Free DisplayFusion Alternatives for Windows

Display, as the name suggests, is referred to as a display monitor of windows.  It is impossible to imagine a desktop without a good display resolution. There is software which aid in monitor the organization of your windows desktop. Display fusion is one such software which helps in boosting the display of windows computer. It makes it beautiful and user-friendly. Display fusion helps in controlling two screens making addition of task bars separately on two screens. It also shows you all the display, desktop buttons and much more simultaneously on both the screens.

Displayfusion alternatives for Windows

There is more to display fusion than screen control. It is also possible to use remote control via the phone. This makes it the most popular and in-demand software for screen optimization. However, DisplayFusion is not the only multi-monitor software. There are others too if one is looking for something different and unique.

Free Alternatives to DisplayFusion

No doubt that DisplayFusion is a perfect software for a dual monitor, but there are several other software available in the market. Below is the list of DisplayFusion alternatives which re free yet come with similar features, have a look:

Dual monitor tools

This is the best alternative over fusion display and also the best software for Windows users. It allows you to have optimum control over dual and multiple monitors. This works on the open-source and users can install it easily.

Key features

  • This has various dual monitor tools.
  • It is good at supporting many modules that run in the notification area.
  • Any monitor needs a good cursor movement and this improves the cursor movement. It is also possible to freeze the cursor movement on the windows screen.
  • It also has the provision to have tool snapping. This works very well with dual monitors.
  • It also improves the performance of the display screen.
  • Most of your favorite apps can be launched with few strokes only. This happens through the DMT launcher.
  • In DMT swap screen mode, it has hotkeys for most common windows operations.
  • It also minimizes windows on a single monitor for a better display screen.
  • There are different images for each monitor hence one can have dual wallpapers. The different images on each screen give uniqueness to monitors.

Interesting facts

This is the most liked software as you can install what you like only.

System support: Windows7 and 10
Price: Freeware
Download link:
File Size: 656 Kb

Input director

This is the latest as well as the best option for you if you have a windows computer. Input director has emerged as the winner amongst all windows software management software. It maintains the balance between the two computers.

Key features

  • It is very good at controlling your computer’s overall system controls. This ensures the monitor always runs well.
  • The best part is it comes with its own user guide which helps in running the software on any system.
  • There is a clipboard here and this can be shared and copied on one computer.
  • It also comes with own switch control and pastes option. As clipboard can be pasted and shared onto another computer effortlessly.
  • It is possible for Windows users to direct input directory on how to control the right monitor positioning.
  • One can do this by simply dragging it onto the right place on the monitor grid.
  • Sometimes one wants a quick transition between the two computers and with the input director, users get very quick toggle time.
  • It is also possible for you to copy and paste between the computers and the files. This makes it indispensable for any windows user.
  • A keyboard is an integral part of your computer. If are looking for different keyboard layouts then the input director is right for you.
  • The input director is loaded with many different keyboard layouts. This helps users in choosing the right one for them.
  • It also personalizes the writing experience.
  • This is the only software that is compatible with windows user control pop-ups. If you have an account, you can use it.
  • Last but not least, it is good at synchronizing screen savers between the two computers.

Interesting fact.

The input directory is loaded with the latest technology hence it works well even with the latest computers.

System support: Windows XP, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.
Price: Freeware.
Download link:
File Size: 28.2 Mb

Windows grid

This is different from others as it is made by windows itself. It gives a good window display management. This enhances the Desktop screen as well.

Key features

  • It is good at saving windows locations which makes it easy for you to find it later.
  • Windows grid has a very simple and good control for display screens.
  • It is uninstructive in nature. This makes it a good display software for Windows desktops and laptops users to have.
  • Sometimes one wants you to have own input. With the window’s grid, it is possible for you to have a personalized input for display.
  • This works according to your wishes.
  • It is ideal in customizing your screen with personalized themes.

Interesting fact

It uses WPF and works very well with a mouse.

System support: Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
Price: Freeware.
Download link:
File Size:

Aqua snap

It is your go-to display fusion alternative and is good for windows. It’s the best tiling windows manager. This improves the windows display.

