration
  • Remote Desktop and servers
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Free Trial Available


It is considered as an excellent package for business and home remote desktop software.



  • No installation or configuration
  • Comlete AES plus RSA encryption
  • Connects to computers in different LANs
  • Unmanaged access to external PCs


With no delay, the software helps in instantly creating, sharing and scaling environments of different computers.


  • Simple stack scripts
  • Stack-level version control
  • Takes up zero space
  • Seamless cloud set-up
  • Preseve workflow
  • No hardware restrictions
  • Flexible and intuitive IDE
  • Secure user permissions
  • Connect your own machines
  • No sliced-up hosts
  • Inegrate cloud providers
  • FUSE-basesd file system
  • SSH and Sudo Access
  • Share development environments in Real- time
  • Run app on more than one virtual machines
  • Sends stack updates to the whole team


There are many free remote sharing software available that can be use in place AnyDesk, however I still prefer to use only Anydesk since its very small in size, consume less cpu and easy to use. Let me know your thought.



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  1. Thank you for the above list. R-HUB remote support servers is another very good alternative that can be added in the above list. It is easy to use and provides instant remote access to computers.

    1. Thanks for the Input Francis. I have gone through the rhubcom official website and looks like it could be another alternative to Anydesk 🙂

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