Autohotkey Alternatives and Similar Free Software

One of the best custom scripting language software for Windows Desktop is AutoHotkey. This one is primarily aimed at delivering simple shortcuts of hotkeys, keyboards, software automation, and macro-creation. This allows users of every level to automate the repetitive works, in any application of Windows. The software is licensed by GPL, and it recently has a stable release on, October 14, 2019. The operating system of its is, Microsoft Windows, and C++ is its programming language.

Autohotkey alternatives

You will get much similar software and alternative to AutoHotkey, and all of them have the same features, even better ones than the original. If you are not satisfied with AutoHotkey, you can always go for the alternatives, have a look!

Top Autohotkey alternatives for Windows

If you are looking for better alternatives to Autohotkey then you may consider the below-listed scripting tool which is free and offers similar features.


This is one of the best automation alternatives to AutoHotkey. AutoIT reads the particular script and allows that to do some functions, like, automating keystrokes, executing programs, mouse clicks, manipulating functions of Windows, and much more. This software is also capable of more advanced options, as it automates clipboard functions and simple texts. The best thing about AutoIT is, it’s very easy to use


  • COM support
  • Regular expressions
  • Easy to learn similar to basic syntax
  • Mouse movements and Simulate keystrokes
  • Manipulating processes and Windows
  • Interaction with all standard windows controls
  • Compiling of scripts into standalone executables
  • Creates GUI

Price: Free
System Support: Linux and Windows

Pulover’s Macro Creator

Macrocreator Pulovers Macro Creator


With Pulover’s Macro Creator you can easily record the keystrokes, and the movement of the mouse, with the clicks on the Windows, display screen. You can play and pause the action, and if you have got long and repetitive tasks before, with this application you will get the task done faster than ever. You can get multiple macros for every individual project, get to run the programs, and send, delete and read copies.

What’s more, it supports user-defined functions from image search, taking screenshots, search files and folder, move, resize and much more.


  • Advanced loops
  • Variables & Functions
  • User-Defined Functions
  • Control Commands
  • Window Commands
  • Pixel and image search

Price: Free
System support: Windows


If you are a writer of similar sentences and expressions every time, then PhraseExpress is the best thing you need. This has customizable keyboard shortcuts, and you can use frequently used text parts so that you don’t have to use it every time. This software can be used in Windows application, and you can set the programs automatically, launch programs, correct the misspelled words, manage email signatures, increase the functionality of the keyboard. PhraseExpress takes care of every small detail. Also, you need to read the usage of the software before you download it


  • AI-powered Text Translation
  • Macro Recorder Support
  • Intuitive Snippets Linking.
  • Lightweight Code-Free Phrases
  • All Macros in One Place
  • Forms Adapt As-You-Type
  • Tabular Forms
  • Form Output Preview

Price: Free
Support system: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux

Arduino IDE

This alternative to AutoHotkey, makes programming easier for beginners, as it provides a simple interface and a system that is community-driven. Arduino IDE is perfect at making simple coding and works with programming-specific functions. The best thing about this software is auto-format, and you will get an easy to understand format.


  • Sketches Management.
  • Auto Format
  • Sketch Editing Tools.
  • Serial Monitor.
  • Programmer Functions.
  • Burn Bootloader.

Price: Open source
Support format: Windows, Linux


Python is very much compatible with PHP Java, and SQL. This feature makes the software a hit among novices and experts too. This software is used in several industries, and the most useful thing about Python is, it consists of web development and programming of network. This system is easier to learn because of its language. The novices like this because it uses more traditional options. The app can be downloaded from the main website.


  • Object-Oriented Language
  • Large Standard Library.
  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Expressive Language
  • Readable and understandable and Interpreted Language. …
  • Cross-platform Language

Price: Open Source
Support format: MAC OS X, Windows



This application is also known as  Action, and this is one of the best automation tools. It will let you execute the list of actions. You do not require any kind of programming language for the usage of it. If you are an advanced user, you can always use JavaScript, and this enhances its functions. This software is free and supports Windows and Linux both. You will get support for Ubuntu and Windows 64 and 32 bits. Also, the program is developed in Qt and C++.


  • Macro-recorder
  • Office & productivity
  • Team collaboration
  • Automation

Price: Free
System support: Windows 10, 8 and 7


This software provides simple automation by recording playback. This program is only 35k, and in recent days it has an EXE compiler. This software doesn’t require and installer, or files. It’s a tiny software, and it doesn’t touch your system folders or registry.


  • Automation Windows
  • Automation
  • Bug reporting
  • Command recording
  • Exe Compiler
  • Portable Task

Price: Free
Support format: Windows, Linux


This software was previously named AutoKey Py3, and this one works fine with Linux and Windows 11. This software allows you to collect the scripts, and execute the programs as you need them.


  • Launch Programs and use scripts,
  • Open Documents,
  • Get to Emulate Keystrokes and Unicode Characters
  • Movements and clicks of a mouse.
  • Autokey Scripts Can Assign,
  • Manipulate variables and retrieve them
  • Manipulate Windows and works for running Loops
  • Files, And Folders.

Price: Free, open-source
Support system: Windows, Linux

UI Vision Kantu 

This is a browser extension helps in the automation of the web and apps of your PC. Kantu Core is an open-source and gives the guarantee of Enterprise-grade security. This application helps developers, and designers to validate and verify the website layout and the elements of the canvas. Kantu is capable of recognizing and reading the images, then the videos. You can resize the Windows with its help, and various browser resolutions too.


  • Automation of business process
  • Google Chrome Extensions
  • Code completion
  • Anonymous web scraping
  • Automatic Form-Filler
  • Auto-update
  • Browser integration

Price: Freemium
System support: Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox


This is a powerful automation software for OS X, and this is a connector between the Lua scripting engine and the operating system. Hammerspoon is a collection of extensions, and this gives it the special power for the user. You can write a Lua code, that connects with OS X, mouse pointers, Windows, WiFi, clipboards, batteries, screens, audio devices, filesystem objects, location services. You would want to explore the various options of Hammerspoon, and that is necessary before you download the software. This is pre-made by plugins which are known as spoons. It works typically when you write in Lua and it connects you with all the actions. You would also get keyboard shortcuts, and some other window operations, or works with an Applescript. You can run several commands with the WiFi, and you will get a displayed alert when the battery runs low. With the help of this software you can start playing iTunes automatically, just at the moment MAC detects it.


  • Simple on-screen alerts
  • Manipulate running applications
  • Simply find hs.application and hs.window objects
  • Get to watch for application launch/terminate events
  • Manipulate the system’s audio devices
  • Inspects manipulate the data sources of an audio device
  • Core Hammerspoon functionality
  • Task automation

Price: Free
System support: Windows, iOS.

Check these above-mentioned 10 AutoHotkey alternatives and all are free and some are open source, but you will always get the best services from the software.



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