Apoint.exe File Information, What is it & How to Fix Error

This Apoint.exe is not malware or virus and you can easily fix the error easily. If your OS  runs some of the software tools created by Alps Electric Co, Ltd, you might end up getting confused over an executable file named Apoint.exe. This article contains all possible help for users having questions about this particular Apoint.exe file, its details, location, and the danger posed by it on the Operating System. Go ahead to get your answers.

Apoint.exe file information

What is apoint.exe?

Alps Pointing-device Driver is a software tool developed by Alps Electronic Co., a Japanese electronic manufacturing company. Alps Pointing-device Driver facilitates pointer movements in an Operating System. It has a number of component files that contain within them the codes helping the software tool to perform its function. Apoint helps run the device drivers for touchpads on your laptops. The latest version of this file would be Apoint.exe that was made compatible with the Windows Vista version. Apoint stands for Alps Pointing-device Driver, while the extension .exe means an executable file.

File Location

The main memory of the PC, which is the RAM is the location for executable files for all software tools. Naturally, the apoint.exe file is as well located in the main memory. If you open the C drive of your system, you get a folder named Program Files. Program File is the folder that holds the different software packages on your system. Therefore, within this folder is the Apoint2K folder that contains the Apoint.exe executable file.

In short, the default installation file is located under C:\Program Files\Apoint2K\

In general, this file takes 0.11 Mb space of your system’s memory.

Is apoint.exe a Virus or Safe?

Firstly, if you find the apoint.exe file in some directory other than the system’s main memory, that is RAM, it can probably be a Trojan and must be removed. Otherwise, this file is not considered to be harmful to the proper working of your system neither is it considered to be CPU intensive. However, if the user finds this file giving errors to the system, he/she may need to update or uninstall the installation package.

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Usually the apoint.exe show an error message on Windows OS which looks like this:

Apoint.exe-Bad Image. The application or DLL C:Windows/system32/VXDIF.DLL is not a valid Windows Image.

You can easily fix this error, read on!

uninstall How to Fix apoint.exe?

Under several circumstances, one might be willing to remove the application containing the executable file apoint.exe. Users with laptops however are suggested not to take such a step as it will clearly hamper the working of their system if its pointer movement is determined by the Alps Pointing-device Driver software. Following are the steps to fix the apoint.exe error:

  1. Uninstall the existing touchpad driver
  2. Now, reinstall the driver from CD/DVD or download it from an authorized site
  3. Restart the computer

This should fix the error which was showing earlier.



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