What is Atwtusb.exe, Uses, Safe or Not & How to Remove it

Basically, this executable file Atwtusb.exe is used by USB Tablet Manager in Windows 10, 8 & 7. In this post, I am going to provide detailed information related to Atwtusb.exe like what it is, its uses, whether it’s safe or not, how to remove it, and more.

atwtusb.exe file information

What Is Atwtusb.exe  

In plain language, it is a USB Interface for Aiptek Graphics Tablet and is an executable file.  The executable files are installed on the computer to perform various tasks. However, some files of these types are not essential and stay in the system being a burden. Is the file a Trojan and can it harm your system? Can it affect system security badly? Unless your system protection detects it as harmful, it goes on silently in the background.

File Location

The file is located in the Windows system under the following path: C:\Windows\System32. The detected file size on the Windows system is around 0.86 Mb or there some 20 more variants in this genre.

When it is running on the system, you will surely get the executive file in the Task Manager system. Just press Ctrl+Shift+Esc from the very left side of your keyboard. The task manager window will open and there you will find Atwtusb.exe is running.

Atwtusb.exe Information

It is a non-essential service named WTService. It does not belong to a Windows core file. This executable file is also not visible on Windows PC.  It is a detectable unknown file.

The atwtusb.exe is installed automatically whenever you install a driver for USB Graphics Tablet.  The file is developed by a company named WALTOP International Corp and is for the Windows operating system. Please note that Atwtusb.exe may monitor your mouse and keyboard inputs. Thus, the security level of your system along with personal security may go at stake, however, chances are very less.

Also, check other executable files like UI0Detect.exe and aaHMSvc.exe


It is an executive file known as User Mode Tablet Driver or it may also be called USB Tablet Manager. It performs as a USB interface for Aiptek Graphics Tablet (USB). Besides these jobs, not a single helpful performance on your computer is detected.

As it is “non-system process” software, it gets generated from the software you install on your system.

Is Atwtusb.exe Safe or Harmful?

Atwtusb.exe is considered to be safe. Basically, it does not pose any mischievous job to your computer. Since every single application stores data in the system registry, and on your hard disk, your computer system may suffer an accumulation of invalid data entries, and thus may affect the performance of your system. On the other hand, it can record your mouse and keyboard entries, which may be a threat to your personal data. Make sure to keep reliable antivirus and strong firewall like Zonealarm on your system.

uninstall How to Disable or Remove it

Non-system processes can be stopped running because these are not involved in your operating system. To remove atwtusb.exe, follow the below steps:

  • Press Windows + R key
  • Type CPL and hit Enter.
  • Double click on Aiptek Graphics Tablet (USB) and uninstall

You are done!



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