Top 7 DU Meter Alternatives and Similar Software

Top Free Alternatives to DU Meter that works very well with Windows and other operating system. No doubt, the DU Meter is good software.  Many people who have an internet connection have heard of DU meter. This internet usage detector provides details of internet usage based on uploads, downloads, or online surfing. This program helps people have precise information on data usage across the network connection of their computer. Thus, people can avoid any over usage of their data.

Almost everyone with an internet connection has been in situations that they had no answer to. It could be a download that seemed to go on forever or an e-mail retrieval that looked like being stuck. This software has the answer to these and more. It can also make you aware of surprising network activities. It’s also a pleasure to see data transfer speeds on your computer.

It’s hard to beat DU Meter when the matter is of tracking the overall bandwidth usage for a computer. However, it costs an amount after a free trial of 30 days. Many would like a free bandwidth monitoring software.

Alternatives to DU Meter for Bandwidth Monitoring 

If you are looking for free software to monitor how much data has been used on a particular PC or laptop then this DU Meter is a very good option. However, if you want more user-friendly and easy to use for home or office then these DU Meter alternatives can help you out.



What is most important for understanding connectivity issues, ensuring that the bandwidth limit is kept and monitoring suspicious activity? The answer is monitoring network-associated information. NetWorx does these tasks for free.


  • Every PC user can see his every-day, weekly, monthly & yearly traffic.
  • A user can view the data received, data sent, and overall packet size for every dial-up session. He can see the peak and off-peak hours, how many dial-up sessions have happened and the overall duration
  • Users can view average hourly upload and download rate
  • Users can know the present, average and highest transfer rate for incoming & outgoing traffic
  • The program optimizes traffic volume for network connections that allow limited download
  • The application supervises the major Internet services that are available. Users can ping hosts for knowing their response time.

Download: Click here
File Size: 9.9 Mb



This program evaluates the transfer of data across the network interfaces of the PC. People who are novices to such tools can use the application easily. When it’s removed there are no traces of it on the hard drive or in the Windows Registry.


  • Users can see a graph of upload and download traffic, speed, time and volume
  • The Trace-route utility is helpful during a network outage – It helps users determine the length that the data packet’s traveling, and the IP address, or hop at which it’s failing
  • The ping utility lets users monitor how fast a network is – Users can use it to periodically ping every device on their network to confirm that it’s up
  • Users can track traffic from a gateway/router using UPnP protocols
  • The NAT lookup utility can detect an outdated NAT rule of a firewall that is creating networking problems

Download: Click here
File Size: 2.6 Mb


Wireshark pic

Computers that are constantly online or connected to a local network are susceptible to malware infections and hacker attacks. A network analysis tool like Wireshark helps detect malicious packets and blocks them.


  • Users can track every connection on a network and their details. They can also generate filters for monitoring definite sorts of connections.
  • Users can add color schemes to each sort of connection to ensure the correct monitoring of the sort of packets they want to
  • The Statistics function lets users generate reports for analysis sometime later. Users have the freedom of viewing the particulars of the endpoint, protocol hierarchy, the IO graph, and packet lengths

Download: Click here
File Size: 64 Mb


GlassWire Logo

At times, applications and processes connect online for sending or receiving data. This activity can infect a computer with malware. Thus, the importance of a network analysis tool. GlassWire is a good choice.


  • The application detects and shows information regarding all services or processes that are using the bandwidth now.
  • The notification service alerts users on detecting a new connection
  • The application’s firewall capabilities protect users from unwanted connections and let users stop definite applications from transferring data online
  • Users can see the applications using the maximum bandwidth and which IP address is at the receiving end

Download: Click here
File Size: 34 Mb

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This bandwidth meter application tracks upload and download rates and supply some practical statistics. BitMeter does more than track connection speed. It tracks Internet traffic and helps detect malicious software in the computer.


  • Users get real-time updates of upload and download rates at a point of time
  • Users can get upload and download information in the select past hours, days and months
  • Users can set alerts for pre-defined limits on volume, speed, and traffic
  • Dial-up users who can use limited data can configure ISP restrictions for ensuring that the available traffic isn’t exceeded

Download: Click here
File Size: 2.3 MB



This is a handy tool for users keen on knowing the exact bandwidth that they use. The application offers a comprehensive breakdown of the network and web connection and has some excellent features.


  • Users can create filters for the local network and the web, set speed limits, discontinue traffic and set upload and download restrictions
  • Users can see the traffic information for an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year
  • Users can block suspicious processes

Download: Click here
File Size: 1.07 MB



This application can track one device on a network by the use of SNMP. It can track any SNMP variable on the concerned device. Users can track bandwidth use on their routers or the amount of disk space on their servers.


  • Users can select the specific information to track with the Thwack content exchange UDP
  • Users can monitor several servers that support an important router to know whether they’re Up or Down
  • Users can track the bandwidth use of an interface and fix a threshold for knowing when that date transfer is exceeded

Download: Click here
File Size: 5.8 MB


Monitoring the bandwidth of a network is the key to understanding the activities in that perimeter. You could even detect malicious programs that have entered your network. You can use any of the above free bandwidth monitoring software on Windows OS.



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