Deep Freeze Alternatives for Windows & Mac

Deep Freeze is a software that is classified as “reboot and restores” developed by the North American company Faronics in 1996. It is a kernel controller that protects the integrity of the hard drive by redirecting the information to be written to the protected hard drive or partition, leaving the original information intact.

Deep Freeze software Alternatives

There is no doubt that Deep Freeze is one of the excellent software, but there are several free and paid similar software available.

Uses and benefits of Deep Freeze

Using Deep Freeze, you can-

  • Schedule maintenance tasks on each of the client computers.
  • Perform restart, Shutdown, Wake-On-LAN operations.
  • Remotely lock keyboard and mouse to perform maintenance and prevent unauthorized/insecure access to connected computers.

Some salient features of Deep Freeze-

  • Deep freeze provides users with unrestricted access even while preventing permanent changes that can harm the computers.
  • Deep freeze provides efficient and effective ways to clear your system of all malicious issues.
  • To achieve license compliance, Deep Freeze can uninstall all the unauthorized applications installed by users after a single reboot.
  • Customers have reported an average reduction of 63% in IT tickets.
  • Protects your MBR (master boot record) from rootkit injections and other alterations hence providing enhanced security.
  • You can create virtual partitions to retain important data even if there is no physical partition.

Top Best Alternatives to Deep Freeze

Though it is a wonderful application there are several similar software to Deep Freeze that has almost the same features. I have listed below some of the best Deep Freeze Alternatives that work with Windows and Mac PC.

Reboot Restore Rx

Reboot Restore Rx is a Freeware utility that facilitates the maintenance of public access machines or computers in a small and low budget environment (classrooms, laboratories, libraries, booths, etc.). Whenever your PC is restarted – all changes made to the system will be reset to a baseline. It is advanced technology designed for small public access environments.

Key Features

  • It has a feature that allows restoring your PC to a predetermined baseline, to a clean, perfect system state.
  • Integrates the “Restore on Restart” technology, a simple concept that is designed to keep computers 100% functional and with full access.
  • It only consists of a starting point that is created at the time of installation which is restored after each restart.
  • Dramatically reduces your PC maintenance costs, and can be used to protect small environments where security is not a concern.
  • Protects your MBR, maintaining incomparable integrity in the system. It’s bulletproof protection!


Reboot Restore Rx is a tool that fulfills its function, very simple without difficulty for users who lack advanced knowledge of computer management and in the tests that have been carried out haven’t detected any apparent failure in the restoration of the system.

Official Website
System supports: Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, XP & Visa
File size: 11.2 MB

Rollback Rx

Rollback Rx is an instant data recovery software, this solution is full Windows system restore. It allows users and administrators to easily restore their PC to any state earlier in seconds and offers a new approach to PC management. In an event of unpredictable incidents such as user errors, viruses, or even installed software is the error can be easily and completely reversed.

Key Features

  • This tool is easy to use the software as it has a user-friendly interface.
  • It has a left sidebar consisting of a list of common tasks, advanced tasks, and a control panel.
  • The program makes changes to the Windows boot loader (both MBR and power up) and installs its environment, which works before the operating system starts.
  • Rollback Rx takes full system snapshots without rebooting the system.
  • Provide the ability to return to a successful snapshot if for some reason Windows cannot be started anymore.


In case of errors or system breakdowns due to viruses, you can roll back your system to an earlier time in seconds using this tool. You can go back a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months, depending on your needs.

Official Website
System support:
Windows 10, 8, 7 and other versions
File size:
10.9 MB

Clean Slate

It allows to sync a wide range of recording devices like cameras and sound recorders in post-production by displaying a flash frame while playing a sync tone at the same time. Clean Slate allows you to enter grades and notes for each shot and save them to your device.

Key Features

  • It only requests to write permissions to store a shot log locally on your device. No personal data (or any data, actually) will be sent.
  • Will track in the background. It doesn’t matter if you turn off the screen, close the app, or even your battery runs out – when you go back and stop shooting.
  • Offer you to save a grade and a note with each shot that can be automatically stored along with all the metadata in a file for later consultation in your Documents folder.
  • File in CSV format opens as a spreadsheet in MS Office, OpenOffice, or even Notepad.


The small file size ensures that the application is downloaded and starts as fast as you need. No ads, no social media integration, no-nonsense, just a reliable tool.

System support:
Windows 7/8
File size:

SHADE Sandbox

This application allows enabling an isolated space within the system where an application and all its processes are running, working in an isolated layer from the rest of the system so that if it is a malicious application, it does not compromise the system, being able to eliminate all its actions quickly by removing the drawer it has been run on.

