Bacula Alternatives and Similar Software for Windows

Bacula is an open-source computer program that allows you to have a backup, verification of the data in the PC, and other essential works. This software is very easy to use and efficient at the same time. However, there are more complex features available in the market, and they are capable of recovering deleted files and so on. But as an open-source Bacula is pretty good, and an effective program for users.

List of Free Alternatives to Bacula for Windows

No doubt it is good software but there is alternative software available to Bacula that has more features. Here I have listed some of the best yet free tools that work with Windows Operating System. Please note that a few software listed below works only with Linux, while rest works fine with Windows and macOS.


Duplicati logo

It is my favorite backup software and a good alternative to Bacula. Duplicati is one is a backup program that has unique features like storage of compressed, encrypted, and incremental backups. It also has to cloud storage and remote file server for the users. This very project of Duplicati was initiated by Duplicity and had the same functions until the year 2008. In the same year, the model was redesigned and the program was rebuilt from the beginning. Duplicati is best in working with WebDAV, FTP, and SSH. This is also good with services such as Google Drive,, Amazon Cloud Drive & S3, Mega, hubiC and OneDrive as well.



  • Programmed Backup
  • Manual Backup
  • Back up to Google Drive
  • Cloud back up
  • Information deduplication
  • Simple to utilize
  • Encoded Backups
  • File Compression
  • File Versioning
  • Guided setup
  • Steady Back up
  • Different dialects
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Calendar Backup Support for SFTP
  • Backing for Amazon Glacier
  • Online
  • Backing for WebDAV

Official Website:
System Support: Windows, Debian Ubuntu, Fedora RedHat, and macOS / OSX
File Size: 40.8 Mb (for windows)


FastCopy Img

This is the fastest copier and is capable of deleting, copying, and syncing on windows especially. This is based on the latest checksum verification to make sure the accuracy of the copy, and the integration of data. This one works with the long Unicode ways over MAX-PATH, and also goes for automatic optimization of copy mode between the same storage device or in other devices as well. In the case of Diff HDD mode, the writing reading comes with multithreaded and in parallel.


  • Back up
  • Order Line support
  • File the executives
  • Recoup erased documents
  • File synchronize
  • File move
  • Organizer adjust
  • Versatile

Official Website:
System Support: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/8.1/10; Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016
File Size: 1728 Kb (for windows)

Create Synchronicity

Create Synchronicity Logo

This one is a lightweight software and is extremely user-Friendly. This uses a powerful interface and helps in synchronizing folders and files in a fast manner. This is completely open-source, is multilingual, portable, and has several backups like regexp settings, and DTS correction as well.


  • Folder Mirroring
  • Folder sync
  • Mirror Backup
  • Portable
  • Backup
  • File-sync
  • Folder Comparison

System Support: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux
File Size: Unknown


Unison Logo

This one is file synchronization from Windows and Unix. This one lets two duplicates of a collection of directories and files and that to be stacked up in several other hosts. This will allow the separate modification, and then it gives the up to date information on cultivating the changes in every duplicate than to the other.

Unison is perfect for sharing several numbers of features with tools like the configuration management packages. Also, distributed file systems reconcile uni-directional mirroring utilities and so on.


  • Bidirectional match up
  • Order line
  • Document synchronize
  • Organizer synchronize
  • 2 way match up
  • All around recorded

System Support: Linux, Mac, and Windows
File Size: Unknown


synctoy logo

Mady by Microsoft, the SyncToy is a free tool that allows taking the backup of files and folders. Perfect software to take the backup of photos, videos, and files.  It delivers GUI which can automatically synchronize files and folders from local networks. However, this can’t work for WebDAV. Also, this is not portable, and do not have the VSS support. This is capable of combining two folders in one thing, and mimics the previous name and deletes the other one. Not like other applications, this one is capable of keeping track of all the renamed files and folders and ensures that the changes are followed over the folders that have been synchronized.


