Crash_service.exe – What is it, Virus or Safe & How to Remove it?

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Crash_service.exe process doesn’t belong to Windows 10 & older versions but it shows a number of error messages.  This executable file is related to the process called Yandex or SIEN. This file is considered to be safe in most cases but sometimes it affects your system ability. In general, it is not an essential file for Windows. You have to decide whether the crash_service.exe is a virus or malware. If this is becoming a bother, you should delete it.

File Size & Location


The executable file named crash_service.exe optimizes services belonging to a third-party application. The related process, Yandex or SIEN is part of the software Yandex, which is created by Yandex or Sien S.A., part of the Crash_service.exe file is not essential to have on any Windows operating system, and this .exe file can severely cause common issues to your computer.

This Crash_service.exe file is located in the C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Yandex\YandexBrowser\Application\ folder. There are nearly 40 varieties of this process.

This crash_srevice.exe application is mainly known as a system file, but it does not belong to the Windows core system. Partially this .exe file cannot be visible but is signed on digital versions. It can monitor several applications available in your operating system.

  • Filename: crash_service.exe
  • File description: Application file, non-essential
  • Type: 32-bit
  • Size: 411 KB
  • Language: English

Usage of Crash_service.exe

If you have installed the Yandex toolbar on your browser then you may see Crash_service.exe in task manager. It is one of the recent executable files having three major versions. It runs as a standard process related to Windows and works with the logged in as user’s account.


The average size of the crash_service.exe file may go up to almost 411 KB. It is authorized and counters signed as per codes by VeriSign. It provides the utilization of the foreground, and also background resources are nearly 0.0003 %. Crash_service.exe helps to monitor all the applications of your browser.

Common errors

There are several common errors found in crash_service.exe. Those are:

  • crash_service.exe – Application Error: it fails to initialize the application properly.
  • It is an invalid application of Win32.
  • End crash_service.exe program
  • crash_service.exe has been diagnosed with a problem, and it needs to close
  • This application has stopped working.

Other errors found in crash_service.exe are:

  • crash_service.exe failed
  • Cannot find crash_service.exe
  • Faulting Application Path: crash_service.exe
  • Application is not running
  • crash_service.exe not found

You may try to fix the error on a temporary basis by deleting the browser history using CMD.

As it is associated with a third party software program, these error messages can occur during the browser execution. You can even face these error messages during the start-up of your desktop, along with the process of shut down Windows. It can also be seen during the installation process of Windows.

How to disable or uninstall Crash_service.exe?

It is vital to find the standard errors of crash_service.exe, and then you have to decide how to fix those errors. It is the fundamental principle to resolve those issues. The crash_service.exe file not only affects the start-up application but may also slow down your browser and computer speed as well.  If you delete or move the .exe file, then those errors, as mentioned earlier, have happened, and you have to fix them immediately.

As a .exe file is related to software, you need to find which software it is related to. Remove the software, and then the .exe will be automatically be removed. Here, the program the Crash_service.exe is related to, is the Yandex. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps of troubleshooting the errors.

Steps to Disable Crash_service.exe:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Type Control Panel and click on it
  • Under the Programs section, you will find the Uninstall a program button. Click on it.
  • Scroll down or type to find the program related to Yandex
  • Right-click and choose Uninstall/Change
  • Click on Yes

and follow the subsequent steps to remove the software and the related Crash_service.exe.

After all the steps are finished, go back to the Start button/ press the Windows key, and see if there is any Yandex or crash_service.exe file remaining, for a better security measure. If there is one, delete that too, so that it is not reinstalled by mistake.

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