Top 16 Best Powtoon Alternatives for 2021

Powtoon is an online animation studio that allows you to create animated presentations and videos of the “Explainer” type. There are free and paid versions (subscription basis) available. I have listed here some of the best alternatives to Powtoon that can be used online and offline.

Powtoon alternatives

What is Powtoon?

In plain word, the Powtoon is an animation software that can be used to create explainer videos online. It can also be used to create small to long animated clips.

Nothing is like to give a boost to your communication. You can start from a blank page or take inspiration from the available models by customizing them. Via libraries of components: images, backgrounds, shapes, fixed or animated characters, writing effects, transitions, making your video will become a breeze. You just have to download your animation or share it directly on YouTube.

But it must be remembered, Powtoon also has various alternatives that are quite able to work quickly and efficiently. And today, we are going to highlight some of those.

Top 16 Best Powtoon Alternatives

If you are looking for easy software like Powtoon to create videos then look no-where else. I have listed 10 best free and paid alternatives to Powtoon that have similar features:


Prezi has a clear and intuitive interface displaying the main functionalities – theme, frame, content insertion, and path – on a wheel for immediate access to each of them.

The software includes many ready-to-use slide templates, around twenty themes, and an assistant to create your own theme from A to Z. Libraries of geometric shapes and various designs – pyramid, “Timeline”, cycle, balance, cloud, etc. – are also present. Finally, each slide can accommodate an image or a video, a link to YouTube or a PowerPoint file. You can make very original creations with this software by customizing their animations, but also by enriching their backgrounds with audio files, videos and various images.

System supports: Web-based


Movavi is my favorite video-editor software and the best alternatives to Powtoon. A great tool for beginners.  Movavi Video Editor (ex-EnhanceMovies) is a simple and intuitive video editing tool along the lines of Window Movie Maker. It allows, via a user-friendly and refined interface, to create personalized films by arranging videos, images, and audio files as you wish and by embellishing them with titles, effects, and various transitions.

Thanks to the integrated import module, you will be able to make video captures, screenshots, and sound recordings to integrate into your project. Finally, Movavi Video Editor offers various backup formats according to your preferences: burning to CD / DVD, transfer to a portable device, etc.

System supports: Windows, macOS, and Web-based
File Size: 120 MB (for windows), 43.2 MB ( for macOS)


You have probably seen those television programs where the presenter asked a question and those present responded with a special device. This tool works similar, but much better. And, this software will allow you to make interactive slides with questions and surveys so that anyone can answer it, either by entering the mobile application or through the official website, making it more complete.

In addition, it is compatible with the live survey system. In other words, they can be sent during a particular time and the responses obtained are displayed on an automated counter. These answers have several options and accept open ones where the participant can write their opinion, although there is plenty to choose from. What we like the most is that you have the option of adding multimedia elements such as images, videos and even audios.

System supports: Web-based


VideoScribe is an application or web tool that allows you to create animated presentations that you can then export on your computer or share on the network.  The application has more than 100 types of fonts. It also allows you to export the fonts you want directly from your computer. All fonts can be customized (colour, bold, shading …)

The free image bank is more than enough to create the animated presentations you want. There is a bank with more than 200 free songs that you can insert into your presentation. In addition to music, the application allows you to record your own voice while creating your animated presentation.

System supports: Windows and macOS
File Size: 133 MB


This video tool has some templates that have a technical and professional touch, you can present logos, products and many things since it has very interesting templates that may leave you hallucinating.

Renderforest a free online video creator that allows you to make videos, vlogs and slide shows easily. Like the first tool, this one is free and comes with a user-friendly interface. Thus, you will be able to produce a video in just a second. Additionally, this tool offers various types of video animation and production templates that can be used to create a video or Vlogs. So you know how to use this free vlog intro creator.

System supports: Web-based


Emaze is a cross-platform application for creating online presentations from professional templates with creative and eye-catching designs.

It helps in classroom presentations of assignments for a subject, final projects, or personal presentations in a fun and inspiring way. Emaze allows you, like most presentation programs, to embed images, graphics, photos, texts, videos, and, in short, any element you can imagine. However, its main peculiarity is that it is presented in the form of video by tracks, allowing sophisticated transitions to be included between each slide. Furthermore, it is linked to a cloud storage system that guarantees the security of the files created. This will allow you to access them from anywhere.

System supports: Web-based


Biteable allows the creation of videos in HD quality with animations and effects, from customizable models classified in 20+ categories: marketing, motion graphics, promo, etc. Note the existence of themes relating to social networks: Facebook, Social Media, YouTube, etc.

When you start producing your video, the platform offers themed themes tailored to your objectives: explain, present, promote, share. You can create for example An educational video, a corporate video, face-book cover video, an advertising video, an animated infographic, and a video intro. The creation process is also simple and quick. In addition, Biteable offers a catalog of 85,000+ video clips as well as audio tracks. There is an option to share your video directly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

You may also try similar software like Windows Movie Maker to create awesome videos.

