FUFAXRCV.exe – What is it, Uses & How to Remove it?

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FUFAXRCV.exe is an executable file and is a component of the EPSON fax utility. This utility is a part of the EPSON PC-fax Software developed by Seiko Epson Corporation. It can be used by both Windows & MAC Operating Systems.

The full form of Fufaxrcv.exe is Fax Reception.

What is it & its uses 

EPSON Fax utility is an application developed for sending faxes from your computer to anywhere in the world.

You can send documents in any format and with a maximum of 100 pages at once. The fax can even include pages with diagrams, tables, and texts.

File Size & Location

  • The file size of FUFAXRCV.exe version is 627 KB.
  • The location of FUFAXRCV.exe is in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Epson Software\FAX Utility folder in Windows Operating System.

Is it safe or virus

FUFAXRCV.exe is a safe application and need not be deleted. Nonetheless, there can be instances where malware can disguise itself using the same or similar name as fufaxrcv.exe. This can threaten system vitals.

There are a few hints that can help in recognizing such suspicious files:

  • If the FUFAXRCV.exe application has high CPU usage up to a GB or more.
  • If the program is not found in the Epson Software folder under program files of C drive.
  • If the name of the application’s signer is not Seiko Epson Corporation.
  • If the file size of the application is more than the original file size.

You may also like to know about PCSVC.exe which also belongs to Epson.

Error Errors

Few errors usually found with FUFAXRCV.exe are:

  • “FUFAXRCV.exe is not running.”
  • “FUFAXRCV.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

These errors can be caused because:

  • The FUFAXRCV.exe file or its fragment is broken or missing
  • The Registry entry is corrupted.

uninstall How to remove it

There are two ways to remove FUFAXRCV.exe:

  • You can go to “Add or remove programs” in Control Panel to look for “Epson Fax Utility”. Once found, double click on it to uninstall it.
  • You may use some reliable third-party Uninstallation software like CCleaner.

Make sure that you are no more going to use the Epson Fax Utility and then only remove the software from your system, otherwise Fax application might not work properly.

Other similar executable files are AdobeARM.exe, kvoop.exe, ehprivjob.exe, etc.



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