15 Best & Free Video Player for Windows 10

Watching movies and videos on PC at ease is altogether Himalayan experience but sometimes not having correct media player could flash errors. Find the list of best video players and enjoy the pleasure to watch a videos at home through a laptop or a desktop or by video streaming to the TV.

One can watch a movies on media player by downloading it; either  for free or download a media player by paying for it. Based on various available resources we have shortlisted some of the best video media players available in the market.

15 Best Video Players for Windows 10

This list will help the viewers to choose the best suitable video player according to their choice. Every video player is unique, and each has some special features to differentiate between them.

Have a look to these 15 Free and Best Video Player for Windows 10 PC:

VLC Media Player

This Video player is available since 1996 when the technology was still undergoing changes and is improving.

This is a classic video player suitable even for modern times. There are numerous reasons to include it in this list.

vlc player

  • It is an open source.
  • It supports multiple video formats from 360-degree video to 8K formats.
  • It supports sub-titles.
  • It is light on resources and easy to understand and simple to use.
  • It has advanced controls whether you watch a video on a laptop or streaming for a TV.

Even though it is old software, it still receives updates and is user-friendly software.

File Size : 40 MB


It is a modern video player and has numerous incredible features. It is a mixture of different video players that allows you to download videos free-of-cost.

5k player software

  • It supports YouTube downloading and has AirPlay support to push content to other devices.
  • It is available for both Mac OS and Windows.

It is sleek and has a well-designed interface and helps the program to navigate. The most amazing feature is its video playback.

File Size : 48 MB


It is a simple looking and impressive media player with an odd name. Multimedia software tool that can be installed for all the systems running on Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.

potplayer image

Below are its features:

  • It is versatile and has a variety of 3D centric features.
  • You can play any type of file you like as it downloads the necessary codec to play it.
  • It is an all-singing, all dancing free video player.
  • It has a range of options like downloading subtitles for video files and also has a screen recording tool.

File Size : 27 MB

GOM Player

The modern media player with built-in subtitles and codec downloading options. It is developed by a South Korean company named as GOM. The word “GOM” means “bear”.

potplayer image

Some of the best features are listed below:

  • It has an option to play YouTube content within the player.
  • It supports 360-degree videos and by using GOM remote app, the playback can be controlled from a distance.

It is a highly competent media player.

File Size : 25 MB

Microsoft ACG Player

It has a free CWP app for Windows 10 and using this app, the software can not only work on Desktop, Laptop but also on a Tab.

acgplayer image

Some of the best features are:

  • It supports 360-degree files and you can control the video appearance and sound using different effects and settings.
  • One can also stream online media to ACG Player.
  • One can customize the player by adjusting buttons.
  • As per Microsoft store data, it is published by Axilesoft

File Size : 25 MB

Real Player

real player

It is one of the oldest video players available since Windows XP. It was formerly called as RealAudio Player and is cross-platform multimedia player application developed by a prominent app developing company named as RealNetworks. Some of the best features are:

  • It permits to store videos and share them using cloud service.
  • It has features to stream content on an HD TV.
  • Bookmarks can be kept in it.
  • Premium, plus and express paid versions are available with lots of benifits.
  • privacy feature is taken care of in paid versions.

File Size : 1.1 MB


It is extremely versatile and available for free and also as a premium service. Free software is simple, and the paid software is filled with more features.

plex player image

Some of the best features of Plex Video player are:

  • This supports flinging and can be used on various devices.
  • It is available on various platforms.
  • Video content can be synced with all the devices

It is the software for the next generation of media video players.

File Size : 74 MB


um player

The Universal Media Player is recommended by many people for its light-weight. It is an open-source platform that has all the unique and advanced features. Some of the best benefits using this application are listed below:

    • It is easy to use and hassle-free.
    • Built-in subtitle search
    • Youtube recorder
    • It is open source and supports multiple codecs and formats.
    • It can also be used to download videos from YouTube.
  • File Size : 14.8 MB (rar file)



It is a cross-platform multimedia player which using graphical front-end interfaces to offer the best experience to the users. It is a free and an open-source licensed platform. Some of the best features are:

    • It is simple, lightweight and available for free.
    • It can be customized and allows one to play from YouTube directly.
    • It has in-built codec support.
    • It supports subtitles.
    • Windows may flash the warning while downloading it.
    • By using hardware acceleration, the software can be utilized for its full capacity and gives a better experience.
  • File Size : 42 MB

DivX Player

divx player

  • It is an application that can be downloaded in the computers using windows 10 operating system free-of-cost. It can used to play all types of videos and has the capability to convert those videos into different formats as well. Some of the best features of this application are listed below:
    • It supports both the old and new video formats.
    • It is used to play HEVC videos and high-quality videos.
    • Most of its features are advanced and extremely useful when watching movies.
    • It has fast forward and Rewinds options, useful to navigate between chapters.
    • It has a built-in media server.
    • It has playlist organizing feature and useful for both audio and video formats.
    • DivXPro (paid version) allows to access videos from Google drive and Dropbox.

File Size : 3.9 MB

Media Player Classic

image media player

It is a compact multimedia player for all the computers using windows 10 operating system and has the ability play all the videos free-of-cost. It can run on the operating systems whether it is a 32-bit or a 64-bit windows 10. Some of the best features are:

    • This media player does not require installation as it also has a portable version.
    • It has built-in codec support.
    • My favorite media player.Easy installation. N6o blah blah.
    • Skins and Toolbars can be customized as per the users taste and wish.
    • 100% spyware free

File Size : 13.5 MB

KM Player

kmplayer image

It is a type of media player that has the ability to play huge numbers of videos in any given formats such as VCD, AVI, 3GP, DVD, and lots more. Some of the best features are:

    • It supports higher resolution playback like QHD and UHD.
    • Youtube download function.
    • 3-D support is available.
    • It is the top-rated software for windows and issues like crashes or lag is unheard of while using this software.

File Size: 48 MB


kodi software

Kodi or XBMC is a highly customizable video player. It is developed by the prominent non-profit technological company named as XBMC Foundation. You can view and download videos free-of-cost. Some of the best features are:

  • It can play all videos, podcasts, stored internally or from the internet.
  • It is an open source and has plug-ins to expand to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other videos and movies.
  • It is useful when streaming content because of its large interface.
  • Display mode can be converted from window size to desktop size.

File Size: 60.1MB


media monkey

It is commonly called as MMW and is the latest addition to the list of free software’s. It is programmed by the Ventis Media Incorporation and can handle video of all formats. Some of the best features are:

  • It is useful for organizing musical videos and with its plugins makes the look of the player highly appealing.
  • It is heavily configurable.
  • Supports over 15 languages.
  • Paid version is also available under the name of ‘Gold’

File Size: 15.5 MB


splash player image

It is the media player that has the ability to play any format of video. It also has the ability to convert the videos by the help of advanced engines and customize it as well. Some of the best features are:

    • ‘Forever free version’ as claimed by company.
    • It offers HD Technologies with a modern user interface.
    • It has an advanced post-processing engine which provides a power-packed video quality with bright colors and minute details.

File Size : 38.2 MB

Other Media players list for Microsoft Windows:

  • Windows Media Player (Default media player for Microsoft OS)
  • DVD player
  • Winamp (Reminds me of old days !)
  • Stylejukebox
  • Mpxplay
  • Miro
  • JetAudio
  • WinDVD


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