6 Best Free LastPass Alternatives and Similar Software

In the current scenario, using a reliable password manager is indispensable to ensure your security. Among the available password managers, LastPass is widely recognized. LastPass is a password manager as well as a password generator. It locks your passwords and personal information securely. It creates a vault for you to store passwords and logins, creates online shopping profiles, generates passwords, and so on. You only have to remember your master password, and LastPass will fill web browser, app logins, etc. on its own.

Lastpass Alternatives

Free Alternatives to LastPass

LastPass offers a variety of features and is used by many. However, there are other Lastpass alternatives available now which are equally – if not more – reliable, useful, and fast gaining popularity.  Some of them are discussed here.

1) KeePassX

Keepaasx software

Among all the LastPass alternatives, KeePassX is perhaps the most well-known. The best feature of KeePassX is that it is free and open-source. This software automatically stores passwords, generates strong new passwords when required and carries out all tasks involved in standard password management.

A unique feature of KeePassX is the number of plug-ins it offers. For instance, if you are concerned about key loggers, this software will enable you to install a plug-in that creates a virtual keyboard. You can enter your master password here and log in to KeePassX.

KeePassX saves all your data locally. So users who need to access passwords on multiple computers and mobile devices may not find this software that helps. They would have to move their password database around from device to device manually.

KeePassX uses and applies the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and the Twofish algorithm. It takes assistance from SHA-256 to hash your data. With KeePassX, all the data fields within the app – along with passwords – are also secured.

Key benefit — Open source software app that saves data locally.

Download here: https://www.keepassx.org/
System Support: Windows and Linux
File Size: 3.2 Mb

2) Dashlane

Dashlane Software

Dashlane has a unique approach to data security and encryption. It stores more than only passwords. Dashlane provides you with document storage where you can save anything required, from receipts to IDs. On top of this, Dashlane offers a hassle-free, intuitive user experience.

The app has five distinguishing features:

  1. Manages passwords— Dashlane saves any password instantly, for any account.
  2. Auto fills forms— offers the auto-fill feature to fill out forms online when you go shopping. Hence, it will save you time every time you shop.
  3. Digital wallet— the digital wallet keeps your payment details secure and immediately captures the receipts of your online purchases.
  4. Generates passwords— Dashlane keeps generating unique and complex passwords for each account.
  5. Changes passwords – the password changer alters your weakest passwords without you logging into each account separately.

Dashlane also offers a premium version which is chargeable. This is worth paying for since this version will sync across multiple devices, account backup, two-step login authentication, and web access. When comparing alternatives, it should be noted that several of these features are available on LastPass without any charge.

Dashlane is indeed exceptional when it comes to safety and claims to have the best security architecture available. In 2016, the developers were granted a security patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Key benefit — Unique approach to data security and encryption.

Download here: https://www.dashlane.com/
System Support: Windows & Mac
File Size: 808 Kb 

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3) aWallet

aWallet Software

Another good alternative to Lastpass software which is among the top in 2019.  aWallet is a password manager for application in Android and iOS. Both require a one-time payment. There are no versions for the web or desktop. Two versions of the app are:

  1. Local version – has no internet access and saves your sensitive data on your mobile device.
  2. Cloud version – is able to sync your passwords, credit card and online banking credentials with Dropbox or Google Drive. Hence, you are able to access them on several devices.

aWallet encrypts all the data fields and relies on AES and Blowfish algorithms, the key sizes being of 256, 192 and 128 bits. It automatically deletes your local password data file when there is a predefined number of unsuccessful login attempts.

Key benefit — a wallet is a mobile-centric app, ideal for users who spend a lot of time on the road.

Download here: http://www.awallet.org/
File Size: Varies with device
System Support: Android

4) Keeper

Keeper Security Software

Keeper’s extraordinary feature is its ability to transfer passwords between devices using a Wi-Fi connection. It offers the “Keeper Family Plan,” which attempts to offer a secure solution for sharing.

In one or two situations where we do share our passwords, Keeper allows us to add five users. Each user is given a private vault and a secure file sharing space of 10 GB. Passwords can be bounced between vaults using only your fingerprints.

The “legacy” feature enables you to easily and securely share insurance forms, medical records, estate planning documents, tax documents, and so on with your family members, keeping in mind the unfortunate event of death that can happen at any time.

Both the individual plan and the family plan need to be paid for.

Key benefit — Extremely handy for large families who share a lot of data.

Download here: https://keepersecurity.com
File Size: 2.4 Mb
System Support: Windows

5) Enpass


Enpass provides its clients with a wide variety of features. These include cloud reinforcement, unique mark support, family support, password generator, web structure, autofill, and so on.

Enpass is completely free when used in Windows running on a PC, macOS or Linux. If used in Android gadgets, this software has a limitation – it is able to put away 20 passwords only.

This software handles all the basics. You only require to sync your own devices via an appliance like the Dropbox. This is because Enpass does not provide cloud syncing.

The mobile apps offered by Enpass are sleek and allow biometric logins. One outstanding feature of this software is its time-sensitive, one-time passwords. Also, the passwords are not stored in Enpass servers. Your saved entries are displayed in a list. The data categories can be found in the navigation toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. When you click on an entry, all the information regarding it will be displayed.

Key benefit – Enpass is accessible offline and its interface is very easy to navigate.

Download here: https://www.enpass.io/
File Size: 48.7 Mb
System Support: iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS

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6) Sticky Password

Sticky Password

Another well-recognized name among password managers is the Sticky Password. This software is available for use on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It is able to provide assistance to most of the internet browsers.

Sticky Password has several attractive features like autofill, structure filling, password management, two-factor verification and offers support for biometrics such as fingerprints. Along with storing passwords, it is able to save the client’s payment information.

An exceptional feature of Sticky Password is its ability to sync data over Wi-Fi locally for clients who would not want to do so over the cloud.

It is, indeed, a great password generating tool. It offers a scrambled vault for storing charge card numbers, encouraging single tick installments. Sticky Password provides the option of sharing passwords safely.

Key benefit – new biometric authentication and no-cloud Wi-Fi sync make it a very helpful password manager.

Download here: https://www.stickypassword.com
System Support: Windows, macOS, Linux
File Size: 45.4 Mb

Selection of a Password Management App

In the present age, a password manager is a basic requirement for most of us, to ensure the protection of our information. This is a great concern for businesses too. If you have a bigger team, you should consider one of the options which provide a business version.

Each alternative to LastPass has its advantages and disadvantages. The user needs to study all aspects offered by each and then opt for the software that is the most suitable for his requirements.



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