ehprivjob.exe – What is it, Uses, & How to Disable it

EHprivjob.exe is an executable application for its main program, Digital TV tuner device registration application. This application is a component of the Windows Media Center Scheduler Service and is developed by Microsoft Corporation.

The ‘eh’ in ehprivjob.exe is refers to eHome.

What is it and its Uses?

The Digital TV tuner device registration application facilitates the reception of digital TV signals on your computer system. This way it allows you to watch and also record digital cable channels on your computer or laptop.

The computer is supposed to meet the minimum criteria in order to be able to receive such signals. These criteria include:

  • Display capabilities
  • Connectivity options
  • System’s performance

File size and location

  • Usually, the location of ehprivjob.exe is under C:\windows\ehome\ehprivjob.exe directory
  • Its average file size is approximately 3.23 MB.

Quick Overview

File description:Digital TV Tuner device registration application.
File version:6.1.7601.17514
File Size:292 KB
Product name:Microsoft® Windows ®Operating System
File type:Application
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation

Is it safe or a virus?

Ehprivjob.exe is a safe program and should not be deleted. However, a virus may assume a similar identity so that it is not detected by the system firewalls or any anti-malware software installed.

There are two ways to check this:

  • If the location of ehprivjob.exe does not match the location of the legitimate process, then it could be a virus.
  • Check the properties of ehprivjob.exe. If the company name is anything other than Microsoft Corporation, then it is a virus.
  • You may also check the file size, if it is more than 4 MB then it may be suspicious file.

There are other similar files like mpc-hc.exe which is used in Windows Media player.


Some common errors corresponding to ehprivjob.exe are:

  • “Digital Cable device registration application has stopped working.”
  • “ehprivjob.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

uninstall How to Disable / Remove It?

If you want to delete ehprivjob.exe even if it is a legitimate file, then there are two methods to do this:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a program under Sub-heading Programs
  • Locate Digital TV Tuner program and double click on it
  • Let the uninstall process finish

Restart your computer to take effect and ehprivjob.exe won’t be appearing anymore.

You may also consider using good third-party uninstallation software to remove it completely from the system. 

Don’t worry about the Media player, there are several free music players for Windows 10 which you can use.

There are other several processes like Jp2launcher.exe, SDIOAssist.exe, PwmTower.exe.



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