atiesrxx.exe – What is it, Uses, Safe or Virus & How to remove it?

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Atiesrxx.exe is an executable application of the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) External Events Service framework.  This atiesrxx.exe basically an application used by AMD graphics. You can safely disable it if you don’t use the hotkeys on a regular basis.

Atiesrxx full form is ATI External Events Service Module

What is it & its uses?

Developed by AMD Radeon or ATI Technologies, Canada, atiesrxx.exe is one out of the four drivers required for system graphic cards. It is used in aiding graphic processing and is a component of the video driver used in the ATI video card in your system. Its main function is to facilitate keyboard combinations and control required by the video card.

In simple language, atiesrxx.exe main function is to support the graphic card on the AMD motherboard.

Atiesrxx.exe is available for all Windows Operating System versions from Windows XP through 10. In Windows Vista and XP, this service was formerly known as the ATI Hotkey Poller.

File Size & Location

  • The file size of atiesrxx.exe is 176 KB.
  • The location of atiesrxx.exe is in the C:\Windows\System32\ subfolder

Is it safe or a virus?

Atiesrxx.exe is a trustworthy application. But, if a malicious program takes up a similar name or identity, it may damage your system.

There are two ways to find out if such malware exists. Once found, a support ticket should be sent to the Microsoft support center:

  • If the location of atiesrxx.exe is not in the System 32 subfolder in the Windows folder of the C drive, then it is likely to be a virus or trojan.
  • If Microsoft Process Explorer is unable to verify the application’s signer or if the signer is not Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher.

Error Errors

Some common errors encountered with atiesrxx.exe are:

  • AvastUI.exe – Unable to Locate Component
  • AMD External Events Service Module has stopped working.

These errors can be caused due to:

  • Missing atiesrxx.exe files
  • Its affiliated registry entries are corrupted
  • Incomplete software download

uninstall How to remove it?

Atiesrxx.exe is an essential process for your graphics processor but if you still want to remove it, then there are two ways to do so:

Method 1:

1) Click on the Start button, type Control Panel, and click on it

2) Click on Uninstall a Program located under Programs

3) Search for AMD External Events. Double click on it to uninstall the program.

Method 2:

Go to the AMD Catalyst control panel and switch the hotkeys off.



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