Top 10 FaceApp Alternatives for Android & iPhone

Of all the face editing apps, FaceApp is the one that has taken the world by storm. It currently has more than 80 million active users. But hey, did you know, there are similar apps too! We give you 10 FaceApp alternatives that you can use.

Top FaceApp Alternatives

What is FaceApp?

We begin by telling you a bit more about FaceApp itself and detailing its features. This state of the art photo editing app is powered by AI and offers as many as 28 filters that can give your face a completely changed look. It’s been developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab. It also comes with a 3 day free trial period. It’s available on iOS and Android. First of all, we tell you what FaceApp is capable of doing with a snap of yours.

  • Smile & Smile 2 can give your face a smile even when you’re in the foulest mood. Yes, it can add a smile to your face in the snap!
  • FaceApp can make your face look younger or older with the use of its filters
  • The female and male filters can give your face a gender change
  • FaceApp also lets you make animated GIFs, your snap is switched between filters and collages. All you need to do is swipe right for the presentation options. For a two-up photo collage, use Duo; for a four-up one, use Collage.

Top 10 FaceApp Alternatives

I have listed the top alteratives to FaceApp that you can use on Android and iPhone. The best part about these FaceApp similar apps is that it’s free yet has almost same features, have a look:

1) AgingBooth

AgingBooth is considered as the best alternatives to FaceApp. This app has been developed by PiVi & Co and as you might have guessed from the name itself, it lets you give your face an aged look in your snaps. The app uses auto-cropping technology alongside face detection and brings instant results. Here are its features-

  • Launched by the creators of Fatbooth
  • Can be used only on iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Instant change in looks with the effects of aging being visible on the image of the face
  • Can be shared as email or even an MMS and also on social media

Download: Play Store
File size: 8.6 MB
Phone Support: Android

2) Oldify

This too is an app that makes you look old. It’s a fun (or scary) phone app that converts your device into an aging machine, a popular FaceApp alternative. Oldify can even make celebrities look older, something that sets the app apart in the market. The features are-

  • Can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices
  • Photos can be shared online
  • Even videos can be made
  • Has 15 million users
  • It allows you to create effects combining apps like Baldify, Beardify, Zombify, etc.

Download link: Play Store & iPhone
File size: 5.3 MB
Phone Support: Android and iOS

3) Change My Face

Change My Face is truly a unique app. It shows the effects of ageing. Apart from that, it also shows the likely impact of lifestyle on your face like drinking, smoking, tanning, diet and more. We give you the features-

  • More than just an ageing app
  • Shows the effect of lifestyle like drinking, smoking, etc.
  • Bagged the number 1 ranking in 16 countries
  • Over a million downloads

Try Online:

4) Inkhunter

Thinking of getting a tattoo done but not quite sure how it’ll look on you? Your worries are over. Here’s an app that lets you try out images of the tattoo on your skin where you want it before you decide. You can take the opinion of others if it’s some moral support you’re looking for. The features are-

  • Includes designs by various artists
  • Allows you to edit the designs or upload your own designs
  • Includes effects that allow you to blur the image. This tells you how the tattoo is likely to appear after a few years when it has faded a bit

Download: Play Store
File size: Varies with device
Phone Support: Android

5) Chamoji Faceapp

With over 100 unique face filters of high quality, Chamoji lets your imagination take wings. It gives your selfies a new look giving it effects like thicker eyelashes or smoother skin. We share the features with you-

  • It offers more than 100 face filters that let you pick a trend and go for a face filter like making it glossy or metallic. Give yourself a cute catty look using a pretty color gradient
  • Seasonal filters help give you a look in keeping with the current season. Give yourself a spooky look on Halloween or add some reindeer horns on Christmas to usher in the Yuletide spirit, the choice is yours!
  • Daily filters let you commemorate landmark days like World AIDS Day or promote certain causes like Movember. You could also celebrate occasions like World Pizza Day and World Book Day
  • Beautify yourself with smoother skin or thicker lips or even longer eyelashes for that perfect look
  • You can also share your perfectly designed image on social media
  • You can also let your creativity flow by creating your own Chamoji face filter

DownloadPlay Store & Apple
File size: 39 MB
Phone Support: Android and iOS

6) Face Story

Now here’s an app that transforms your face totally! You could see how you would look if you were to change your looks to resemble your favorite celebrity. What’s more, you could even make a movie showing how you grow up from being a baby to your present self. Now, the features-

  • Detects your face automatically
  • Uses intelligent facial feature extraction
  • Allows easy morphing of faces
  • Allows preview and play of the final image on a real-time basis
  • You can share the final image on social media

Download: Apple
Phone Support: iPhone

7) Make Me Old

This is yet another face aging app, another alternative to FaceApp that’s popular in the market. People often wonder how they would look when they get old. This app gives you a peek into that, but with a twist. The features it has are-

  • It makes you look older, but what makes the app unique is that it makes you look scary
  • Some effects come free while some ask for in-app purchases
  • Available on both Android and Apple platforms
  • Images can be shared on social media

Download: Play Store
File size: 5.4 MB
Phone Support: Android

8) Face Warp

With Face Warp, you can morph a photo of yours or one of your friend’s on a live video in real-time. Isn’t that fun? Their e features it comes with are-

  • Capable of live tracking of face
  • Not necessary to put the face in a particular position to enable morphing as live tracking is possible
  • Real-time morphing is possible
  • Morph the image by just pointing the camera at the face you want to morph. You then just morph it by drawing with your finger
  • Lots of preset warps are available that let you morph your face giving it the effect of a smile or frown. You could also make yourself look like an alien or go on and on with other options
  • Use effects like a smudge or expand or shrink to create your customized face morph
  • There’s an eraser to let you start all over again if you don’t quite like an image

Download: Play Store
File size: 11 MB
Phone Support: Android

9) Fatify

Have you always wanted to have chubby cheeks for that adorably loveable look? No, you don’t need to add a few extra kilos to do that. Fatify makes your face look chubbier in a flash. While it doesn’t offer much variety between photos, it’s still worth a try, still a good one for a laugh. Fatify’s features are-

  • You could any snap stored in your phone or take a snap using the app
  • The app tells you exactly where to fit your face for that perfect frame to work on
  • It can find the mouth and eyes by itself but it also lets you place where you want them to be
  • You can share the picture on social media

Download: Play Store
File size: 15 MB
System supports: Android

10) Face Swap Live

This one’s truly amazing! Other apps can only work with static snaps. Face Swap Live actually switches faces in real-time from your camera’s video feed. You can make a recording of yourself swapping your face with say, Marilyn Monroe. It could also be your pet. Trust us, you’ll be in splits! It comes with some cool features-

  • You can swap faces live with your friend
  • You can swap your face with a 3D filter or photo the app comes with. You can also pick one from the net
  • You can check how you would look in a certain hat or glasses or how you would look with a beard. If you’ve always looked to make a style statement, this is the app for you. Try out the new look before you go for it

Download: Play Store
File size: 50 MB
Phone Support: Android


We have top 10 FaceApp alternatives. Go ahead, give them a try. We tell you, it’s fun! Sticking to just FaceApp can get boring. In fact, it does get boring. The other apps add that much-needed variety in the game of face changing. After all, as they say, “Variety is the spice of life.” Face-changing apps are the latest trend that’s a craze among the young and trendy. It has its advantages in making you feel good when comments from your friends keep pouring in. It can be funny when you see your own aged avatar or a cartoon version of yours. However, take care not to get addicted and don’t lose faith in your natural looks. Remember, people love you for the person you are, not for how you look.


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