How to Disable the WLAN in D-link Router

Learn how to disable the Wifi signal on to your D-link router using simple steps. You can also turn on or off on all models like 2730u, 2750u, ac750, dir-615. With the availability of online services, dependence on Wi-Fi services has increased multi-fold. When the services have an irreplaceable role at home and in office, the set-up needs complete protection from unauthorized access. As an owner of the Wi-Fi set up, you could easily manage encryption and the settings as well without the wizard.

D-link Router settings to disable wifi

3 Steps for Turning Off Wifi on D-link Router

Let’s list out some of the steps that could easily disable D-Link Router of the Wi-Fi with ease and convenience;

First Step

To start with, you need to click on the web browser and get connected to the D-Link router. Just write without any quote on Chrome or Mozilla browser.

Just type without any quote on chrome or Mozilla browser. Then press the enter key in order to open the login page of the D-Link administration.

Second Step

Login page of D-link router

This will open the login page of D-link router, where you will have to enter the user id and password. The default ID  & Password is mentioned on the backside of the router. Now fill up the details and click on the enter button.

Now first you need to click on the “Wireless Link”.

Click on ‘Settings’ located on to the top menu.

You would get the list of settings for the router along with the settings for encryption and Wi-Fi.

Third Step

In the third but last step, look for the check mark, that is available next to “enable”.  Make a search for the button in the Wi-Fi protected set-up. In order to disable the D-Link router, just remove the check mark from there.  Then move on to click on “save settings” in order to save the settings. This would switch off the router.

Similarly, in order to switch on the d-link router, just click the radio button to enable it.

A pop-up screen will appear to confirm the message, click Yes. Now just restart the router, the Wifi network has been disabled successfully.



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