Top 8 CrashPlan Alternatives for 2021

CrashPlan offers us a backup service that ranges from the free version without cloud storage to unlimited storage space as we pay. We have shared some of the top-rated alternatives to CrashPlan for taking backup on the cloud server. It has a multiplatform client for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Solaris. It also has clients for smartphones, making it an excellent utility to keep our data safe.

Top free and paid Crashplan alternatives

Top 8 CrashPlan Alternatives you should try: 

Though it is a wonderful tool, today we will discuss the alternatives of this tool.


Backblaze is a little-known but low-cost cloud-based alternative to the CrashPlan. This server is designed for large-scale storage instead of individual files, that is, we do not have the main social options that other servers offer, but in return, we get storage (in this unlimited case) safe, robust and reliable to store all the data we need in it.

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage for as little as $ 5 a month (5-day free trial).
  • It allows you to store on the servers a backup of everything, both internal and external disks.
  • Military encryption to protect files. File finder.
  • You have an iPhone client from which to access our files.
  • It allows you to restore from the web to an internal, external hard drive or USB memory.
  • Files are always available in the cloud.


With Backblaze, we can create a complete backup of our entire system. As security for storage, Backblaze guarantees that it applies encryption by default to all data of which only they have the key.


Carbonite Backup Online has been offering quality cloud storage since 2005 and today is one of the most established providers in the world. It offers us unlimited storage capacity: we can back up all the files we want in the cloud, without limit. Nor does it establish a limit in terms of the size of the files to upload to the cloud.

Key Features

  • It offers us geo-redundant storage technology with 15 different servers in different geographical areas.
  • It is compatible with iPod, iPhone, Apple iPad, and all Android-based smartphones, as well as Blackberry.
  • The application interface is very friendly, pleasant, and not intrusive.
  • It offers a section of Frequently Asked Questions, Video Tutorials, Guides, and Databases.
  • It also offers email, chat, and even phone support.


It offers us the latest generation AES SSL 256-bit encryption not only in the upload and download of files but also in the server where our things are stored. This is fine and guarantees your privacy.

  • Website
  • System support: Linux, macOS X, Windows,  Chrome OS, Android, and iOS/iPad OS


Idrive is a cloud storage provider, enjoys good user reviews and it is not surprising. It offers one of the best cloud storage services that we can find in the current landscape. Even considering that it does not offer unlimited storage, it is one of the best online backup services, a “top of the range” for cloud backups.

Key Features

  • IDrive doesn’t offer unlimited storage and offers smaller packages trying to adapt to real needs.
  • You can access your backups from the web, desktop client on your PC or Mac and mobile applications.
  • You can share by email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Allows you to back up all the information on Facebook in a few clicks, forever: your posts, events, videos, contacts.
  • You can store your open emails in the cloud, including Outlook.PST files.


Incremental backup: An intelligent backup since it only uploads the files created or modified since the last backup. This is how we optimize our bandwidth. To this, they add the possibility of regulating the bandwidth that the application will consume, as well as being able to program the moment or frequency with which to make backup copies.

If you want to take backup on local pc then try these free backup software for Windows which are worth trying.


Duplicati is an open-source application used to make backup copies of our system. The execution is done locally and it is also cross-platform, so it does not matter if you use Windows, Linux, or macOS. One of its main features is that it encrypts all your data before uploading it to the network, which provides us with additional security.

Key Features

  • The interface is intuitive and easy to use thanks to its design based on web applications.
  • It allows us to use popular cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, Google Drive, Box, Mega, Dropbox, and more.
  • Before uploading any backup to the cloud, Duplicati also encrypts the data.
  • It uses the AES-256 standard to protect your privacy.
  • The communication protocols used by Duplicati are the standards, such as FTP, SSH, WebDAV,


You will choose the folder or folders that you want to back up, and then you can define how often you want to create this backup. If you do not want to program it, it will always allow manual execution of the backup. Also, you won’t have to worry about space, since Duplicati is in charge of avoiding duplicates since it uses incremental backups.