Key Features

  • Browser applications when run in Sandbox ensure that all the programs you download are moved to a secure and restricted environment.
  • It allows opening any application under the virutal environments using right-click and put it under sand-box.
  • The virtual folder is a way to keep files in a safe environment. Any application that is virtualized will be available at C: \ Shade.
  • It will remove the selected files from the sandbox but will not affect any data that remains outside the sandbox.


You can drag and drop apps, and the next time you run the app, it will be in sandbox mode. No additional configuration or permission is required.

Official Website
System support:
32 & 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista
File size:
24.3 MB

Steadier State

Steadier State is a wonderful program to freeze the system, since it is one of the few that when turning on the computer allows us to choose between installing our copy of the system or starting the computer to recover it as we left it the last time we used it.

Key Features

  • You can use this tool to have a clean system every time and saves time to remove difficult viruses.
  • Tailor-made for lab environment where it’s vital to have identical computers for each student.
  • It quickly reset computers to clean state in-between class periods.
  • Freezes the computer as an image and creates a snapshot of the current activity as a virtual C:\
  • Restarting gives the option to roll back or keep the new snapshot.
  • Everything that each user does affects all future users.


On restart, the Windows boot screen will provide you two options of ‘roll back Windows’ and ‘Windows 7’. Select ‘roll back Windows’ to restore Windows 7 to healthy state.

Download link:
System support:
Windows 7
File size:


Evalaze makes an application virtualization wizard available to the user to help with the software. To virtualize an application, this tool creates a snapshot of the system. Then the option app is installed and a second snapshot is taken. Once this done then the files and registry entries will be converted into a new .exe file by this software.

Key Features

  • The virtualized application does not need drivers, clients or a server environment, which works completely independently.
  • The system is kept clean. A virtualized application is copied. If it is no longer necessary it can simply be removed.
  • Leaves no trace. Each application and other virtualized elements will run in the same virtual environment.
  • The virtual application is run in user mode. Therefore, administrator rights are not required.
  • The application starts in a limited environment. This completely isolates the application from the operating system and other applications.
  • Business customers can take advantage of a simple licensing model and can now use this tool within their own IT environments.


The virtual application will automatically reset to its original state.  The home screen can be customized to own your needs and wishes. This is ideal for software developers.

Download link:
System support: Windows
File size:
8.27 MB


SmartShield ensures that all computer equipment of high use, availability and access in any key sector such as education, public libraries, health care, banking, and public and private companies and institutions, in general, and in any environment Domestic, it will have excellent protection against almost any computer incident.

Key Features

  • Creates a virtual space in which all unwanted changes, including malware and ransomware infections, will be removed upon restart.
  • Frees the user from complex dangers by performing their normal daily tasks without compromising the system integrity.
  • Preserve and protect the computer configurations from all the changes that a user makes during an individual session just by restarting it.
  • Remotely run managed computers using the utility called SmartControl Resource Manager.
  • Automate and schedule tasks to run using installed SmartShield clients.
  • Enable a client stealth mode so that only administrators can access the SmartShield GUI using pre-assigned hotkeys.


This tool enables administrators to ensure the continuous integrity of their workstations without limiting usability. With protection enabled, all changes made to a workstation will be removed with every restart.

Download link:
System support:
Web App, Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android
File size: Unknown


REXTORE is the best Restart and Restore type solution. Protects computers from unwanted changes, unauthorized programs, mishandling of students and even from the effects of viruses and spyware. Eliminate support and keep equipment in excellent condition.

Key Features

  • Maintain a 100% NOT restrictive system, so that users do not have limitations in the development of their activities.
  • Have full protection against changes made by users, effects of viruses, spyware and others.
  • Administration Console to control the protected computers.
  • Licensing and maintenance prices adjusted to the Latin American market, fully scalable.
  • Check Point Technology that keeps operating systems in optimal performance over time.
  • Password protection with its own independent authentication system of the Operating System.


It has a centralized Management Console that will remotely protect or unprotect the computers that are part of the LAN / WAN, in addition to sending commands such as Turn On, Turn Off or Restart the computers.

Official Website
System support:
Windows 10 and older versions
File size:
27.1 MB

Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze is described as a security tool that allows you to test programs and carry out experiments on Windows without fear of losing data or being infected by a virus or other malware, because it freezes the OS and unfreezes it once it is restarted.

Key Features

  • It allows you to select the directories (folders) that are not considered to be part of the freezing process and thus the changes made to them will remain after the restart.
  • An easy and effective software to instantly restore the OS to keep it safe and protected against unwanted or unauthorized or accidental changes.
  • It captures the current state of your computer and applies a layer of virtualization to it.
  • If your system is frozen in time and everything that happens from that moment can be easily restored to the previous state.
  • Allows you to test programs and perform experiments on Windows without fear of losing data or system stability.


