Top 5 Best Adware Removal Tools for 2021 (Free & Paid)

Unwanted pop-up, browser-ads adulterating with your experience of Windows operating system?  Here, in this article we shall discuss what is adware and the best five software to remove adware from your windows computer.

Adware, What is it?

Belonging to the species of malware, Adware is an infection which operates to earn money. They have various methods of doing it, for instance, showing you the advertisements like “Your computer is slow?” “Your computer is infected?” forcefully or popping up pages that are difficult to skip or unexpectedly getting directed to strange websites while intending to visit a different one. Much to slyness, this Adware enters into the operating system with our own permission of which we are unaware of and acts as a legitimate program. Therefore, known as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) .

It has the strength to modify your computer settings to the extent that it begins to function accordingly.  Many times users complain that computer is operated by someone else. Now, in general they are harmless but the trouble is that eventually it wires the source of other  Malware, Spyware, Scamware etc. There are probable chances that most of these Adware gets installed when we download any unknown free software or can be installed as our browser extension. Adware is difficult to eradicate from the system because they exist as legitimate entities.

Best Five Free Adware Removal Tools for Windows 10/8/7

When you are confirmed that your Windows system is effected by Adware then it’s time to choose the best and free adware removal software that can safely remove it. Below are the following ways to eliminate these “show-off”:

List of best adware removal software for Winows OS

Spybot Search and Destroy

This is my favorite Adware removal tool. I used it couple of time and every time it able to remove adware from my chrome browser. Spybot Search and Destroy Renowned name in the field of malware protection.

Although it not update its database frequently, but worth to have it on personal PC if you surf a lot on web.

Spybot Search and Destroy application interface

  • Free
  • Detects malware with the click of a button
  • Immunization and quarantine function included in additional security
  • For beginners, it is an easily accessible mode
  • Easy interface
  • Real time protection
  • System Immunization
  • Rootkit Scan
  • May slow down scanning and updates
  • Limited notification of threats
  • May create problem with Speed


To put to rest all the query and curiosity, Malwarebytes is round the clock, a legal legitimate anti-malware application. It was formerly known as Malwarebytes Anti-malware. It began in 2004 as an attempt by company founder Marcin Kleczynski to remove malware from his personal computer and those he worked on as a technician.

Malwarebytes is a free Anti-malware tool

  • Auto- scanning facility even when the owner is not using the system
  • Easily accessible and comprehensible. The user friendly interface displays the important features, logs in just one review
  • Protects and safeguards users from advanced threats by scanning and removing the viruses in real time
  • Unifies multiple malware technologies
  • Prevents files from being locked and taken for ransom
  • Centralized threat reporting
  • Active focus on solution and overall management
  • Not an anti-virus replacement
  • Paid version is bit too expensive
  • File size is too large (80 MB) for such application
  • Advanced features require up-gradation
  • Blurry display of the techno babble

Also consider free anti ransomware tool if your computer is infected.

Adaware Antivirus

It is the latest PC protector from the company formerly known as Lavasoft. It aids in scanning downloads, blocking of malicious virus in real time before it harms your computer.

Adware adblock extension for browser

  • Automatic updates and real time protection
  • Effortless security
  • Ensures banking and network security
  • Safeguards files with military-grade encryption
  • Anti-spam filters to prevent malware spreading in the system from e-mail attachments
  • Powerful firewall
  • Improve browser speed
  • Block Pop-ups
  • Work on Chrome, Firefox and Android
  • Limited configuration
  • No web filtering
  • Limited behavioral monitoring



It’s advisable to keep Windows firewall on. You can also check windows defender alternatives here in detail.

Avast Free Adware Removal Tool

Avast Adware Removal tool is the best way to remove adware virus. As we all know, Avast has a name in the market.

Avast free adware program for Windows user

  • Free
  • Minimal impact on PC performance
  • Unbreakable password security, home network protection
  • The extensive defense it is highly proactive
  • Possibility of mobile version installation
  • Easily accessible
  • It may slow the function of memory and hard disk
  • Sometimes not able to fix/remove adware from the browser extension


Hitman Pro (Trial Version)

Licensed by Trialware, Hitman Pro stands most effective in the field of Adware removal. The technology is designed to scan and detect unwanted software along with its cloud technology.

  • 10 MB software requires no installation
  • Can be used directly from a personal computer as well as a USB flash drive
  • Automatically updates therefore user always has the up-to-date version with not much hustle
  • Protects the browser/system from being manipulated by malware
  • Imparts penetrating remediation
  • Safeguards before booting up. It bypasses the rootkit in the boot record and examines the actually infected areas to kick-start cleanup without any user intervention.
  • Behavior-based techniques allow spotting and removal of the new and developing “zero-day” malware for which the anti-virus software fails to rise in action.
  • Limited data is not a problem considering the size of the software
  • Sadly trial version will expire.
  • Uninstalling is a complicated process
  • Alters default security settings
  • Contains bugs that may lead to program crash
  • As soon as you run the program,  few data might be lost from your system
  • Tools used for cleaning like CWShredder can affect the performance of the system based on a forum discussion.


Since the longevity and performance of a system is important, the first task after the installation of Windows is protecting the system from the malicious intervention of viruses through effective anti-malware tools. An antivirus plays the role of putting a safety ring around your system. If nothing works, a formatting system with proper backup under the supervision of an IT expert is recommended.

Did you know?

The adware spreads through e-mail attachments also..!!!



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