Router Vs Switch – Basic Difference

Wanted to know about Routers and Switches? Both are actually computer network device, find their basic difference in networking, how it works with example of d-link.  Switch and router is computer networking devices. They permit one or more computers to get connected to other computers.  They can also connect computers to network devices or other networks.

Router vs Switch detail

Router Vs Switch

Let’s know about the basic differences between a Switch and Router;


Routers direct data in a network. It passes data between computers and modem. While a switch could allow only computers to connect.

Which one is faster?

Switches are faster than routers. As it gets used in the faster raw transfer of data, routers are relatively slower in their performances in the transfer of raw data.

Network Layers

A router has 3 network layers. A switch has a data link layer. The network switches usually work at layer2 of the OSI model.

Forms of Data transmission

Router has a packet data transmission form, while a switch makes use of Frame (L2 Switch) or Frame & Packet L3 Switch.

Types of transmission

Router makes transmission at initial level broadcast and then at Uni-cast and multi-cast. Then a Switch makes transmission first at broadcast, then at unicast, and multicast. It all depends on the necessities.

Differences in ports used

Routers make use of 2/4/8 ports.  But a switch is a multi-port bridge. A switch device could be of 4, 8, 12, 24, 48 etc.

Used in LAN or WAN?

A router is applicable both in LAN and WAN. But a switch is used only in LAN.

What type of Device?

A router is a networking device with software. A switch is just an active networking device that allow to connect computers.

To understand in layman language, the basic difference between then Router and Switch is : – The router is use to connect internet on a single computer or number of computer (usually less than 6 via cable) and can be also use as wireless. Whereas Switch is just a simple networking device that is use to connect more than one computer.



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