What is ehshell.exe, Is it a Virus? & How to Remove it?

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ehshell.exe  is an executable file that is an important part of the Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center was an advanced video recorder and media player made by Microsoft Corporation, however, it was not able to gain much popularity and so it was not continued and so you can’t get it right now.

However, we haven’t seen malware cases of ehshell.exe. It was not a Windows signed file and hence it is harmless for your PC. But in many cases the defective or say the corrupted versions of ehshell.exe can cause serious trouble for your PC. To know more about the ehshell.exe you will have to read the entire article.

File Size & Location

I have listed down some of the important facts and properties of the ehshell.exe:

  • File Description: Windows Media Center
  • File Name: ehshell.exe
  • File type: Application
  • File Path : C:\Windows\ehome
  • File Size: 0.1 MB (can vary depending on the versions)
  • Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

The Ehshell.exe is only visible in older versions of Windows like Windows XP, 7 but not in Windows 10.

Note: The ehshell.exe is a Windows essential file and hence it comes preloaded with Windows Media Center.

How to know if ehshell.exe is a virus or not?

The principal thing that will assist you in deciding whether a specific file is an authentic Windows file or a virus, is simply the location of the executable file in your system. For instance, the ehshell.exe file should always run from C:\windows\ehome and not somewhere else. In case the location of the ehshell.exe is not the above specified safe location then there is a high chance that the ehshell.exe is not a safe file.

To check for the location of ehshell.exe in your PC follow the methods mentioned below.

1) Press the Windows button from your keyboard and type task manager and then click on the Task Manager icon as shown below.

Task manager

2) Now you will have to locate the process ehshell.exe and then right-click on the process and further select the Open the file location option.

If the location of the file is suspicious then you must take necessary steps against it.

Common errors raised because of ehshell.exe

Some of the common errors triggered due to the corrupted or say defective versions of the ehshell.exe file are as follows:

  • exe is not a valid WIN32 application.
  • Access violation at address FFFFFFFF in module exe. Read of address 00000000 – this error notification is mostly seen in older versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7.
  • Windows Media Center has stopped working.
  • Windows Media Center is not responding.
  • Faulting application name: ehshell.exe
  • Error starting program – Windows Media Center

If you encounter any of the issues you must try to remove ehshell.exe from your computer.

If the video is damaged then you may consider the best free video repair software to restore it.

How to remove or uninstall ehshell.exe?

To remove a file with .exe extension you have to be pretty sure about its occurrence in your system i.e. whether it is a safe file or not or you really need that file or not because deleting a safe file with .exe extension can ultimately cause problems with the software programs that are directly or indirectly associated with it.

If you want to remove ehshell.exe from your system follow these simples steps :

1) Type control panel in the windows search bar and click on it

2) Next select the Programs and Features section as shown below.

3) Now you will be seeing a complete list of applications installed on your system, you just need to find the Windows Media Center in the list.

4) After you find it just right-click on it and click on the Uninstall option and then follow the prompts to uninstall it successfully.

Command-line for ehshell.exe

There are several command line that can be used with ehshell.exe to launch or execute the application:

  • ehshell.exe /url:url : To launch a specific file.
  • ehshell.exe /homepage:url
  • ehshell.exe /widescreen : To change the Windows Media Center screen resolution.
  • ehshell.exe /directmedia:video : To play the video in full-screen
  • ehshell.exe /nochrome : This will hide the border or toolbox from the Windows Media Player.

You can find the complete command-prompt list here.

Other similar files:

mpc-hc.exe, ehprivjob.exe, Video.UI.exe


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