  • Backup
  • Contrasting envelopes
  • File back up
  • Envelope back up

Official Website:
System Support: Windows
File Size: 2.9 Mb and 3.5 Mb (for windows)



This one is a small utility application and this lets you synchronize, secure your data and the back up of the same. Toucan is separated into 7 tabs, and this feature allows you to find every function you are looking in it.


  • It is equipped with five synchronization modes, Move and Clean, Copy, Mirror, and Equalize. It can be coined with an assortment of document checks, for instance, File Header Check, File Size, and Modified Time to limit the measure of duplicating required.
  • Back up and reestablish in an industry-standard compress and 7-compress documents,
  • with help for complete Backups, refreshing existing Backups and gradual Backups, just as reestablishing documents from a chronicle.
  • AES-256 encryption utilizing ccrypt
  • Direction line support, interpretations to numerous dialects.

System Support: Windows
File Size: 794 Kb

DirSync Pro


This one is also a small but very strong and powerful utility, and perfect for folder and file synchronization. This can be used for the content synchronizing, and you can do that from your Desktop to your USB device too.

If you use DirSync, you can go for backups that are incremental, and in this way, you will be able to save so much time. This one provides some modes that are already pre-configured, and this is also infused with custom modes.

Dirsyncpro Software-1

Before the synchronization, this application goes with an analysis of the folders and files, to check if there have been any changes. This also checks the changes in metadata and is capable of storing them in the directories in the files.

Dirsyncpro software-2


  • Back up
  • Direction Line support
  • Document backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Gradual backup
  • Tree view

Official Website:
System Support: Windows, Linux, and Macintosh
File Size: 2,875 Kb (for windows)


rsync logo

This is software for Unix, and it synchronizes the files and all the directories from one place to another, while it works in minimizing the transfer of data. Rsync is capable of displaying copy files, contents of the directory, also, using compression and recursion.


  • Back up
  • Cloud synchronize
  • Order line
  • Order line interface
  • Delta Backup
  • Scrambled Backups
  • Document back up
  • Document transfer
  • Organizer synchronize
  • Timetable Backup

System Support: Linux
File Size: Unknown

Déjà Dup

Déjà dup

This is a very simple back up tool and it hides the complexities of backups and makes it right. This used small duplicity at the back, also its features support remote or local backups, you will find Amazon S3 in it. This is capable of secure encryption and compression of the data you have. It also backs up and lets you store from any certain back up as well. This is good at schedule backups, and it works perfectly in the GNOME desktop of yours.


  • Back up
  • Encoded Backups
  • Steady Back up
  • Remote Back up
  • Calendar Backup
  • Very much incorporated in Debian 9

System Support: Linux
File Size: 2,436 Kb


UrBackup logo

This is also an open-source software and does excellent works to take backups. The best part about UrBackup is that it works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux too. This accomplishes the work of combining files and images both, and gives proper safety to the data, with a quick time for restoration. The backups of image and files are done when the system is working without any interruption to the latest ongoing process.

Urbackup screenshot-1

This back up also checks the folders and the ones you have backed up, this way you will be able to find the backups quickly. Here, the incremental backups are really quick. You will get the files restored through the interface of the web on with the help of Windows Explorer. At the same time, the drive backups will be able to get them back up with a CD and that has to be bootable or a USB device.

Urbackup Screenshot-2


  • Full and steady picture and FileBack ups: Whole files can be spared just as single registries
  • Customers for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X.
  • Quick figuring of File tree contrasts prompts exceptionally quick gradual document Backups – just new changed documents will be retransmitted
  • Just utilized and changed hard plate parts are transmitted during a gradual picture Back up
  • Picture and document Backups while the framework is running
  • Reliable Backups of utilized documents on Windows and Linux. For instance Outlook .pst Files
  • The same documents on various PCs are spared just once. Less server extra room is required for your Backups.

Official Website:
System Support: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
File Size: 32.2 Mb (for windows)


Bacula is an awesome software, but if you are looking for alternative software which has more features yet free then you may choose from the above list.



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