What is GFNEXSrv.exe, Error & How to Remove it?

This GFNEXSrv.exe is totally a safe file that comes with the Asus laptop and belongs to ATK Generic Function.  The extension of this file indicates that it is an executable file. GFNEXSrv.exe is an executable file that is used to perform various functions on the Asus laptop according to the system requirement. Well, its common to come across any such executable files, but unfortunately in some cases, such files can be very harmful to our computer.

What is GFNEXSrv.exe?

GFNEXSrv.exe is a component of ATK Generic Function Serviceor Lenovo ATK Package and is developed & maintained by ASUS Corporation or Lenovo Group Limited. This is not a pre-installed program that comes with the Windows Operating System. It has no visible window and runs in the background.

File Size and Location

This file can be found under the directory as mentioned C:\Program Files\ATKGFNEX 

File Name : GFNEXSrv.exe


File Size : 1 MB (approximately)


File Location : C:\Program Files\ATKGFNEX


Publisher : ASUS or Lenovo


Is GFNEXSrv.exe safe or Virus?


The genuine GFNEXSrv.exe file is safe and won’t cause any harm to your computer. It is a legitimate program as it is published by ASUS or Lenovo.

One of the most important things that will let you judge if any file is safe or virus is its location where it is stored and is running from your computer. So, if GFNEXSrv.exe is safe then it must be at ‘C:\Program Files\ATKGFNEX\’ and not anywhere else.


If you presume that your PC might have been affected by a virus, then you should try to fix it or, delete it right away as it might steal data or harm your system files.

It is also recommended to perform a full system scan using an Antivirus Software to remove the virus file.

Common errors

I have listed some of the common errors that you might face and have to deal with, during the installation of the program or, during the execution of its associated program, during the Startup or Shutdown, during the installation of the Windows OS, or in some other event.

Below are the common GFNEXSrv errors 

  • “exe failed.”
  • “exe has encountered a problem and needs to be closed.”
  • “exe is not a valid Win32 application”
  • “exe is not running”
  • “Faulting Application Path: GFNEXSrv.exe”

How to Fix?

GFNEXSrv.exe is not a system file, it is, therefore, difficult to fix the errors related to these files. I will show you some general approaches that you might need to take to fix these errors.

METHOD 1:  Run System File Checker

1. Hit the Windows Key to open the Start Menu.

2. Type cmd, right-click on the Command Prompt option, and then select Run as Administrator.

Command prompt run as administrator

3. Now, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

sfc scannow command

4. It will search for the corrupted files and repair them

Now, restart the system and check whether you still get an error or not.

METHOD 2:  Using Windows Disk Cleanup Utility

1. Press the combination of Ctrl + R to open RUN command. Type cleanmgr and hit Enter.


2. Select the desired drive and then click

Disk cleanup: Drive selection

3. Check the list as per the requirement and hit

cleans C drive

This wizard will clean up the disk for you and shall fix the related errors.

How to Delete GFNEXSrv.exe?

To delete or permanently remove such a file you must be sure that the exe file you are going to delete is not safe, as this will affect any related programs that may use that file.

To get rid of the GFNEXSrv.exe you can follow any one of the two processes as mentioned below:

Way 1

Try to locate all the files related to GFNEXSrv.exe. Then, delete all the files belonging to that program manually.

Generally, ATK Generic Function Service related files can be found under the location-

C:\Program Files\ATKGFNEX\**Some Folder**

Note: It is not possible to remove a running process. So, you will need to stop the process from the Task Manager. Right-click on Windows Taskbar, select “Task Manager“. In the Task Manager window, click on the “Details” tab. Then select GFNEXSrv.exe and choose the “End task” option.

Way 2

If you find that GFNEXSrv.exe is not any virus but you still want to delete GFNEXSrv.exe then you must uninstall ATK Generic Service Function or, Lenovo ATK Package and to do so you must follow these steps:

1. Click on the Windows Start Button.

2. Type the word “REMOVE”

3. Click on Add or Remove Programs option.

Add or Remove Programs

4. Then try to find the ATK Generic Function Service or Lenovo ATK Package from the list of displayed applications.

5. Click on the program and then choose Uninstall.

Apps and features


How to avoid such problems?

Keeping your Operating System clean, virus-free is perhaps the most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from issues with the GFNEXSrv.exe. This implies performing regular malware scans, uninstalling programs that you do not require anymore, observing any auto-start programs (with MSConfig or Task Manager), updating required drivers on a regular basis, and enabling automatic Windows Updates. Also, do not forget to consistently make regular backups.

Please comment if you have any queries or doubts. All the suggestions or new methods are welcome.

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