change.exe – What is it, Uses, Error & How to Fix it?

This change.exe is an integrated part of the Windows Operating System which is also known as Remote Desktop Services Change Utility. change.exe is used to connect to a remote desktop or laptop.

The full form of Change.exe is Remote Desktop Services Change Utility.

What is Change.exe?

This Change.exe is a genuine file that is also called Remote Desktop Service Change Utility. It’s a core file of the Windows Operating System. The Change.exe file is commonly used while trying to make any changes on a remote desktop PC.

Also, check remoting_host.exe that is used to connect a remote system.

File Size and Location

The Change.exe is classified as a Win32 file type and it uses up to around 14 KB of memory. Change.exe can be found in the C:\Windows\System32\ folder.

change.exe process

Quick Overview

Filename: change.exe
File description:Remote Desktop Services Change Utility
File version:6.1.7601.17514
File Size:20.0 KB
Product name:Microsoft@Windows@Operating System
File type:Application
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation


The command acts as a replacement for services such as chglogon.exe, chgusr.exe, and chgport.exe., and its uses can be summarized into three primary functions for remote usage.

  1. It can authorize, unauthorize or display logons on a Remote Desktop Session Host server from client periods. (change logon)
  2. Change INI (Initializing) File Mapping utility to alter the installation mode for the Terminal Services sessions. (change user)
  3. It adjusts the COM port framework for maximum compatibility with MS-DOS. (change port)

This utility can only be operated by administrators as it is primarily used for system maintenance.

Common Errors

A few change.exe  error messages that users may encounter are:

  • Change.exe – Application error
  • Corrupted programming code or insufficient memory for the application’s functioning.
  • Change.exe – Access denied
  • Users may not have the right permissions to run the file, or the antivirus software might be preventing access to the file.
  • Change.exe –Error

The .DLL file for the executable is either outdated or misplaced.

Apart from the aforementioned errors, there is also a chance that if your system is malfunctioning, it might be due to the fact that an executable installed may actually be a Trojan virus. Oftentimes, malicious software is disguised as an essential executable, and one way to identify whether or not an executable file is a virus is if its position has been moved from the official location.

How to Fix Change.exe error?

Provided below are three fixes for change.exe errors that can be used without taking any technician help:

Method 2: Run System File Checker

  1. Press Windows key, type CMD, right-click on it, and choose Run as administrator.
  2. Click on ‘Yes’ on a pop-up windows screen.
  3. Now type sfc /scannow and press Enter button
    sfc scannow command
  4. The File Checker will run a scan for any change.exe problems or related issues, and the user must follow any relevant instructional prompts that might appear on the screen.
  5. Reboot the system once the process is completed.

Method 2: Windows Update

  1. Click the Start button, type Check for Update, and click on it
    Check for Update
  2. Now select Install Updates if there are any existing updates.
  3. Reboot the system once updated.

Method 3: System Restore

  1. Click on the Windows key, type System Restore, and click on it
  2. Click on the Next button
  3. Now, follow the steps instructed by System Restore Wizard to administer a suitable restore point.
  4. Restore the system to that point.

This is the best way to fix Change.exe if all the above methods not working.

Other similar files:

mstsc.exe,  Rdpclip.exe, winvnc.exe



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