What is DAODx.exe ? Uses, & How to Remove it

DAODx.exe must have bothered the minds of several users, especially the ones using Windows XP and left them confused as to what exactly is its function or whether or not the particular file is harmful for their system. Yet another executive file, DAODx.exe needs to be explained and here we are to help you guide through your confusions over this article.

DAODx.exe file information

What is DAODx.exe?

Usually this DAODx.exe file found in Windows XP, 7 and sometimes on 10. When you find a file with the extension .exe it would clearly point to an executable file. According to several researches on the question of what it is, it has proved that the software is related to ASUS motherboards. DAODx.exe is a non-system process that is likely to be emerged due to certain installed software in your PC that acts as a driver component for Realtek Gigabit Ethernet, which is a controller install package.

The DAODx software file contains the machine codes, however, in several matters it is not very essential for Windows Operating System. It’s basically comes with Asus Motherboard driver. DAODx.exe 1.0 is known to be the latest version of the software file that was designed for Windows XP.

File Location

DAODx.exe being an executable file is loaded in the main memory or RAM of your system. Its ideal location is in the C drive of your PC within the Windows folder i.e. C:\Windows. If you are a Windows OS user, you’ll get the file with an apparent size of 32,768 bytes.

You may also check aaHMSvc.exe which is also a Asus motherboard utility.

What about its safety gradient?

Your PC is likely to be affected by the accumulation of invalid entries due to the several application data on your system’s memory that may lead to fragmentation. DAODx.exe file may as well play a small part in this fragmentation since it is stored in the system’s hard disk. However, this process is not considered to be harmful neither is it CPU intensive. If your DAODx process gives error while running, it is because of the outdated motherboard driver that executes the process. In order to solve this one can either update or uninstall the application.

uninstall How to disable or remove DAODx.exe?

It is not very difficult or questionable to stop non-system processes as they do not involve in the execution of the Operating System. In order to remove or disable the daodx.exe file, one needs to uninstall or stop the software application which in case of our file in question is DAODx. If one feels that the software is no longer required or consuming cpu resources or creating issues the user can easily remove it from action. Following are the steps involved in uninstalling the software:

  • Right click on My Computer and go to Properties
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Right click on Realtek Gigabit and can select any one of the below option:
  • Update Driver Software / Disable / Uninstall

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