System supports: Web-based


Magisto is an ideal tool for this return from vacation, you can create great videos without the need for video editing knowledge. It is a free video editor that works on computers through the browser and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

It is very easy to create visually appealing videos, what you need is to create an account and then select several videos or images, drag them, choose a style, music, and voila, seconds later you will have a well-edited and high-quality video. The applications and the web version have a great interface, also, on the website you can show your videos and gain a little popularity, it all depends on how good your shots are.

System supports: Web-based


mysimpleshow is also a software which allows you to create individual explanatory videos step by step online. Here, too, you can choose between paid subscription packs and a free version. What is particularly convincing is the concept: you create the story first and then the video; after all, you want to clarify something with your explanatory video.

The tool provides very good support for the production of explanatory videos and also leaves you a lot of space for your individuality. With personal stories, you can create videos personal messages such as “Send invitation” or “Send greeting”. The great advantage is that your written text can be used on the one hand as a voice-over and on the other hand as a template for the visual part that appears in the next step.

System supports: Web-based

Icecream Video Editor

This tool is a video editing software which is accessible to all and indeed, Icecream Video Editor allows, among other things, to crop videos, crop them, add transitions, filters (Sepia, old film, black & white, pop art, blur, pixelated, etc.), text.

With this tool, you can even add a soundtrack or voiceover to yo ur videos. Did you record a video the wrong way? Don’t panic, Icecream Video Editor also allows you to rotate your video in order to save it the right way! Among the many settings available, note that you can change the brightness of your videos, contrast, saturation, hue, speed (slow or speed up your video), etc.

System supports: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.
File Size: 55.7 MB

Raw Shorts

This tool, through interactive and professional videos, will allow you to add hard-to-read data to your research. RawShorts will make your job easier when explaining any kind of information. In addition, it has an interface similar to that of PowerPoint, where users only have to drag and drop the content they want to add to the presentation.

The application offers you a series of templates that can be edited, these include a short video tutorial explaining their use. There are several categories of templates, among which are infographic, business, event, product, among others. On the RawShorts, you will find different publications, tips and tutorials to correctly use the templates.

System supports: Web-based


Animaker is a site that offers a tool to create videos with animations and share them on platforms such as YouTube and social networks. Pieces of up to two minutes can be made in the free version.

In Animaker you can create 2D animation videos with characters that can be chosen from a catalog or make videos with infographics or typography. The user interface is designed to offer you a simple and effective video editing experience, making it a viable option for both beginners and experienced users. data storage is also cloud-based. This allows you to access the full range of functions and personal data from anywhere in the world and also prevents you from data loss due to hardware failure, power outages, etc.

System supports: Web-based


Hovercraft is a tool for creating slide shows using the Impress.js Javascript library without needing to know anything about Javascript. It combines the power of the Impress.js library and ReStructuredText to create highly visual, flexible, and above all customizable presentations, what you can do with.

Hovercraft is as much as you can imagine, a different and original way of creating presentations beyond programs such as PowerPoint, Prezi, and others. No additional software is required to view presentations beyond a current web browser. Therefore, it does not matter which operating system you are going to use, in any of them you can reproduce your presentation without a problem. Helps to create the presentation you can use both GNU / Linux and Mac OS and in theory, you would have no problem in Windows either.



Ezvid is basically a 100% free screen recorder and video editor at the same time. This program allows you to create high-resolution videos of max. 45 minutes and gives you the possibility to upload in various formats on YouTube. You can record the entire screen, a selected part of it, or even your webcam.

Before loading the recorded video screen, however, it can be modified by adding background music from your internal hard drive or external hard drive. You can even add text to the video, and decide the placement of your text. What is more, you have the option to activate the expression, if you want to have the text automatically read by a voice in the video. Optionally, you can record your voice with a separate microphone or headphones (if you have a built-in microphone).

System supports: Windows
File Size: 98.2 MB


Vyond is a versatile online video animation software targeted at professionals who create videos for e-learning, marketing, and training industries. Vyond is easy to use and less expensive than traditional video production all while giving you professional quality without compromise. There are hundreds of combinations of characters you can create with this app that will fit any context.


Vyond’s flexible pricing and affordable plans ensure that you are saving your money and time. With Vyond, you can quickly create MP4s and GIFs for social media or wherever you want. The huge user community and training resources can help you get better with Vyond in no time.


System supported: Web


Animatron is another Web-based animation software like Vyond. Animatron boasts to have around 300% ROI (Return On Investment). This web software has about 500K royalty-free photos, video, and audio clips which results in virtually unlimited possibilities in which you can create your videos. Along with the popular whiteboard animation style, you have access to around 200 pre-animated sets to drag-&-drop.

You can use Animatron to give voice-over to your videos made for education purposes. Some more salient features include easing, google fonts, real-time collaboration, export/import in any format, and keyframe animation. You can easily add/use your own media like graphics, photos, audio, and video content. Animatron also gives you freedom in choosing whether you want to download the video or share it on social media right away. You are also provided with cloud storage to manage your creation effortlessly


System supported: Web-based


Videos are the most influencing and powerful form of media. Compelling videos can make or break your content. Hence, you should give one of these applications a try and let us know which one suits you the best in the comments below.


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