Its use is highly recommended when you share a computer with other people or to prevent your browser from filling up with toolbars every time you lend your laptop to a family member.

Official Website
System support:
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
File size:
2.76 MB

Comodo Virtual Desktop

Comodo Free Firewall

This tool can be termed as a sandboxed operating environment with the help of which you can run programs and browse the Internet cutting the fear that those doings will do any havoc to your real computer. Applications running in the Virtual Desktop also leave no cookies or history behind on your real system, making it a secure environment for Internet banking and online shopping.

Key Features

  • We can analyze the RAM processes to identify possible malware, as well as access blocked applications to unlock them.
  • From Firewall tasks, we can create and manage the rules of our firewall.
  • Automatic sandbox allows to run all applications automatically in isolated spaces of the operating system.
  • From Isolated tasks, we can access a series of advanced tools, such as a virtual desktop, view the activity or processes of our firewall and manage the sandbox, or sandbox, where we run our applications safely.
  • We can access a series of more complex tools, such as a persistent malware cleaner, create a boot drive to disinfect systems, and even access files stored in quarantine.


This tool can run any program that you can run in regular Windows and is particularly useful for browsing the Internet in a secure manner.

Download link:
System support: Windows
File size:

VMware ThinApp

This tool can be described as simple and efficient software for making portable applications. This is a software program that has been very powerful in the area of ​​multicast applications and has attracted user feedback with its simple operation.

Key features

  • Simple and compact graphical environment, simple application functionality using step-by-step options.
  • The output of this program is a single .exe file and does not require any other side files and any other prerequisites.
  • Minimize the amount of files used for virtual applications for better and faster access to them while reducing bandwidth usage by up to 50%.
  • Ensures the integrity of log files and eliminates potential corruption of information in the event of a system failure.


Eliminates costly recoding and reduces test regression to speed deployment of applications on a new operating system while minimizing the risk of failure.

Official Website
System support: Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows Vista 
File size:
85.5 MB

Drive Vaccine

This program makes sure of the safe functioning of the workstation and its proper maintenance while multiple users work in its network. It is ideal for all kinds of institutions where there is public access to computers.

Key Features

  • The interface is very easy to use with a few menus, and a Remote Administration Console GUI included.
  • The program enables administrators to set passwords, preventing the users to gain access to the main console of the program.
  • The program is invisible and gives the users an ultimate freedom in their actions with the computers.
  • The computers will restore themselves in other conditions like idle PC or according to a timetable.
  • This tool is perfect for novice computer administrators.


A good option that this program offers is the so-called ‘Freeze Space’. This is a virtual drive space on which the users can save files permanently. These files can be stored for an unlimited period of time because they don’t take part in the restoration process.

Download link:
System support: Windows
File size:
32.8 MB


Sandboxie is a security program with which we can run programs with complete peace of mind that they are infected and harmful to our system. A simple to use, efficient and light program. It creates context menus for us to access it more quickly.

Key Features

  • With Sandboxie we will have a utility that will guarantee you to be safe from threats when we run any unknown program. This program is free and very easy to use.
  • Its operation is simple, when we want to run a new program and we do not know if it can be a threat to our system, we will only have to run it under this program, which will offer us a protection shield.
  • The program will execute the unknown file in an isolated part of the memory so that if said file is a threat, it cannot infect the entire computer.
  • When we install the application, it will offer context menus to directly open suspicious files.
  • Once we have tested the file and see that it is not a threat, we can run it on the system if we wish.


Sandboxie is a security program, one more complement that together with your antivirus program, antispyware and your firewalls, will make your system safe from threats.

Official Website
System support: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
File size:
5.96 MB

Genie Timeline 

Genie Timeline is a software that has been developed to give us a hand when it comes to making backup copies of important content stored on our PC, such as all kinds of files or folders. The truth is that the system remains open in the background, working all the time, and discreetly carrying out the tasks that we have requested.

Key Features

  • Allows us to have total compatibility when choosing what content we want to protect from our computer so that they are completely safe.
  • You only have to right-click on any of the content you have on your computer, in order to protect it.
  • Access to all the stored data that Genie Timeline has is done in just seconds, at any time, so you can always view all the items that are kept within the service.
  • Genie Timeline will show you a timeline in which you will see the dates on which they occurred.
  • You can recover the contents as they were at a certain time, without having to limit yourself only to the latest version available.


we can select the restoration of a backup completely or only part of it, and finally, without a doubt it stands out because it works automatically in the background.

Official Website
System support:
Windows XP/ Windows  Vista/ Windows 7 / Windows 10
File size:
12.9 MB


We feel that the reboot and restore solutions like Deep Freeze are worth much more than they cost because of how effective and helpful they are. If the article was informative, kindly share it with your acquaintances and in case of suggestions and queries, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.


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