Fondue.exe Process – What is it, Uses, & Command

Fondue.exe is a Windows inbuilt process that is basically a feature on the Demand User Experience Tool. This Fondue.exe provides and optional features for Windows Operating System by downloading the necessary files directly from the Windows Server.

The main use of Fondue.exe is to provide an option to the Windows users so that they can enable any particular features on the system.

File Size & Location


The file size of Fondue.exe is 110 KB and is generally located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. I have listed some of the very significant properties of the Fondue.exe file, you must go through it once.

Quick Overview

Filename: Fondue.exe
File description: Windows Features on Demand UX
File version: 10.0.18362.1
File Size: 110 KB
Product name: Microsoft@Windows@Operating System
File type: Application
Copyright: Microsoft Corporation
Language: English

Is the Fondue.exe file safe or malware?

It’s totally a safe file if it is located under the default location i.e. C:\Windows\System32\ directory. But, if it is located anywhere else then chances are Fondue.exe could be a virus.

If Fondue.exe popup or consuming a high CPU then it may indicate that it is a virus. In such a case, follow the below steps to identify whether it’s a virus of the safe process:

1) Press Ctrl+Shift+ Esc button

2) Click on the Details tab

3) Locate Fondue.exe, right-click on it and choose Open file location

4) If it is not located under the System32 folder then chances are it is a virus or malware.

In such a case, complete system scanning is recommended using software like Adware Removal Tools or a good antivirus.

Sample Command Lines for Fondue.exe

Here is one sample command line that I have explained:

  • /enable-feature:FILENAME >> This command line can be used to enable a particular feature. Make sure to replace the FILENAME with the proper file to execute the command.

Example: You can enable the Microsoft .NET Framework using below command line:

Fondue.exe /enable-feature:NETFX3

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