 Key features

  • It is different as it needs very little space on the computer. This uses very little memory.
  • Sometimes one wants to divide desktop to view multiple things and aqua snap does just this work.
  • It is also possible for one to drag and drop windows to screen’s side and corner. This makes it easy to view the desktop.
  • Aqua snap is made of composed native code.
  • There are customized keyboard shortcuts.
  • This helps in using the hotkeys.
  • It has a complex interface that works well on windows.
  • We all use mouse and aqua snap has mouse shortcuts which recognizes 5 mouse buttons.
  • It is also efficient in windows tiling. In the sense that it resizes the two windows side by side.
  • With an aqua snap, one can align windows seamlessly.
  • It is also good in splitting the desktop space between many windows.

Interesting fact

It is useful if one has a 4k or multiple monitors.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware.
Download link:
File Size: 3.8 Mb


It is made solely for windows. This works very well in giving the multi-monitor setup. This enhances and beautifies your windows screen with the best results.

Key features

  • Sometimes one wants to resize windows to suit the screen. Win dock can move and resize the windows with ease.
  • It is also possible to move windows to a pre-selected area with a win dock. This saves space on a computer.
  • The drag and drop movement allows users to move windows seamlessly.
  • It boasts of a good multi-monitor set up. A multi-monitor set up ensures the same quality on all the systems.
  • Win dock has own configurable settings which can be adjusted according to windows.

Interesting facts.

This is only 1.29 Mb in size and hence a space saver.

System support: Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP
Price: Freeware
Download link:
File Size: 1322 KB


This is yet another efficient desktop management software for windows display. It is good at managing the workspace also. It’s made by NVIDIA specifically for windows.

Key features.

  • The workspace is very important for proper screen viewing.
  • N view has a customized workspace that can be used with many models.
  • Today people also work stationary as well as virtually. N view supports the virtual desktops.
  • This permits Windows users to switch between the different desktops seamlessly.
  • It is good in the sense that one never loses touch with their work as you can work from everywhere.

Interesting fact.

It is the most stable and powerful software to date.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware.
Download link:
File Size: 8.6 Mb

PowerToys for windows 10

This is the latest and the most prominent entrant in the display software technology. It is made by Microsoft for its own windows desktops. It is simple and works very well on any windows system.

Powertoys for Windows

Key features

  • It allows an easy reboot of windows.
  • One needs a good layout for doing work and Power toys can make complex windows layout.
  • It is also possible to position windows in various layouts.
  • If you are looking for something it can be done with just a simple search provision.
  • There is also its own gif screen recorder.
  • Sometimes one wants to adjust desktop and Power toy adjusts the location of desktop, start menu and much more.

Interesting fact

It is inspired by Windows 95 power toy project which was discontinued. This is a much-advanced version of this software.

System support: Windows 10.
Price: Freeware.
Download link:
File Size: 11.8 m


It is a good alternative to display fusion alternatives. This can work very well with any Windows system. It is developed primarily for the system’s internal usage.

Key features

  • Any computer has a taskbar. However, with Multimon, you can add a second taskbar to their second monitor’s desktop as well.
  • When toggling between two monitors one may not always see applications everywhere.
  • Multimon shows your applications from the alternative monitor.
  • There is also a possibility of adding a text clipboard extender on the alternative desktop. This makes it highly personalized.
  • It also hides application from monitor 2 and 3. This cannot be seen in the normal taskbar.

Interesting fact.

It is a very popular and lightweight application. This works very well with your windows system.

System support: Windows 7 and Vista.
Price: Freeware.
Download information:
File Size: 455 Kb

Multi-monitor tool

The name is suggestive that it is made only for windows monitors. It allows you to do work very well with windows in various ways. It enables and disables monitors and much more. It is time to learn more about it.

Key features.

  • It allows you to set the primary monitor with which windows monitor works very well.
  • It gives you a preview of the desired window.
  • This works very well if you have a connection with the multiple monitors.
  • At the same time, one can move windows from one to another monitor very easily.
  • It is so simple that anyone can use it.

Interesting fact

It works well with monitors and connects well with another monitor.

System support: WindowsXP, 7, 8,8.1 and 10.
Price: Freeware.
Download link: monitor tool.html
File Size: 219 Kb


The real value of any computer’s monitor is understood now. These are a few of the best options over the display fusion alternatives. It works in the same manner if not better. The ultimate user is you as you have to decide what you need.

However, if you want to change or switch the display fusion then these are the best options for you to consider. The time is right to make an informed and knowledgeable choice. So, go for it.



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