Top 12 FileZilla Alternatives for Windows, Mac & Linux

FileZilla is a popular software that is use to transfer files and data from a remote computer to a host server. This program is a very efficient FTP that can handle large quantities of data and is very easy to use. It also allows you to control the speed of the transfer, so that you do not overload your bandwidth.

FileZilla is one of the popular file transfer software that is used by millions of users including big Hosting companies. The interface is very user-friendly and comes with several features. No wonder why FileZilla is a popular and best file transfer software. It’s among the most popular and preferred FTP tools by web designers, bloggers, and webmasters.

Best Free Alternatives to FileZilla for Windows & macOS

For some reason, if you are looking for alternatives to FileZilla then there are many other free FTP programs available that you can use. I have prepared a list of FileZilla similar software that can be used on Windows 10, 8, 7 and macOS and Linux, have a look:


WinSCP is one of the most powerful and secure file transfer programs that support protocols like  FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP or WebDAV. It allows you to choose from two interfaces- tab and windows explorer mode and also supports multiple languages.

Download here:
File size: 9.4 Mb
System supports: Windows


Putty is one of the top, most searched and popular FTP software that works with Windows. It’s a super fast and a very light tool to connect to your host. I have used it personally a couple of times, but I feel that it’s not for a new novice user. It also supports macOS and Linux operating systems.  Perfect FTP software for advance users with several features.

Putty file transfer software

File Size: 2.9 MB
System Support: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Total Commander

Total Commander can not only transfer files across systems but you can also use it to compare files and editors with its parallel window feature. It supports a quick view panel and has an enhanced search function to increase the convenience of the user.

Download here:
File size: 4.9 Mb (for Windows)
System support: Windows and Mac


I have personally used Cyberduck during my college life. I really like Cyberduck because of its simple interface.  It is an easy, free and open-source transfer software that can transfer data across FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, Google Storage and many more. Its special features are bookmark manager and Bonjour networking. Cyberduck supports Windows and macOS.

Cyberduck file transfer tool

File size: 52 MB (for Windows)
System support: Windows and Mac


As the name suggests, the FTPBox allows connecting to your hosting website using FTP. It supports a wide range of security settings like SFTP, TLS/SSL, etc.  With the FTPbox, users can use FTP to synchronize their files with their host computers. All synchronized files can be accessed from any remote computer. With this software, you do not have to pay any other website, which also increases the security of your files.

Download here:
File size: 2.3 Mb (for Windows)
System support: Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, and Linux


AnyClient is a fast and free software that supports file transfer trough all major protocols. The best part about the AnyClient is that it can be used online without installation or offline with the downloadable version that allows local installation. It is lightweight, portable and it works with 256 encryption.


Download here:
File size: Not Required
System support: Windows (32 bit), Windows (64 bit), Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris


Swish uses SSH that allows you to access your files securely from any other computer. It can integrate with Windows Explorer so effortlessly that it may look like you are working on your computer and is very easy to use.

Download here:
File size: 8.1 Mb (for Windows)
System support: Windows

Multi Commander

Multi Commander is a file transfer software that is full of features. Its interface supports dual panels and tabs and it has customization options for keyboard and mouse. There is a button panel, log window, quick command field, and a quick launch bar. It can browse local hard drives, archives, and servers and can perform operations like delete, copy, move, rename and even multi rename files.

Download here:
File size: 7.0 Mb (for Windows)
System support: Windows/Windows XP


It’s another file transfer tool that can be used to connect FTP / SFTP. It works with Windows operating system, has a very simple interface that will remind you 2010 year and that’s the beauty of this software. Additionally, it supports OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive etc.

Download here:
File size: 1.6 MB
System support: Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, and Linux

Air Explorer

Very few people know about this software. Air Explorer can manage files in cloud storage, FTP and SFTP. It can synchronize folders and encrypt files at the time of transfer and also supports multiple accounts. Users can perform a centralized search for files and even pause and resume transfers. Air Explorer supports Windows and Mac PC.

Download here:
File size: 402 Kb (for Windows)
System support: Windows and Mac


mRemoteNG is a totally free software. It support a wide range of protocols for file transfer like RDP, Telnet, VNC, SSH etc. It’s a very simple FTP software that work with Windows OS. A perfect file transfer software for web designer.

Download here:
File Size: 37 MB
System Support: Windows OS


Transmit is another popular FTP and SFTP software that work with almost all servers including Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace etc. It comes with user friendly interface that allow users to drag-and-drop files to the remote server.  Although its a paid FTP software but it do support macOS file transfer and offer 8x faster file transfer.


Download here:
Type: Paid software
System support: macOS

Final Words

There are several software like Filezilla which are free software that works with Windows, Mac and other OS.  All you need is to figure out your requirements and on which tool you are comfortable to work with. If you are aware of any extra-ordinary FTP software which is not listed here then leave your comment below.



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