What is CULauncher.exe, Uses, Location & How to Remove it?

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Culauncher.exe is an executable file and also called quad launcher or CUAssistant component. CULauncher.exe process is not malware but an important part of the Windows Operating System. This component was introduced in a Windows update released some time back. It was brought in to make windows more secure and reliable.

CULauncher.exe process information

File Location and Size

Culauncher.exe should ideally reside within program files in the C drive. Usually, the default location should be under  C:\Program Files\CUAssistant\ directory. This file has several variants which are known to be of sizes 0.317 MB or 0.369 MB on Windows XP or Windows 7/8/10.

Quick Facts

  • It’s a Windows OS component that was introduced in an update.
  • The file has the digital signature of Microsoft

Is it safe or a virus?

CuLauncher is an official file of Windows by Microsoft and thus, is a trusted file. However, some malware or viruses are created by using a duplicate identity. To stay safe from such camouflage, you need to check some important facts that will tell you whether the installed file is an original one with the copyright of Microsoft or a virus using a similar appearance and name.

How to determine if Culauncher.exe is safe or a virus

There are few ways that can be used to identify whether Culauncher is malware of a virus:

  • File Location – The most important thing to check to ensure the genuineness of a program is its location. If you see that the file is not located under C:\Program Files\CUAssistant\ folder, then you should immediately get rid of it as it could be a virus.
  • Name of the File – Check the name properly as viruses replicate the names of the original files.
  • Digital Signature – Check if the file installed in your system has the copyright of Microsoft and digitally signed

Also, if CULauncher is using high CPU or Disk usage then this triggers an alarm, and one should conduct a complete system scan with good antimalware software.

Malwarebytes to scan for a malware

But I personally suggest using Malwarebytes in this case.

Common errors of the file

Following are few common errors that you might see on your system:

  • Culauncher.exe application error
  • Culauncher.exe is not a valid win32 application.
  • Culauncher.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • The program is not responding.

How to remove CULauncher.exe?

Culauncher.exe is a windows file and usually not create a problem. But if you have noticed that it is consuming high CPU resources of data usage then you should run a complete system scan with Antimalware or an Antivirus. You may try these free malware removal software to scan and remove any suspect process.


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