10 Free Driver Booster Alternatives for Windows in 2021

A good computer needs an efficient driver. It is the drivers who play a key role in computer hardware management. When hardware is in optimum condition it gives you a healthy computer. This also expands the life of the computer. Sometimes one needs constant driver boosting. It’s the only way to maintain your driver and parts. Driver Booster is an extremely easy tool and driver updater for windows systems. The best part is it works without any sort of installation.

If you don’t want to go for a paid driver boosters then One can opt from other similar driver booster software. It is free and you can always download and remove it at your will.

Just for your information that the Driver Booster is developed by IObit who also offers several other free tools like Uninstaller and Disk Defragmenter.

List of Free Alternatives to Driver Booster

It is time to learn more about the other best driver booster alternatives. These will only give you more information and help in choosing the right one which is just suitable for you.

Driver Easy

It is the most professional driver alternative to Driver Booster. This works on every Windows version from 10 to XP. It allows updating the driver for free.  It is specially developed by Easyware Technology for windows. It has emerged as the best driver updating tool in the market.

Key Features

  • When you need a PC driver manager you need to look no further than driver easy. It is beneficial in automating the PC driver booster.
  • It is also useful in scheduling scans and installing the latest drivers.
  • There are times when one wants to update other device drivers. And the driver easily is able to update the phone and other removable devices.
  • It also scans any outdated PC and missing drivers.
  • It is possible to download the latest update and install it as well.
  • This has the possibility of custom driver backup which can be saved in folders and zip files.

System support: It works with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
Price: It is free to download.
Download link: https://www.drivereasy.com
File Size: 4.9 Mb (for Windows)

Slim drivers free

It is a driver booster alternative for any windows PC.  Everything is on the cloud these days. The slim driver free utilizes cloud technology.  It is best for you if you have 32 and 64-bit windows. These are the formats on which most computers work.

Key features.

  • It downloads and installs the driver booster on its own.
  • There is also the possibility of a scan of almost all the available drivers on the hardware. Hence you don’t have to look for individual drivers and you save time.
  • Everything is run by computer programs and this driver booster can run the program very well.
  • It allows the quick scan if one wants to scan in a hurry.
  • Its interface is very user-friendly and everyone can understand it.
  • The use of cloud allows one to get any drive from this technology.
  • Sometimes one wants to have the option of download.
  • One can also add instruction for making a good restoration point.

System support: It supports Windows XP, 2000, Vista,7,8 and 10.
Price: Free download.
Download link: https://slimdrivers_free.en.downloadastro.com
File Size: 63.8 Mb (for Windows)

Snappy driver installer

This is a must for anyone using the Windows PC. It works really well with Microsoft windows. This has eased the driver management in every windows computer.

Key features.

  • It is really good at locating and installing the windows missing drivers.
  • You don’t need to worry about finding the driver. It is very hard to find drivers on the computer and this does the work smoothly and perfectly.
  • Its biggest feature is it works without the internet as well. One can repair the disk from almost anywhere.
  • You are not confined to the internet to carry out the repair work.

Snappy driver installers the only one application specially designed for Microsoft. Most Microsoft computers have this on their PC and are liked by the consumers as well.

System support: It works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Price: It comes with a free download sans license.
Download link: https://sdi-tool.org/
File Size: 16.8 Gb (for Windows)

Driver store explorer

It is yet another driver booster alternative for windows that works for everyone. However, unlike others, it is an open-source tool for driver management. It is very good for windows drivers.

Key features.

  • It is a good enumerator of all packages stored in the local and offline driver store.
  • If one wants to add a new driver package one can do it here.
  • It is also possible to delete packages in forced and batch mode manner.
  • We may not always know every device on the computer and the driver store shows all devices associated with drivers.

System support: Supports Windows 7 for 32 bit and windows 10 for 64 bit.
Price: You can download it for free.
Download link: https://www.techspot.com/downloads/7109-driverstore-explorer.html
File Size: 278 Kb (for Windows)

3DP Chips

This is developed by 3d chip.com. It is more efficient than others for your windows PC.  3dp chips are the go-to driver booster for every windows PC user.

Key features.

