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DPInst64 is the driver package installer tool for 64-bit windows using 64-bit drivers. The full name is Driver Package Installer. Although it is for a 64-bit environment, it can also support a legacy environment of 32 bit. It was first introduced with Windows 7.

dpinst64.exe file information

In short, DPInst64.exe is a driver package installer that is found in Windows Operating System and is not a virus. The dpinst64 file belongs to the Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and if you are using Sony device on Windows system then you may notice dpinst64 running.exe file.

File Size and Location

DPInst64 was first introduced by Qualcom Atheros, DPInst64. If installed then it will resides in the location “C:\Program Files\DIFX\0169ce3a95f06636\DPInst64.exe“. Its size is about 908.47 KB.

It is important to note here that, several malware, by taking advantage of that .exe extension, can present them as legitimate DPInst. We can verify it by checking the running location of that DPInst program, and if the location is something else other than the above-mentioned one, then surely some kind of malware is in action.

Is DPInst64.exe safe?

Short answer is yes, and it is not a malware or a virus. If DPInst64 resource is consuming high CPU or Memory on continuous basis then¬† you should check its file location. Usually, this executable file never consume much resources and may run in the system background silently. If the file location is not under “C:\Program Files” then you should run a complete anti-malware and antivirus scan.

Uses of DPInst64?

As the name suggests, the purpose of DPInst64 is to install the driver packages for the different plug-and-play devices of windows. It acts as a manager for all those drivers.

It locates the drivers in their respective storage location, checks whether they are signed ( it can also work with unsigned drivers by switching to legacy mode operation), installs the drivers from their packages, and finally adds an entry in the “Add or Remove Program” area. It is now very clear that DPInst64 provides a single uniform interface between the different drivers and the main operating system.

Can I remove DPInst64?

If you are seeing DPInst64.exe file on your system then you should not remove this as this may make the Windows system unstable.

Common dpinst64 Error?

Many users have reported that dpinst64.exe shows a runtime error on their system. This may occur due to corrupted driver files. When Sony Ericsson device try to load the essential files and not able to execute it due to damaged file then it may throw an error message. Here are few common errors that arises:

  • DPInst64.exe Application Error
  • DPInst64.exe file not be found
  • Error starting program: DPInst64.exe

To fix this error, all you have to do is to uninstall the existing driver and then re-install it. You can read this how to reinstall Bluetooth driver that will give you an idea for the same.

Sample Command Lines

DPInst64 can operate silently from the windows GUI. At the same time, it can be run interactively by issuing specific switches with the dpinst command. Some popular switches along with their purpose are as follows:-

  • /h, /? or /help – to provide help
  • /l – specify the language, you have to specify the language id
  • /el – to enable languages not included in dpinst decriptor file
  • /a – to install all driver packages, if all drivers cannot be installed then no driver will be installed
  • /u – to uninstall a driver package, here you have to mention the relative path, of that driver package, with respect to dpinst directory
  • /d – to erase the binary files from the system after successful installation of the driver
  • /f – to forcefully install a driver that is inferior to the presently installed driver of the system
  • /lm – to install an unsigned driver in legacy mode
  • /q or /s – quite or silent install without any messages or prompts
  • /p – to prompt if the driver to be installed is not better
  • /path – to specify the path where to be installed drivers are present, this is also the switch to install any particular driver package
  • /sa – to suppress the driver from being shown in Add Remove Program after installation
  • /sh – to ensure that the driver to be installed actually matches the device hardware and the presently installed driver is inferior to the driver to be installed
  • /c – to dump the output in the command prompt
  • /sw to ensure that device installation wizard will never be prompted by Windows


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