Top 15 Alternatives to Connectify Hotspot for Windows in 2021

Connectify Hotspot is a among the popular software that is used to convert your internet into Wi-Fi to share with another PC or Laptop.

In short, Connectify  it is a virtual hotspot that converts your device into a router and shares the internet network with a wide variety of devices like laptops, personal computers, mobiles, Tablets, etc. It can also be used as a file-sharing application and files can be shared with an easy drag and drop procedure. It has an excellent add blocking feature and comes with WPA2- PSK encryption so provides a safe and secure connection. The best part is that there is no such restrictions on how many devices you can connect at a time. You can extend the range of the network as it has a Wi-Fi Repeater functionality in it. It gives you the option to personalize your SSID by choosing many languages and emojis. It has two themes light and dark.

15 WiFi Hotspot Software like Connectify

Connectify hotspot alternatives

Although Connectify is the ultimate virtual WiFi Hotspot application that serves approximately all the purposes, there are many virtual hotspot applications present in the market.  Here are the list of best Connectify Hotspot Alternatives to use for Windows:

Maryfi Hotspot


It helps to share your network with many internet users wireless. The internet source can be anything like a Data card, cables, or any other Wi-Fi network. It has security options like setting passwords and you can also add a VPN to add an extra level of security blanket to it. It can also be used as a repeater for your Router if you want to extend its range.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu Wifi Hotspot Software

Baidu WiFi is a better alternative to Connectify Hotspot.  A virtual Wi-Fi app that helps to convert your Pc into a router and you can share your internet with as many devices and persons you want. It’s a lightweight application with a simple and interactive interface.  It has an option of a blacklist that you can create to block certain devices. It can also share files with connected devices, making it easy for two Pcs to share the files. And also provides with password option to manage the devices being connected to it. The only con is that it is not that compatible with mobiles to be made as a source.

Virtual Router plus

Virtual router plus

It’s an application that can turn your system into a router.It’s a lightweight application with the option to connect multiple devices at once. Its installation is super easy with just a few simple steps. You only need to create a network name, set a password code, and opt for a shared connection, and you are good to go. VPN can also be added for an extra level of privacy. This application can be installed in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.

Open Garden

Open Garden wi-fi software

It is software that shares the internet with other devices through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is built on a probabilistic distributed algorithm that means it’s self -healing and if a device whose shared connection is being used is moved from the site, it searches for another connection automatically. It has the ability to access the internet using multiple paths rather than a single path that ultimately results in a great speed. It supports Windows as well as Android. So you can also convert your mobile to a Wi-Fi router. You can connect to the network by just scanning the QR code.

LionScripts WiFi

LionScripts Wi-Fi

A perfect software for laptop or desktop to make your Internet as a Hotspot or Wifi . In-short, it is a Windows-based software that converts your personal computer to a virtual Wi-fi router. It has a very interactive and easy interface, that makes it super easy to surf. It comes with a data abstraction layer. It can be connected to multiple devices at once like mobiles, tablets, PCs. It’s a paid software.

Virtual Wi-Fi Router

It is an easy solution to connect your devices to the internet if your devices are Wi-Fi enabled and you don’t have a Wi-Fi router to distribute the internet. Many devices can be connected at once such as TV, Speakers, Tablets, mobiles. It has clear and defined instruction that helps to configure the application. Some configurations like Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 should be configured correctly. It would be a bit easy if the configuration was automatic and less manual.

OSToto Hotspot

Wifi hotspot os toto hotspot

The best Wi-Fi extensions of the main source of the network. All you need is a wireless adapter and you are good to go. It can connect to many electronic devices with just the search of network and password. It has a very smooth and easy-to-use interface. The important feature is that it can monitor the speed of the internet, which shows the defined megabytes that can be used by your guest devices. It has the option to block any device that you don’t want to share the network with. A little drawback is customization, it does not provide you with lots of options.



It is software that turns a PC or tablet into Wi-Fi and a multifunctional hotspot. It can authenticate the users by password and terms of uses defined before the access of the internet. It has an option available that can abstain the Wi-Fi users to use certain services like blocking the use of social media etc. It also gives you the power to manage and control your bandwidth. It keeps records of all visited URL pages. It is one of the best virtual Wi-Fi options when it comes to security.


Wi-Host portable wifi converter

It is a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot of windows to create virtual broadcasting. It helps to connect with multiple devices. It can only be started from an administrator account. You can set a password for security purposes. It is free and very easy to install and use.



It is completely free software that turns your computer or mobile into a virtual router. It’s a very small size application with many features in it. Can connect up to 10 devices at once. You can restrict the devices that are being connected. You can monitor the speed and network usage. It provides password security so that the network cannot be misused. It acts as a repeater too so that you can extend the Wi-Fi range.



This software enable your internet connection into a wireless device.  It is a free software application that basically shares your network with other devices by creating a private wireless network. It is simple, easy to set up the application, and mainly built for windows. It sometimes throws some error messages if it is not compatible with an operating system that it is using. Its compatibility issue is the major downside.

Mars Wi-Fi


It is a virtual Wi-Fi application compatible with windows that turns your computer into a hotspot. It is a safe application and comes with multiple features. You can monitor the devices being linked and blacklist them if you want to forbid them from using the network. You can have a watch on the speed limit and can also personalize the software with your liking.

Winhotspot WiFi Router

An easy alternative for virtual Wi-Fi that can be used to share the internet with multiple devices. It does not have many options like firewalls etc but serves the purpose for which its built. You can set up a password to restrict the use of  Wi-Fi. It can also share files between devices, which is a major help when you need to share files between two Pcs.

Wi-Fi Hotspot PRO

Wi-Fi Hotspot PRO

Transform your device into a router and share your local area network over Wi-Fi by using this application. Comes with an excellent Graphical user Interface and an easy explanation of all the steps. It is a very light application and requires minimal storage space.

Thinix Wi-Fi Hotspot

It solves the major Wi-Fi issues of internet connection when you are equipped with the network in one of your devices and not have in another. It is not a free application but comes in a trial period of 7 days. It is compatible with windows and in some simple steps, you will be equipped to use your device as Wi-Fi. It provides added layers when it comes to security. It has some compatible issues with windows 10 but that too can be overridden through some settings.

Final Word

Now a days, it is easy to convert your PC or Laptop into a virtual Wifi or Hotspot. From the above list you can find a number of alternatives to Connectify Hotspot that can be used on Windows 10 and older version. Do let us know which software you are using from the above list.

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