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Photo-editing is an integral part of our existence in the virtual world. In this day and age, Pixlr singularly has become so powerful that we have come to believe that nothing else could be any better. However, this is not true. Today’s digital market harbors many alternatives to Pixlr which we will further discuss in the article.

6 Best Alternatives to Pixlr

Pixlr is a very good image editing tool and a very user-friendly application. But if you are looking for similar software to Pixlr that has more features then you may consider below listed Pixlr Alternatives software that works with  Windows & Mac PC.


Hailed as one of the best alternatives to Pixlr, Photopea runs in your browser without any hassle. Quite surprisingly the application was created and being developed by a single hand Ivan Kutskir, a 28-year-old programmer based in Prague, developed it. Re-touching your photos is an easy task with the Gen-next online image editor. Photopea promises smarter and faster experience in photo-editing.


  • Excellent design
  • Has the allowance to import PSD and SVD files and edit them
  • Does not require creating any account as it is a HTML5 application
  • Supports multiple layers
  • Can be exported directly to JPG, PDF or PNG format
  • Impressive speed
  • Drag and drop support
  • Easy to navigate photo editing tools, you can crop, re-size, cut out or remove background easily. One can easily add text
  • Image adjustment  is made easy with advance features
  • Hassle-free removal of spots and blemishes
  • Duplication of images, removal of unwanted  people(how convenient 🙂 ) and objects
  • Last but not the least, user-friendly GUI


  • Only basic filters and operations
  • It is web based application


image of gimp software

The GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a totally free photo editing software and makes good alternative for Pixlr with its long list of features. The program is an open source and it has been preferred by Linux users for many years.


  • In contrast to Pixlr ,it is faster and does not use much of your system resources thereby preventing slow down
  • Free space as low as 20MB should be enough for the app to be installed in computer disc
  • Provides excellent cross- platform support. It can be downloaded both in Mac and Windows
  • Being compact in size, portability is an edge.
  • Can be customized.Continuously evolving
  • Open source image editor

gimp software image


  • Limited features
  • Creating text-effect is difficult
  • Managing layers is not easy

File Size206 MB


PicMonkey  gives you everything to up your photo game if you are photo enthusiast.

picmonkey image


  • Simple and intuitive interface with double features
  • Stunning filters
  • Enhanced image quality
  • No limit where creation is concerned, so magic stick for photo editors.


  • Editing pictures of all sizes is not possible as PicMonkey has photo size restrictions plus does not allow to upload images larger than 16MP
  • Limited features. It doesn’t allow to share and export the pictures unless you set up an account which is again not free
  • It asks for subscription to start the trial.Sometimes becomes boring process if you are in a hurry.


The app is designed to function much beyond image editing. It claims to “ make design simple for anyone”. It provides a platform that allows the creator to produce amazing and professional quality graphic design.

canava editor software


  • Ideal image designing tool for an amateurs as well as a professionals
  • It has a collection of whopping millions of photographs, graphics and fonts
  • In-built and reliable design tools holds the ability to turn small paper idea into a stunning design
  • It is said that many companies have benefited  to resolve common issues that bothers content marketing.
  • Drag and drop editor helps in creating designs from scratch
  • Templates, documents and designs can be configured so that others can implement necessary changes.
  • It provides tutorial and lots of ready-made templates


  • For something you do not use every month, monthly cost is a disadvantage
  • Time – consuming process
  • Currently, this app is in beta. To use it you have to invite your friends who are using Canva which makes the process complicated


Similar to Pixlr, Sumopaint is a free image editing application with basic color correction tools for drawing and designing. It existed for a long period of  time but  with huge update and modification back in 2018, it came to a light ; gives us a reason to turn back and take a look.

sumopaint image


  • No intrusive advertising
  • Lot of masks and layers
  • Free version available
  • Well developed tools for digital drawing
  • Desktop version available
  • Supports PSD, PNG, JPEG, JPG and GIF format


  • Flash-based
  • Improper text management
  • Some tools lag
  • Effective tutorials unavailable
  • Internet-based

Pixelmator Pro


pixelmator pro

Pixelmator Pro for Mac is a powerful, fast and easy to use photo-editing application. Dubbed as the Photoshop killer on Mac, the image editing application comes with machine-learning capabilities helping users in designing images.


  • Access to enhanced tools like brushes, effects and color presets
  • Image editing feels like a cake-walk
  • Seamless editing without destroying the image
  • Intuitive tools helps in image layout
  • Tutorials are provided to guide user.


  • Monochromatic display of interface
  • It supports MAC only.
  • Some of the features are rigid
  • Limited export options
  • Only 30 days trial

File Size : 166 MB (zipped)

To all the photo enthusiast, Photoshop is not a fence, on the contrary it is the mother to the creation of all other editing apps that are sweeping into the market. Enriching and enhancement of user experience of image- editing is the sole reason for the continuous growing & evolving market of photo-editing.

Other alternatives list:

  • Adobe Photoshop (Popular in large industries)
  • Snapspeed      (Owned by Google, we have never used it so do let us know your reviews for it)
  • Photoscape
  • Aviary
  • Polarr
  • Affinity photo

To sum up , which alternative to use is totally dependent on the end user as Pixlr also has its good qualities. We have added alternatives hoping it will serve your purpose, or Not? Let us know …



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