CDRWin Information – What is it, Uses & Features

This popular CDRWin is a CD/DVD burning software for Windows OS. It’s not a virus and safe for computer, find CDRWin.exe features, and software related information below.

CDRwin software

What is cdrwin.exe?

Cdrwin.exe is an executable file which works for CD Recorder 2000. It is the creation of Bytesize CD-ROM Inc and it was developed for Windows. It’s work well with all latest Windows Operating System like 7, 8 and 10.

Features of cdrwin.exe

The CDRWin comes with several features. It has all necessary tools to record and copy data in CD/DVD drive.  It also has several button, clicking these buttons will lead to another window where the work you can give commands related to the theme.

Record Disk: Here you can select the target recorder. The recording options available in this section let you burn/record the data into CD/DVD.The user can also set up Kodak Disc Transporter.

Copy Disc: This window enables the user to copy data. The user can select the data they want to copy, be it just a track, or some other sectors. Copy disc allows for copying of audio and data disc. If you are trying to copy mixed or Raw data, you can change the Mode1 and Mode 2 transfer to Mode 1 Form 1 transfer. Other options available under this section are jitter correction and subcode.

Tools: This window will enable the user to establish source and destination devices. It also provides the commands to set the type of operation. You can do the following operations here:

  • Image files
  • Copy of disc to real images
  • copy a SCSI device to the CD recorder

Content Button: This button allows an insight into the content of the disc. Here, you can see the number of tracks, types of track, number of sessions and the total time of the disc.

Settings: The last part of CDRWin is the windows of settings. Here, you can establish and select the recorder and reader. Also, you can choose any SCSI hard drive that you want to use. Lastly, setting up and selecting the Kodak Disc transporter, if you have one attached is also done from here.

Uses of CDRWin.exe

  • The primary function of CDRWin.exe is burning CD/DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • You can make bootable CDs and DVDs which contain audio, video, and data.
  • You can copy CDs and DVDs
  • Even scratched CDs and games can be copied using this software.


There are certain CDs and DVDs that CDRWin does not support.

  • For instance, certain video files that you purchase on the internet have digital rights management. These do not allow software to perform any task that is not approved by the suppliers. As, the reading licenses are not available for the track, hence converting them is not possible.
  • Another exception will be the European copyright law application in Germany, which does not allow copying of copy-protected DVDs.
  • Every time CDRWin starts copying something, it takes the legal provisions into account before allowing it. It will only perform the task if it is legal.


CDRWin.exe is very useful software that you can use for all your CD/DVD needs unless and until it is under the purview of law.

Did you know?

CDRWin.exe has a dedicated support team that you can contact in case of an error if you have bought the program legally.



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