ATKOSD.exe – What it is and uses?

The ATKOSD.exe is an executable file available in Windows OS 7 and 10. Basically, ATKOSD is the function key powered by Asus and available in 32 and 64-bit operating systems. If you have seen the ATKOSD.exe under Windows Task Manager, then you might be thinking about its uses or whether it’s a virus or some suspicious .exe file? Well, the ATKOSD is an application used by Asus which is a part of its software that is used for ATK Hotkey Utility. Now if you are wondering what is ATK Hotkey Utility, in one word – it’s a Function Keys or Hotkeys like F or Fn.

atkosd.exe file information

What is ATKOSD.exe?

Today most of the Asus laptop or desktop computer comes with a pre-installed application that helps to make your work easier. There are several function keys available on the Asus systems like F1, F2, F3 button, etc and each of them has its own features. For example, if you press F5 + Fn keys together then it will decrease the screen’s brightness automatically (it works on Asus Laptop). Similarly, if you press the F6 +Fn button together, then it will increase the brightness of your laptop.

So the basic function of ATKOSD.exe is to enable key functions on Asus laptop to execute applications.

File Size


The total file size of ATKOSD.exe is 2.37 MB and its product name is ATK Hotkeys.  This file can easily run on Windows 32 and 64-bit programs.

File Location

This .exe file is stored under C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey directory.  Since it’s an executable file, it can run on the background of the system after double-clicking on it however doesn’t much effect on system speed. Just keep the keyboard shortcut keys functions ready.


The full form of ATKosD is  ASUSTek On-screen Display.

The ATKOSD.exe is not a part of the Windows Operating System and therefore is not an essential part. However, if ATKOSD.exe files are missing from your laptop then the functions keys or hotkeys might not be working. It’s confirmed that the ATKOSD.exe is not malware or virus or any short of security threat, therefore it’s totally safe for your system.

This application automatically starts with a windows login screen and keeps running in the background. It consumes nearly about 620 K to 800 K from Memory resources (RAM).



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