10 Best Shared Calendar App for Couples which are Free

Hey, are you currently in a relationship? Then you must need some secure and cozy place to get a glimpse of your partner. You may crave for something where you can talk and communicate more passionately and store thrilling memories with ease with your loved one. In this post, we have prepared a list of such apps which are free and has shared calendar features, keep reading.

List of best shared Calendar Apps for couples

So, these 10 best free shared Calendar apps for couples will assist you to deal with different aspects of your precious relationship. 


Couplete App

Couplete is a mobile app which acts as a wish list for couples. It is for those who want to plan everything they want to do together. This outstanding app does have a dedicated messenger, a wish box, calendar, timeline, and a love letter feature. It also allows sharing a calendar. It is truly a gift for couples.


  • Timeline: It can share each other’s present mood and can bank sweet and valuable memories and fun moments.
  • Chatting: For you and your partner, there is a private messenger. It also presents you with lots of stickers and emojis.
  • Wish Box: Share real-time syncing to-do lists for everything you want to do together.
  • Love Letter: You can send love letters to your partner and can put magical seals on the envelope.

Download link: http://couplete.me/
System Support: Android and iOS
File Size: 92.5 Mb


Couple App

If you stay in touch with your favorite person, then Couple app is a mobile app is the right choice. It also has a private timeline for your special moments also. It offers real-time messaging, calendar reminders for your planned schedules, and many other features.


  • Private Timeline: Couple helps you to build a Private timeline that sums-up your history and has the ability to track and share your unique moments with your loved one.
  • Secret photos: A special feature of this app is that it allows you to send a photo to your partner and it will vanish after a certain time.
  • Thumb kiss: Thumb kiss is a feature with which you can touch the same spot on your phone as your partner. The phone will vibrate to let you know that both of you had a thumb kiss.

Download link: https://couple.me/
System Support: Android, iOS, Couple on web
File Size: Unknown


TimeTree App

TimeTree guides you to settle your activities, friends meetings or your personal day planning. Timetree app helps you share calendars with the one with whom you want. You can also chat with your partner or people involved in your schedule.


  • Multiple Calendars: In this app, every calendar including OS calendar can be showed with the help of an On and Off
  • Changeable Colours: In this app you can alter the color schedule. After selecting the schedule you can confirm it with a simple click.
  • IN PC: In this app, you can see your monthly calendar in computer. It can remind you of any details or events.

Download link: https://timetreeapp.com/?locale=en
System Support: Android, iOS, TimeTree on web
File Size: 35 Mb 


LokLok App

LokLok is a messaging app which is instant. It has the capability to replace your Android screen with a whiteboard screen. There you can share with the one you want to connect to. Through this app, you’ll write notes to your loved ones in the most exciting way it can be.


  • Lock screen Communication: Loklok helps you to communicate with your partner on their lock screen also.
  • Whiteboard: With the help of this app, you can turn your phone into a whiteboard where you can draw, write, scribble and erase on it with ease.
  • Private and Cozy: Its a very private app. If you are communicating with your partner or a small group of friends, no one else gets to see it.

Download link: https://loklok.co/
System Support: Android
File Size: 16 Mb

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Between App

Between is an ideal app for couples. It has an exclusive arena to share special moments with your loved one. It also has a quick and secret chat option. There is a private photo album and a calendar to share do’s and don’t and send reminders.


  • Its a Blog: This app assists you to write a blog about your relationship with your partner. You can post pictures or write a note to anyone.
  • Privacy: It has a protection feature on the app and any content cannot be accessed without the help of a password.
  • Instant Message: In this app, there is a feature of instant messaging, It also supports voice messages and has photo memory box.

Download link: https://between.us/
System Support: Android, Windows, Mac OS and iPhone
File Size: 262.6 Mb


SimplyUs App Logo

This is a wonderful and helpful app which helps the couples to organize their important time. Actually, it is an intelligent process to be in touch with your special one by sharing messages, calendars, and many other important things!


  • Shared Calendar: You can have a shared calendar in this app in which you and your partner can plan add events for coming days, weeks, and months.
  • Shared Lists: SimplyUs also has a feature, namely shared lists, It allows you to share lists with your partner.
  • Private messaging: This app also has a private messaging feature where you can chat with your partner.

Download link: https://blog.simplyus.com/
System Support: iOS 7.0 or later
File Size: 11.4 Mb


MyDarling App

This is a mobile app which is absolutely created for couples. With MyDarling, you have the pleasure to store intimate, cozy and important information with your partner or wife.


  • Widgets: The import isn’t dating like the birthdays and anniversaries are shown on the widget. At regular intervals, a new widget theme will be updated.
  • Graphical Chart: In this app, the time of calls, like the incoming and outgoing are displayed through the graph.
  • Diary: In this wonderful app there is a diary is where you can write about the sweet memories of your partner or wife.

Download link: https://mydarling.en.aptoide.com/
System Support: Android
File Size: 14.81 Mb

Happy Couple

Happy Couple App

This game app is perfect for getting to know your partner even better: answer questions about many topics, do challenges that can be funny, cute or even sexy and get tips to improve your couple life.


  • Daily Tips: The app helps with you daily tips on activities and helps you to get better with your relationship.
  • Brings You Closer: This app your helps you and girlfriend come closer and that strengthen your relationship.
  • Quiz: This is a quiz mode app for couples where you can find out more about your partner’s thinking and feeling through some questions and answers.

Download link: http://www.happycouple.co/en/
System Support: Android, iOS
File Size: Its vary


IceBreak App Logo

This is a wonderful app for couples where relationships mean no bounds. If you’re newly dating, engaged, or married, all is ok with this. Icebreak was created to help couples doing truce and ask questions that persuade discussions between the two of you. At the end of the day, everyone wants to learn more about the person they love.


  • Moment capture: The coolest feature of the app is that it allows you to upload a photo for your partner that answers to a fixed signal that the app sends you daily.
  • Rewards: The app gives you an activity or a task and each time you complete, you earn coins through which you can earn match tickets.
  • Activity Recorder: This app keeps a summary of all the activities you have done in the app to date.

Download link: https://www.icebreaker-app.site/
System Support: Android, iOS
File Size: Unknown


You&Me App Logo

You&Me is an awesome app for communicating with your partner or wife. If you like the idea of a kind of private Snapchat between you and your loved one


  • Secret Fog: In this app you can upload an image and have it covered by “fog”. Your partner wipes the fog on the screen to unveil the photo.
  • Photo Joining: It has a feature in which you take one half of an image. Your girlfriend then takes the other half and both of you complete the image.

Download link: https://appadvice.com/review/quickadvice-you-and-me
System Support: iOS
File Size: 26.28 Mb



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