10 Best EasyWorship Alternatives which are Free

If you are looking for the best media presenter like EasyWorship to show media, lyrics slides, etc., then this post is the best for you. Here I have listed The Top 10 Free EasyWorship Alternatives.

Free Easyworship alternatives for windows and mac

EasyWorship is a program that is crafted to make a visual complement to worship services. The interface is intuitive and allows the user to edit the program and add new elements without the public seeing the process on the big screen. Now, the following are the best alternatives to EasyWorship. They are easy to use, free and have the best features to offer users. So, let’s not waste any more time and move on to the main content.

Top 10 Free EasyWorship Alternatives

I have listed only the best yet free alternatives to EasyWorship that can be used on Windows and mac PC. Easy to use for Church presentation & slides.


OpenLP is an open-source tool, Multiplatform (Linux, MAC, Windows, FreeBSD, among others), which allows for presentations for cults, incorporate templates and files for Songs, Bibles, slides, Images, presentations, audios, videos, and also gives us the possibility of saving our history and importing new files.

Key Features

  • Import verses from a series of formats, or even download verses that you need from some Biblical site, visualization of verses in different formats, easily search for Scripture references or by phrases.
  • You can import your presentations from PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress or any other source and control them through OpenLP.
  • Import images to OpenLP and organize them in folders. Create “Slide-Shows” simply by selecting multiple songs and dragging and dropping what is selected to the service, with “automatic tracking”.
  • Integration with VLC * means that it can display almost any video file and play almost any audio file in OpenLP. Using VLC * means that a wide variety of formats are supported.
  • Store preaches and announcements or other slides just like any song, but with less structure. Custom slides can also contain their own format and can be looped.


It incorporates a stage view from any device with a web browser. Use any local network as a monitor for your stage, this means you will have an unlimited number of monitors without additional hardware restrictions.

Website: https://openlp.org/


This software is to make a simple presentation, it has an intuitive interface. It supports MP4 videos (encoded only with H.264) and count-down (countdown) with videos. It is also compatible with OpenSong Bibles. It includes its text editor that works without any problems and includes transitions for the slides. Available for Windows and Mac.

Key Features

  • Enter and present songs quickly and easily. The slides are divided by a blank line, making it easy to copy / paste/display lyrics.
  • Schedule a countdown video to start your services in Style with or without your presence.
  • The design features are very fast and allow users to create everything, be it an image or a video clip.
  • Smooth text rendering effects, choose text color or text shadow color. Slick slide transition effects.


This tool is presentation software that is designed to help the presenter build confidence during the presentation, especially in the Church. Making presentations and after creating a powerful impact through these presentations is possible through EasyWorship.

Website: http://iyobo.co/w/epicworship
File size: 73.6 MB


This tool is an open-source application designed to manage letters, chords, leadership sheets, overhead, projection and more. With this, Track the title, author, copyright, ccli #, time, time signature, theme, focus, position, user-defined fields and much more!

Key Features

  • The projection is carried out as if it were a slide show: the letters follow one another when you click on the screen and it is possible to establish a background image.
  • The song database includes shows its clear religious tendency, although it can also be used in other types of events: poetry recitals, public readings, etc.
  • You can present any combination of songs, present the specified order of the slides, and much more.
  • This is free software for chords and lyrics management sheets, presenting lyrics using a projector, and much more!


This tool presents Slide themes, with gradient, image and color backgrounds, fonts & amp; font effects and can import and export of themes. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License, which means it is free to use and distribute and is kept free.

File size: 8.8 Mb
Website: http://www.opensong.org/


This is one of the best clear source software for the church (open source) of course, generally speaking. It also means learning how to handle it, but you can trust that it’s worth the time. It has almost all the characteristics that any paid presentation software must have, that is, it is very complete.

Key Features

  • Free accelerated presentation software for Christian letters and Bible verses!
  • Designed for evangelical churches. Compatible with PowerPoint.
  • Display lyrics with or without chords, Bible verses, images, videos (wmv), and presentations, using a computer and a video projector.
  • Import from many other formats like OpenSong, EasyWorship, VerseView, etc.
  • It gives access to more than 300 Bibles and more than 10,000 songs in various languages.

You may consider a free slideshow maker for the Windows system.


VideoPsalm has a large document library and many functions. It has on-fly editing mode, viewer mode, CCLI support, etc.you can highlight words, wear over 40 skins, instantly search for songs, lyrics, verses, and more. It is compatible with Powerpoint, Dropbox, OneDrive and many more.

File size: 80.8 MB
Website: https://myvideopsalm.weebly.com/


Quelea is a free program that lets you project song lyrics in church. It is also possible to use this program during the preaching time. Where the pastor usually needs support by placing the verses he reads on the screens.

Key Features

  • It allows projecting the lyrics of the songs on the screen of the church. It also gives you the ability to view it on your phone.
  • Quelea allows you to edit the lyrics of the songs, something that is extremely useful.
  • Quelea also allows you to add Bible verses, and for this, it uses a resource called Zefania XML bible format.
  • It helps you to import the options of other commercial and free programs such as OpenSong, OpenLP, ZionWorx, Sunday Plus, Survivor Songbook, The Source, EasySlides, etc.


