All About DbxSvc.exe, Uses & How to Remove it?

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This file DbxSvc.exe belongs to the Dropbox application and is not a virus. If you are using Dropbox software on your Windows system then you may notice that DbxSvc.exe is running in the system background.

What is DbxSvc.exe?

The executable was developed by Dropbox Inc. and it is also known as the DropBoX Service. DbxSvc.exe is not really considered to be an essential process for the Windows Operating System and can be uninstalled without changing system operation ability if you are no more using Dropbox.

File Size and Location

When you install Dropbox software then by default DbxSvc.exe is installed under the C:\Windows\System32\ folder. It generally takes up around 43 KB of space. If you are using Windows 10 then you may notice another dbxsvc.exe is also located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Client\driver_amd64\ directory which is common and is not a virus.


Quick Overview

File description:Dropbox Service
File version:
Copyright:Dropbox, Inc
File Size:43 KB
Digital Signature:Sha256 (Dropbox, Inc)

What are the Uses of DbxSvc?

The Dropbox application is a cloud-based storage service and the range of its functionality is based on a freemium model. This application allows you to store and share your files on a cloud server and access it anywhere. It can retrieve and backup information directly from the Internet, and the software can additionally synchronize all files on all of the various user devices.


Aside from the usual background processing for Dropbox, the primary purpose of the DbxSvc.exe is to install the Smart Sync Driver. The Smart Sync Driver uses undemanding integrations with Windows and macOS to function and these integrations are extremely important for direct data retrieval from the Internet. With the Driver, users have the option to make files online-only, meaning that they practically take up no space on the hard drive.

You should also check software like Seafile that offers similar features what Dropbox offers.

Is DbxSvc.exe a Virus?

Most likely not. The authentic DbxSvc.exe file will do no harm to your computer and is in fact an important aspect of DropBox functionality.

However, it is important to note that Trojan viruses can often appear under the guise of executables such as DbxSvc.exe. So do ensure that you do not download any files from an online link or through official-looking emails. One way you can identify whether or not an executable may be a virus is to check its location as if you are unable to find DbxSvc.exe in its designated location, then you may have a virus on your hands.

How to Uninstall DbxSvc?

Most of the time a genuine DbxSvc.exe file never harms or consumes CPU resources. But in case you notice that DbxSvc.exe using high CPU or Memory on regular basis or showing errors on every startup then you may consider uninstalling it.

You may watch this video or follow the below steps.

1) Press the Windows+R button

2) Type Control

3) Choose to Uninstall a program

4) Locate Dropbox, right-click and select Uninstall

5) Wait for few seconds to finish the uninstallation process.

Once it’s done then restart the system. In this way, you can remove the DbxSvc.exe file from your system.


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