Acronis True Image

Acronis allowed us to upload these trusted copies to the Acronis © Cloud, which gives us great storage aptitude to not worry about free space, nowadays they have improved this by providing complete automation of the task so that you do not have to proceed anything. Thanks to this functionality, we will have your replicated backups both locally and also in the cloud.

Key Features

  • It will allow users to automatically replicate all backups in the cloud.
  • Also responsible for providing us with the five vectors of cyber protection: backup, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and data security.
  • Acronis also allows users to quickly search for files in their Cloud backups, to recover only what interests us and not the entire backup.
  • It has incorporated a new notification center to inform us of the latest news about our backups, to resolve any possible problem quickly.


If we are connected to a Wi-Fi network to proceed with the backup and upload it to the cloud, we can select the authorized Wi-Fi networks were to carry out said backups, to avoid connections of measured use (when we connect to 4G networks through a MiFi, for example).

  • Website
  • System support: Windows, Android, and iPhone


SpiderOakONE is cloud storage that uses the Mega approach, among others: they completely ignore what files you have in their service, giving you a unique encryption key. Thanks to that, only you can access your files, and they will not report to agencies like the NSA because they literally do not have the capacity to do so. That way we can save files in the cloud, on decentralized servers, and that only we can see those files since we have the only key.

Key Features

  • All the files you upload to SpiderOak are encrypted.
  • SpiderOak uses compression for all files that are uploaded. It also uses a technique known as de-duping, so if you upload two versions of the same file, SpiderOak, it only saves the modifications of the second file that differ from the first. This saves a lot of space.
  • Preserve all versions and deleted files. Previous versions of a file are maintained, again thanks to the re-duping technique.
  • It allows sharing folders via the web with RSS. But you choose what you want to share. This can also be done with Dropbox, although here it is done with more versatility.


It helps in synchronization of folders between two devices, which will make the content of the same identical, reflecting the changes made in any of the devices that have these folders with the others. Of course, this is a double-edged sword, since if we delete a file on one device, we will do it on all the others.

  • Website
  • System support: Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS


ElephantDrive’s arrangements are direct and adaptable as far as the capacity designation. ElephantDrive offers a free record with 2GB of capacity. The greatest size of individual documents is restricted to 100MB, you can just set it up with three gadgets, and you can’t back up outside drives. IDrive, Zoolz Big Mind, and OpenDrive additionally offer free records with 5GB of capacity and fewer constraints.

Key Features

  • It encodes documents locally utilizing AES-256 and that moves to its servers are taken care of over a 128-piece SSL channel, which, as indicated by SSLabs, is appropriately arranged.
  • It gives clients the choice to set up a record with individual encryption keys when setting up the product.
  • In the event that you lose this private encryption key, ElephantDrive has no real way to assist you with recuperating or reset it.
  • ElephantDrive doesn’t yet bolster two-factor confirmation for web logins.
  • Each network access that stores conceivably delicate information incorporate two-factor verification.


It gathers, in addition to other things, account data you give (name, email address, and a record secret word), log data (IP Address, program type, and the date and time of your solicitation), and client correspondences with the organization. It utilizes this data to improve the item, give client support, and grow new administrations.

  • Website
  • System support: Windows,  macOS, and Android

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is a fairly functional app that works like most cloud services. However, instead of backing up to some mysterious server somewhere, you back up the files on your computer. The setup takes some time because you need to connect the phone and the computer so they can sync. However, it must be said that the files obtained through the backup are encrypted. This feature makes Resilio Sync particularly secure.

Key Features

  • The software uses a peer-to-peer synchronization process, making it one of the best tools available.
  • Resilio is protected from the congested central server problem, occasionally due to storage limitations.
  • It supports connections to cloud storage services such as Azure, AWS, Blob Storage, and others.
  • Its compatible files can be shared between different devices: PCs, phones, and tablets.


It is widely used as the official file synchronization tool for more than one hundred companies worldwide. The file synchronization software for Windows 7 PC is based on «BitTorrent» technology, which facilitates a faster connection and allows the software to handle large amounts of data.

  • Website
  • System support: Windows (32 & 64 bit),OS X (10.8 or later), Linux (i386, x64, i386 (glibc 2.3), and FreeBSD (i386x64)

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