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The atkexComSvc.exe file is a software component which is owned by Asus Motherboard Utility. It is a pre-installed software program on computers that comes along with ASUS motherboard. The atkexComSvc is designed to run automatically when the system boots. Although it is not harmful in most cases, but it can make the booting process slow.


What is atkexComSvc.exe

atkexComSvc.exe is the associated software file that belongs to the Asus Motherboard Utility. Asus was established  in 1989 in Taipei, Taiwan. It has ability to record keyboard and mouse input.

File Location and Size

The default location of atkexComSvc.exe  is “C:\Program Files\ASUS\AXSP\” however it is found in some other places also.

The file size changes as per the location,its size at default location in Windows Xp/7/8 are 918,144 bytes to 920,736 bytes while file size in sub folder of user’s profile is 920,736 bytes.

Errors related to atkexComSvc.exe

In some cases, it has also been observed that atkexComSvc.exe can give errors at the time of switching on your computer or while installing a program. Please note that these errors can only happen with ASUS computers, or with ACER in some cases.

Also, users have mentioned that atkexComSvc.exe is known for using 10-25% of the CPU on regular basis. But nothing to worry, since atkexComSvc is not a virus or malware.

If you have a system from some other brand and you are still getting the error, it is possible that this is a virus or malware that is named atkexComSvc.exe to avoid detection. It is suggested that you immediately delete this file if it is located anywhere apart from C:\Program Files which is the default location for this file.

There is also a possibility that atkexComSvc.exe is not a virus or a malware but is still giving errors while system start up. This may happen because there may be some files in the process that may be corrupt or missing. The errors can also pop up in case of invalid registry entries.

How to fix these errors?

It is highly recommended that a full malware and virus scan is done in case of all errors related to executable files. If you think that the atkexComSvc.exe file on your system is a virus, you can uninstall it and then perform a complete scan of your computer to detect any more threats.

In case the error is caused by faulty files that are installed on your system, you can delete them by following the given steps. This will not affect the working of your computer.

Instructions for Windows 7/XP

  • Press Win + R key
  • Type Control Panel in the Run window and hit Enter
  • Find atkexComSvc associate software (ASUS ATK Hotkey Express Communication Service) from the list
  • Hit right click and select Uninstall
  • Reboot your computer and check if you are still getting the error

In case the error is not fixed, you can consult an expert for changing the registry information on your system as an administrator.



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