5 Best Anti-ransomware Tools for Free 2020 to Remove & Protect

This list offer 5 best Anti-Ransomware which are free security and removal tool. Download it today and protect your computer before its too late.  The ‘Ransomware’ is a malware that attacks personal and office computers by blocking access to the data on a computer and demanding a certain amount of money from the user to unblock it. However, as the attacker is always anonymous, there is no certainty that the user will get access to their data even after paying the money.

Ransomware attack on personal computer

A ransomware is usually sent as a program file via email. In more recent cases, it was found that the ransomware has automatically entered the computer without any interaction with the user. Once the ransomware enters your system, it will encrypt the data stored in that system using a key. The attackers will now demand a certain amount of money from the user to share the key and threaten them with data leaks in case they fail to pay them in the specified time.

Since 2012, Ransomware has emerged as a huge threat to cybersecurity. In May 2017, a ransomware called WannaCry affected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries and demanded money in the form of Bitcoin from the users in about 20 languages. The attackers gave a 7-day deadline to the victims that include big companies like FedEx, Deutsche Bahn, Honda and Renault. It also attacked the British National Health Service due to which 16 Hospitals have to send patients back and turn down operations.

Please note that no product can guarantee 100% ransomware removal, however, the tools which I have selected works well and helps to recover your locked files.  It’s also advisable that one should make a habit to take a backup of important files once a month and keep it separate on external hard-drive, so that even if a ransomware attack happens, then also you will have a safe backup.

Best ransomware removal tool which is Free 2020 

As vicious as these attacks are, the only way to protect yourself completely from ransomware is to be prepared to defend your data from any breach. An anti-ransomware tool or software will protect your system and help you recover with minimum losses in case of a ransomware attack. Here are the top free anti-ransomware tools that you can rely upon.

Bitdefender anti-ransomware tool

Bitdefender anti ransomware tool

This anti-ransomware tool works by tricking the attackers into believing that the computer is already attacked by a virus by creating a file on the system. The attackers would avoid infecting a computer that has already been affected by ransomware because in that case, they will not be able to decrypt the data even though they have encrypted it themselves.

However, Bitdefender anti-ransomware software is designed to protect computers only from four specific families of ransomware which are:

  • TeslaCrypt
  • Locky
  • BTC-Locker and
  • The original version of Petya crypto-malware

It always operates in the background to provide the users with extra protection. 

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7
File Size4.6 Mb

Download Link: https://download.bitdefender.com (Official website)

Malwarebytes anti-ransomware

malwarebytes anti ransomware

This application uses ‘entrapment’ and ‘count protection’ techniques to save you from any potential ransomware attack. This anti-ransomware tool can prove to be a great addition to your primary security software and has free beta version for Microsoft 7, 8 and 10.

It operates on the background and protects your system by gaining access to important domains or specific file types. If any unauthorized program tries to make changes or gain access over them (it should be System or directory or files) it will warn the user of potential ransomware. However, if a ransomware will attack as a whitelisted program, Malwarebytes anti-ransomware might not be able to detect it.

LicenseFree for 14 days
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7
File Size71.7 Mb

Download Link: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/ (For Home or Personal Computer)

Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool

Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool for home and business

This anti-ransomware software can work for large scale business as well as individual use. It operates by allowing the user to whitelist the programs which might allow ransomware to sneak into your system. It also allows you to recover your data in case it has been already affected with minimum loss.

One of the best features of this anti ransomware tool is that it will restart your affected apps/application instantly in case of an attack. However, this product can not run with other Kaspersky products and will need some details about the business if you want to use it for an office computer.

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7
File SizeNot known

 Download Link: https://www.kaspersky.com/anti-ransomware-tool (For home and business)

Follow above link, you will have to fill up the form before downloading the Kaspersky anti-ransomware free tool.

Avast Free Anti-ransomware Tools

Avast ransomware decryption tool

This is another tool works by using 21 decryptors, each of which is made to deal with a specific type of ransomware and will also keep a check on other types of viruses in your computer. Avast also comes with an installation and decryption wizard which will ask for an encrypted and a non-encrypted copy of your files and compare them to get the password.

Here are few popular free anti-ransomware tools powered by Avast which can be used for personal or office purpose:

  • AES_NI
  • Alcatraz Locker
  • Apocalypse
  • BadBlock
  • Bart
  • BTCWare
  • Crypt888
  • CryptoMix (Offline)

This anti-ransomware tool works best if you have backups but if you don’t have it, it will help you look for unaffected locations in your computer.

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7
File SizeVaries from 05 to 30 mb

How to download these anti-ransomware tools

Simply follow below link

https://www.avast.com/en-in/ransomware-decryption-tools (Official website)

and choose specific application that you want to download. Use Right Click and Save as to save a copy of the software.

McAfee ransomware Interceptor and Decryptor

McAfee Anti-Ransomware

McAfee provides two anti-ransomware tools which are highly specialized.

Interceptor is a more advanced tool that has been specifically designed to protect users against ‘WannaCry’ ransomware. This tool works by making the machine more sensitive to ransomware so that any threat is automatically detected.

Ransomware Recover (Mr2) is another anti-ransomware software provided by McAfee that can unlock files, applications, databases, applets, and other objects that have been encrypted after being affected by ransomware.

Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7
File Size2.8 MB

Download links:

Use above links to download it for your personal computer.

HitmanPro.Alert Ransomware Scanner Tool

This security tool uses highly superior technology to stop ransomware threats before they actually start damaging the data on your computer. It uses behavior-based protection and cloud scanning to detect a presence of a ransomware instantly and protects your files from getting encrypted.

This anti-ransomware tool also protects you from potential threats through browsing and can collect highly advanced data for reporting threats and their forensic analysis.

LicenseFree for 30 days
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7
File Size4.4 Mb

All these tools are free or have free trial versions available. Hopefully, they protect everyone from the threats of ransomware and other viruses. If you know any other freeware protection tool which is not listed here then do let me know. Will add such anti-malware application here.



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