This is a software tool that was created specifically to help users create presentations with the help of many file formats. If you are a professional in this field, you may be interested in the calibration option with which Quelea. Being than that you will have at your disposal several patterns, which you can use to calibrate the projector.

Website: https://quelea.org/


ProPresenter is the ultimate choice in presentation and worship software for churches, schools, commercial presentations, and concerts. It is a cross-platform tool for presentation and worships software for live events and you can produce live events, make your own broadcasts and multimedia productions

Key Features

  • Output to multiple screens with different combinations of content at the same time (Multiple screen module)
  • Broadcast Quality Key and Fill Channel Output (Alpha Keyer Module)
  • Projection on wide screens with multiple projectors with edge blending (Edge Blending Module)
  • Control of several ProPresenter machines from a single computer (Master Control Module)
  • Control of ProPresenter functions from MIDI, DMX, or streaming video communications protocols (Communications Module)


A multi-layered architecture allows backgrounds, live video layers, slides, props, and skins to be independently controlled. High-quality transitions make switching from one element to another on any layer very elegant. Add more flexibility to your slides by setting transitions for individual slide elements, allowing you to create on-screen content in parts, rather than all at the same time.

Website: https://renewedvision.com/propresenter/
File size: 95.2 MB


FreeWorship is also one of the best alternatives to EasyWorship. You can use it for free. It is easy to use, reliable and versatile projection software. The software is available for free, for more advanced functions, you can buy its premium version.

Key Features

  • It includes slide transitions, full video support, and quick search lyrics.
  • Features include quick song editing, auto verse search, and a file-based database.
  • Quick Edit allows you to fix those little misspellings that you have previously lost without losing control over what is on the projector.
  • It includes PowerPoint integration, slide sets, alerts, stage screen, simple and flexible interface and much more.


The dynamic file-based database used in conjunction with file synchronization software such as Dropbox allows the song database to be edited from multiple sources during service and to have the updated song rendered in near real-time.

Website: https://freeworship.org.uk/
File size: 108.MB


Now, one of the best alternatives to EasyWorshio is VerseVIEW. It is free to use and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and is also available in Playstore and AppStore. There are many features that make it one of the best presentation software.

Key Features

  • This tool supports different translations of the Bible, and there is also automatic support for dual-screen and user selection.
  • It allows users to select the background and you can also control it remotely, saves user settings and also has a Notes function.
  • This tool gives access to more than three hundred Bibles and more than ten thousand songs in various languages.
  • Internet connection is only required to download new material; All the previously installed material can be used without much difficulty.


Programming allows a Bible verse to be presented in multiple languages ​​simultaneously. It is very useful for churches where there are people who speak more than one language. It is also of benefit to those who study the Bible in two languages. It can be controlled remotely with an iPhone (WiFi), allow annotations and stores user settings

Website: http://verseview.info/vv/
File size: 27.3 MB

Worship Extreme

Worship Extreme is also one of the best apps like EasyWorship. It is a helpful software which means it is available for free with limited features. And you can enjoy its premium features by paying a small subscription fee that starts at $15.

Key Features

  • In the free version, you can enjoy many features, such as support for forums and developers, acquirable licensed bibles.
  • You can present any combination of songs, present the specified order of the slides, and much more.
  • It also comes with background video support and it is multilingual.
  • Supports remote use, which means you can access your service at any time from any network.


Worship Extreme is easy to use and offers many features. It supports cloud synchronization of The Media Library, Motion Graphics, Stage Display, Remote Use, CCLI Support, Multi-User, Reference Lists, Bible Translations and much more.

Website: https://www.worshipextreme.com/download
File size: 68.8 MB


It is the most complete with video loop funds capabilities, it can be controlled from an app on Android and iOS. In a matter of the bible, it has one of the most complete libraries when we talk about versions, unlike the previous Holyrics software if it has support for audios, videos, animated backgrounds, support for notes, IP connections and a MIDI function that we can also use.

Key Features

  • Manage remote access by the application without using passwords (file menu, settings).
  • Online music search on your own server, search for music online in Google.
  • Support for reading very large images (px) and JPEG / CMYK images.
  • Automatic update of the program for Linux / Mac (next updates) and Fixed bugs.
  • The minimum interval between the labels of the option to mark music as automatically played.


Its management makes it easy to grant and remove the permissions that each device will have, in addition to having more control over exactly what features are allowed. It is possible to register a device in the program and grant remote access for certain features, without the need to report indexed passwords.

Website: https://holyrics.com.br/
File size: 184 MB


So, these were The Top 10 Free EasyWorship Alternatives that you can easily download and use at your live events. It can display media, songs, lyrics, images, slides, etc. with these applications. These are the best alternatives to this wonderful tool. Therefore, you can use any of them if you are looking for applications like EasyWorship.


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