What is fdm.exe, Uses, Error and How to Fix/Remove it

If you have notice that fdm.exe is running on system background, consuming a lot of cpu resources or showing error then you should investigate. This fdm.exe belongs to a popular software called Free Download Manager. It’s not an essential part of Windows. Below you can find detail information regarding fdm, its uses and how to remove it safely. Read on!

You have probably heard of this application, but rarely paid any attention to it. Available in both MAC and Windows computers download manager is an application that can make your user experience or break it, depending on its source. So let’s started with the workings of a download manager, its pros and cons.

file download manager

What is fdm.exe?

The full form of FDM is ‘Free download manager‘. This application makes downloading easier, faster, safer by a ton. When used from the right source. Usually you wouldn’t need a download manager, although as mentioned when used in the proper way it can be a complete boon.  

free download manager application

File Location

When you install Free Download Manager on Windows PC, then its default file location will be under C:\Program Files directory. The average file size of fdm.exe is about 10 mb.

What does FDM do?

  • With a download manager you can prioritize, schedule and organize your downloads as per your liking. For example working on a file that needs daily, timed up-gradation. Or when you want to download a large file during internet friendly hours, or while multitasking with other house work.  
  • Download managers can also help detect files that are recently created, updated or downloaded. Cherry on the top, they can save different format files in separate locations with specific naming!

Is it for you?

If you regularly download several files, a download manager can save significant amounts of your computing time. Especially if you live in a remote area with slow Internet.

Few Features of  Free Download Manager Software:

  • One can resume downloading from where it was interrupted. No need to download from start.
  • Increases the speed of downloading
  • Highly awarded application
  • Easy to use
  • Supports many languages
  • Free to use

Steps to download Free Download Manager:

  • Visit official website (Advisable – freedownloadmanager.org) of download manager application.
  • Download the application as per your system specifications.
  • Double click and install as per instructions.

Download Manager set up complete image

Can Free Download Manager inject a virus in your PC?

If you have downloaded the Free Download Manager from official website then chances of getting virus or malware is very less. However, if you downloaded from 3rd party or unauthorized sites then it might be dangerous. To determine if download manager is causing problems in your PC look for these signs:

  • PC screen displays unwanted pop-ups, and ads.
  • fdm.exe consuming high CPU resources.
  • Browser opens pages without command.
  • Browser redirect to unwanted sites.
  • Mail spam/junk folder floods unusually with unfiltered messages.
  • Changes in browsing preferences, for example: home page setting, browser startup, downloads, search and privacy.
  • You see random search toolbars, pins and search engines set as default without your own doing.

Also read what is DipAwayMode.exe and its uses.

How to remove fdm.exe (Free Download Manager)

If the exe file is not located under C:\Program Files\Free Download Manager then it might be malware or virus. Now, lets find wow does one remove Download Manager from their computer? It is pretty basic, just follow these steps:

  • Uninstall using Control Panel >> Uninstall a Program
  • By manually removing download manager from your windows programs folder in C drive.
  • By resetting your browser, either by brute uninstall or clearing cache
  • By using an anti-virus protection program
  • By cleaning the computer’s Windows registry

The Solution

To protect your PC from un-guaranteed harm it is wise to be cautious in the choices we make. By not downloading items from suspicious pages and sites. This is will ensure your computer remains protected and virus free. And you can continue being tech savvy in your work stress free. Additionally make sure to enable Windows firewall and keep good antivirus on your computer.

Official Website, Support and File Size

  • Official Website :  freedownloadmanager.org
  • File Size:  49 MB (64-bit)
  • Operating System : Windows, Mac OS

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