Avast Antivirus Free vs Paid – Compare Features

In the market there are two Avast Antivirus software packages, and they are the free version and the paid version. When you shed your cash for a paid version, you actually get more features. These include services like spam filters, system scans, advanced firewalls and more. For those, who wants an extra bit of more security over internet, this version makes them more suitable for them. All those who also wants their system to run without much hassle, prefer to go for a paid version. But in today’s world, PC users have the pleasure tight security absolutely free, as many companies are offering free antivirus for use.

The Avast Software, which was founded in 1988, is now a top predator in the antivirus world. They also attests themselves to be at the pole position in the consumer security market. Avast has around 450 million monthly active users worldwide. In free version of Avast antivirus, you can get three protection, namely Virus Scans, Core Shields, Virus Chest. On the other hand, a paid version provides protection like Sandbox, Virus Scans, Real Shield, Firewall, Ransomware Shield, Virus Chest and Core Shields.

Avast Free Version

The company, Avast, claims that its free version is superior than few other paid software offerings. A test conducted by AV Comparatives showed these words were true as the free Avast software was much quicker in scanning than some significant rivals. In reality, it was the fastest software among all. An effort, that most free anti-virus can’t match is that, Avast Antivirus support nearly 37 languages. To add to this, the free version Avast is mostly same as the paid version.

Features available in Free Version

Here are some important features of the free version.

  • Support Major Platforms: Avast Free Antivirus is a wonderful software which supplies all the crucial antivirus indispensables for Windows, Android and Mac.
  • Secure Wi-fi: Its Wi-Fi Inspector scans the network to find weaknesses. It finds out routers that are using default passwords and inspect if the user’s network is accessible from the internet.
  • Do Not Disturb: Avast Free Antivirus has Do Not Disturb Mode that will prevent pop-ups while any program is in full-screen mode.
  • No Pop-Up: It will again prevent pop-ups if you are playing a game or watching movies and videos.
  • Shield: The Behavior Shield feature always keeps a strict vigil on your applications to keep it secure and confirm they don’t behave differently.
  • Gaming Mode: Avast Free Antivirus is blessed with an automatic gaming mode for system load reduction during any processor-hungry job.
  • Password Manager: In this software there is a a password manager that adds more strength to your security engagements.
  • Crystal Clear: The Avast Free Antivirus package does not carry any secret limitations or ceiling erected to make you any upgrade.
  • No-Ads: It doesn’t have any third-party ads, or fewer antivirus updates or do any deed that has the ability to frail your security.
  • Advance Firewall: It comes with firewall that keep hackers away from your system.
  • Advance Antivirus: This antivirus software is guided with plethora of important security layers. It is composed of Virus Scans, Core Shields, Virus Chest that helps apps to run safely.
  • Passive Mode: Avast free version has the capability to install itself in Passive Mode if it detects another antivirus package on your PC.
  • Real-time Protection: It has the ability to turn off real-time protection but will still help you to run scans and use other program features.
  • Specific Scan: This wonderful software provides options to scan specific folders or drives.
  • Deep Scan: It can scan your entire system, or to run a scan at the next reboot, before Windows starts.
  • Awesome Look: The colour arrangement and the large icons are the reason that gives it a ‘lucrative and muscular look’.
  • Regular Update: Avast Free Antivirus religiously updates malware definitions and is always ready to stay updated against new threats.
  • Hassle-free Registration: A yearly registration is required to have a sustained use.

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Avast Paid Version

The Avast paid version has important features which are not packed in the free version. These are the SafeZone and Process virtualization, or Sandbox. SafeZone gives you the cushion to browse the Internet securely. This version uses a Web browser that halts programs from exploiting your data or viewing your browsing sect. If you’re working in your financial zone, this is wonderful to keep all secret.

Another feature, SafeZone, doesn’t use any plugins, or software applies to exhibit certain material or content on websites. The reason is, spyware can sometimes take advantage of these. The Sandbox feature gives you the freedom to run suspicious software in a remote, guarded environment. One can even run default Web browser in Sandbox. Sandbox won’t allow any malware to gain access to your system, even if you execute it unknowingly or visit a harmful website.

There are total Three paid version of Avast antivirus which are:

  • Premium Security, Single-Device
  • Premium Security, Multi-Device
  • Ultimate

Features available in Avast Paid Version

Apart from all features available in free version, the Paid version has additional programs and features which are given below:

  • Real Time Protection: Avast Paid Antivirus software has real-time virus protection, URL filtering, a password manager, browser add-on checker.
  • Wireless Scanning: It can also do wireless network scanning, software update management to detect and install misplaced patches,
  • Safe Banking: Makes the browser invulnerable that keeps your online banking and shopping very much secure.
  • Detect Fake Website:  The paid version of Avast Antivirus comes with advance technology that help to identify fake website. Thus you can do shopping worry-free.
  • Advance DNS System: DNS hijacks are quite impossible as it is provided with a secure DNS system and guards you being scammed by identical sites.
  • Sandbox: To securely exam suspicious programs, there is sandbox. This feature could be sure handy if you’re finding something and trying out the newest freeware.
  • Fast Scan: The virus scan is very much quick and can detect malware samples without difficulty.
  • Network Intelligent: The network check-up is intelligent too, and can identify a range of low-level but important issues with your setup.
  • Safeguard Webcam from Spying:  Your laptop webcam is safe and no one will be able to watch you without your permission.
  • Keep Other Software Up-to-date: The software updater in the paid version can identify if you are not using the latest CCleaner, Firefox and WinZip versions, and offers to update them as well.
  • Custom Scan: Settings dialog allows you to customize the Smart Scan to check whatever you need.
  • Rescue Disk: A separate Rescue Disk feature creates a bootable environment for cleaning badly infected systems.
  • Advance System Cleanup: The Ultimate Avast version comes with Cleanup application. That means you don’t need to install any third party software like Ccleaner, Bleachbit to clean temp and junk files.
  • One click Scan: With its help, you can also have the access to check files, folders and drives directly from the File Explorer right-click menu.
  • Interface: Like its free version, the Avast Paid Antivirus software uses a lot of the the same interface, and certainly other commercial products.
  • Ransomware-Proof: Your system and personal pictures, and files will be secured from hacked.
  • Customization: If you want, every aspect of the program can be tweaked, customized and adjusted to suit your every need under the tutelage of the paid version
  • Support Multi-Device: It will help you to choose the protection that works best for you, as it has both Single and Multi-Device options.
  • Safe Download: Avast Paid Antivirus software grants you the permission to download video from YouTube but don’t have the ability to grab files from streaming platforms like Netflix.


DownloadThe free version of Avast antivirus is perfect for home user. However, if you do online shopping, net banking and spend most of the time online then paid version is best to secure system. The Avast paid version is recommended for small office and big organisation in order to safe data from threat, virus and malware.

  • Free Antivirus  
  • Avast Paid Antivirus Cost:
    1) Premium Security, Single-Device $59.99 per year
    2) Premium Security, Multi-Device $79.99 per year
    3) Ultimate: $99.99 per year


ConclusionFinding the right Antivirus software for your device sometimes becomes messy. So, all the points mentioned above is to clear cloud between Avast Free Vs Paid  Antivirus, so that you can make your decision hassle-free. Clear your head while taking the utmost important call on this as you will always want to keep your device clean and updated.



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