  • It supports your main hardware systems like motherboard, processor, sounds and more on the computer.
  • It comes in a portable variant which makes it easy to carry and works from anywhere.
  • Sometimes one wants to simply boost your computer system and 3dp chip does just this work efficiently.
  • It is possible for you to download drivers.
  • Also, you can have customized drivers for any old device.
  • It allows you to update hardware tools.

It works very well with any old and outdated windows PC.  You no longer have to throw away your old PC. One just has to update it.

System support: It works with Windows systems.
Price: You can download it for free.
Download link: https://www.3dpchip.com
File Size: 3.0 Mb (for Windows)

Driver clouds.com

This is a whole website, unlike the booster alternative software. However, it offers free web service for all windows run PC. It works seamlessly with internet browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and more.

Key features.

  • This site is a good place to identify and generate any hardware component report.
  • It happens through your own dedicated account.
  • It has the latest drivers which help in finding the right hardware part.
  • There is good technical assistance as this place has own technical assistance team.
  • It is possible for you to download all the detection results in PDF format.
  • It offers something which none of the above driver boosters do. It helps you to have own dedicated customized electronic signature. This is based on your own configuration summary.

System support: Works with windows 2000.
Price: It is available for free download.
Download link: https://www.driverscloud.com
File Size: 2.3 Mb (for Windows)

Driver talent

It’s yet another driver updater but simpler than the most in nature.  With this one doesn’t have to worry about any device driver. It sustains the health of your device. This is one device that is a must for anyone who wants a good pc for life.

Key features.

  • It downloads the device drivers and updates outdated drivers. This maintains the health of your current as well as the old PC.
  • When one has a corrupted drive, it affects the whole system. Driver talent can fix any corrupted drive giving the computer a new lease of life.
  • It is possible for you to download only the required drivers and install it on your Windows PC.
  • It can be installed very quickly.
  • Driver talent backs up the drivers after every installation. This makes it easy to reinstall it.

System support: Works with Windows 10, 7, 8, Vista, XP, and Windows server.
Price: It’s free.
Download link: https://www.drivethelife.com/free-drivers-download-utility.html
File Size: 15.7 Mb (for Windows)

Free Driver Scout

This is the ultimate driver booster for all Windows-based PC. It works wonders as there is a provision of automated driver update.

Key features.

  • It has the provision of a scheduled automated driver scan. You don’t have to remember about the scan.
  • If you worry about losing important files, it allows one to back up a few or complete drivers.
  • One can also restore the drivers easily. It is useful as one does not lose important files after the reset.
  • It gets installed automatically. This eases your mind as one need not worry about manual installation. It also happens properly without anything going wrong.
  • It has a feature that allows it to scan and download the latest updates. It does all of this on its own.
  • It is loaded with an OS migration tool meaning it can find new Operating Systems drive, and save it on portable devices like USB and Flash drive.

System support: It works with Windows 10, 7, 8 and XP.
Price: It is available for free download.
Download link: http://freedriverscout.com
File Size: 10.2 Mb (for Windows)

Device Doctor

It is yet another useful driver booster which works seamlessly with windows computer. It comes across as an extremely simple program which even a beginner can use. At the same time professionals find it useful.

Key features.

  • There are two ways to run this driver booster. First, it can run as any regular program on the computer
  • Secondly, it can also work in a portable format.
  • Sometimes drivers get outdated and become non-useful. It is here that the device doctor helps in scheduling the scan for outdated drivers.
  • It is possible to Download updates for such drives and install them manually. This makes device doctor a very apt driver booster for older versions of Windows computers.

System support: Works with Windows XP, Vista, 10, 7 and 8.
Price: It supports free download.
Download link: http://devicedoctor.com/
File Size: 5.0 Mb (for Windows)


It won’t be wrong to say that technology has come very far. Today it is possible to extend the life of your computer hardware with a proper tool and care. One just has to know the right tool to enhance one’s driver’s life. These form the ideal options for anyone who is on the lookout for something other than a driver booster.

These perform equally well and have similar if not different functions.  Time is right to embrace the changes and be a part of a revolution called driver booster alternatives. It is ideal for someone who is always looking for something different but is hesitant to make the change. This article shows the benefits of alternatives to a free driver booster. It is up to you to choose it and experience the difference.



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