What is ApMsgFwd.exe? Is it a Virus? How to Remove it?

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ApMsgFwd, which stands for Alps Message Forwarding service, is an executable file and comes with .exe extension. The file ApMsgFwd.exe is a part of Alps Pointing-device. It is manufactured by Alps Electronics Co., a Japanese electronics company. It’s used for the device drivers of touchpads manufactured by Alps Electronics. Without this file, the device driver will not run and touchpads of Alps Electronics can’t be used. However, if one is not using an Alps Electronics touchpads, ApMsgFwd.exe is not a necessary file.

apmsgfwd.exe process

In simple language, this ApMsgFwd.exe is a process that is used by laptop brands like  Dell, Sony VAIO etc for Touchpad purpose.

File Size and Location

The file of ApMsgFwd is supposed to reside within the subfolder of C:\Program Files\Apoint2K while sometime it could be under C:\Program Files\DellTPad\. There could be several variants of ApMsgFwd depending on Operating System. The file variants are known to have a size ranging from 0.05mb to 0.10 MB, such as 0.054 MB,0.55 MB, 0.064 MB, 0.069 MB, 0.072 MB, 0.081 MB, 0.086 MB, 0.093 MB, 0.103 MB, etc.

Quick facts about ApMsgFwd.exe process

  • It is an executable file.
  • It is not an essential part of the Windows file.
  • The file is digitally signed by both Verisign and Microsoft.
  • It has no visible window and runs in the background.
  • The complete path of the file is C:\Program Files\Apoint2K

Is it safe or a virus?

ApMsgFwd.exe is a file used specifically for Alps touchpads. In case, you have it installed, you must know how safe it is. Are you confused about whether to keep it or not? Well, let me tell you it is ideally safe but sometimes, you may fall prey to viruses and malware using a similar name as that of the original file.

So, keep a few things in mind that will help you identify if it is a virus-

  • Always check the file’s location as this is the first and foremost point that will tell you it’s genuineness. The file’s correct path is mentioned above i.e C:\Program Files\DellTPad\. If you see that the file is stored somewhere other than the correct path, be sure it is a threat to your system.
  • Go through the spelling of the installed file thoroughly. As explained, some viruses and malware use very similar names as the original file. So, to distinguish between them, you must check the spelling very carefully.
  • Security Task Manager is a good utility to help you detect possible threats. If by any chance, the installed file is a virus, it will be detected by the Security Task Manager.

Common Errors

Following are a few common errors that user might receive:

  • ApMsgFwd.exe Application Error
  • ApMsgFwd.exe failed
  • ApMsgFwd.exe not working

How to Remove ApMsgFwd.exe?

If your system is troubled with this executable file, you may remove it by following a few quick steps:

1) Click on the Windows logo, type Device Manager and Click on it

Open device manager using Cortana

2)  Locate ALPS Touch Pad Driver, right-click on it

3) Choose Uninstall driver/device

4) Let the system to remove the driver from your system

This will completely remove ApMsgFwd.exe from your Windows Operating System.


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