Top 12 GoodSync Alternatives for Windows, Mac & Linux

Developed by Siber Systems, GoodSync is a program that helps create the backup and synchronize files between two directories. We give you brief details of a few GoodSync Alternatives. Before that, we should know a bit about GoodSync itself. GoodSync lets you store and save the same version of files on multiple computing devices. GoodSync makes sure that when you modify a file on any single device, the changes are made simultaneously on the other devices too. Therefore, which device the file was accessed from doesn’t matter. It also lets you synchronize files between a remote computer or server and your computer.

Goodsync alternatives

Uses and benefits of GoodSync

Goodsync is a very popular backup and file synchronization programs offering the following benefits-

  1. AES 256-bit encryption: Greatly improves security for your critical data.
  2. Your data is transferred in Realtime, due to which, user interaction is not required as backup and synchronization are automated and scheduled.
  3. Very low backup time, network consumption, and storage requirements as your data is propagated at the block level.
  4. Minimal data recovery time and maximum security are guaranteed with version history control.

Alternatives to GoodSync

Coming back to the alternatives for GoodSync, here are the top best that work with Windows, macOS & Linux :


SyncToy is a Microsoft product in the PowerToys series. The .NET framework has been used in writing it while utilizing Microsoft Sync Framework. The method to be followed while using it is that you’ll have to create a left folder, the ‘source’ folder. The next step is to create the right folder which will act as the destination.

You can choose any folder as your source or destination folder which makes the product very user friendly. You are free to choose any folder on a USB flash drive, a network drive or any portable hard drive. It’s not necessary that you use only your internal hard drive.


The new SyncToy 2.1 comes with certain improved features, which are as follows:

  • Files are copied much faster now ensuring better performance
  • It features better error reporting. It clearly shows which file couldn’t be synced during fatal errors. The new version’s much stronger against file system and transient network errors
  • There’s the automatic backup of folder pair configuration. This lets you use the backup copy to replace SyncToyDirPairs.bin. This helps you resolve the last configuration that was saved

Official Website
File size: 2.9 MB
System supports: Windows


Syncthing is another good alternative to GoodSync that allows real-time synchronization of files between two or more computers. It involves continuous file synchronization. Syncthing offers complete privacy allowing you safe synchronization of your files. You can choose where you want to store your data or if you want to share it with some third party or not. You can also decide how your data is relayed on the internet. It offers private storage of your files using TLS encryption for secrecy.


  • You can synchronize as many folders as you want to between your own devices or with separate people using separate devices. So, it’s powerful
  • Syncthing allows simple configuration and monitoring using a powerful and responsive interface that can be accessed through your browser. You can synchronize your folders with your server after you run Syncthing on your desktop computer and allow backup. Therefore, it’s portable
  • When you use Syncthing, every machine is given a separate ID. You can share a folder with your friends by simply sharing the ID. This is possible as Syncthing doesn’t require IP address or advanced configuration as it works over LAN and on the internet. This makes it simple to use

Official Website
File size: 48.5 MB
System supports: Linux, OS X, Windows, Android, BSD, Solaris


Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, FreeFileSync is open-source software. You can create and manage backup copies of all the important files using this software. FreeFileSync adopts a smart method when synchronizing files. It is capable of spotting the difference between the source and the destination folder. That way, FreeFileSync transfers only minimum data leaving out what is the same in the destination folder.


There are a few features that make FreeFileSync unique and different from Goodsync:

  • The sync results are notified on your email
  • You can sync as many files as you want to as there are no artificial limits
  • You can access the files online by using SFTP
  • You can also synchronize files using mobile devices using MTP
  • You can also synchronize the files on Google Drive

Official Website
File size: 14.7 MB
System supports: Windows, Linux, macOS


You can store your files on online cloud services with Duplicati. As a backup client, Duplicati ensures secure backup with complete encryption. The backups are encrypted and compressed and stored on cloud storage and remote file servers. Your backups are always updated regularly with a built-in scheduler. Duplicati is also encrypted with AES-256.


  • Your file and folder backups come with strong AES-256 encryption. Data deduplication and incremental backups help you save space. With a built-in scheduler and an auto-updater, you can have updated backups. The web-based interface helps you run a backup on any machine.
  • Duplicati can even be used for commercial purposes for free as it’s open-source free software.
  • Your privacy is well protected with strong GPG or AES-256 encryption
  • Duplicati is known to handle network issues well. There’s a regular test of backups by Duplicati and all interrupted backups are resumed. Corrupt storage systems have broken backups. This feature of Duplicati helps in their timely detection
  • Duplicati can be run on network-attached storage (NAS). It can run on any browser, even on mobiles and can, therefore, be accessed from everywhere

Official Website
File size: 18.4 MB
System supports: Windows, macOS, Linux


Rsync involves minimum copying of data with only that portion of the file being copied which has been changed by using an algorithm. It works on remote sync and involves the copy and synchronization of files remotely and locally as well on Linux and Unix systems. Rsync is today used extensively as a copy command that’s far improved. It’s very useful as a backup and mirroring software.


  • You don’t need any super-user privileges
  • Offering anonymous or authenticated rsync daemons, it’s ideal for mirroring
  • Rsync can be used with any transparent remote shell that includes ssh or rsh
  • Rsync comes with excluding and exclude-from options that give it similarity with GNU tar
  • There’s minimum latency cost as it does file transfers through pipelining

Official Website
System supports: Linux and Unix


As a command-line program Rclone lets you sync files and directories to and from wide range of platforms like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, and more. Coming as a single binary file, Rclone is a Go program. It’s open-source software available free.


  • Your directories can be made identical with the sync mode
  • The Check mode helps you check all MD5SUMs
  • Capable of syncing to and from a network, like two separate Drive accounts
  • You can only copy new or changed files with the copy mode
  • A whole file is supported with partial sync
  • Files have the timestamp preserved

Official Website
File size: 11.2 MB
System supports: Windows, macOS, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Plan9, Solaris


PureSync was launched by Jumping Bytes. It’s a Windows program that helps synchronize files and folders while carrying out automatic backups in the background. It can work on network volumes, external hard drives, and digital cameras too. PureSync comes handy when you’re importing photos from your digital camera into your computer.


  • Comparison of views side by side
  • Synchronization and backups occur automatically
  • Comes with many options but is still user friendly
  • Free only when used for personal use
  • Offers FTP support as well as NAS support

You may also consider software like Clonezilla that can easily take Windows PC backup.

Official Website 
File size: 10.5 MB
System supports: Windows

Allway Sync

Allway Sync works very efficiently and allows you to synchronize many copies of your files on all your devices, be it a PC or a laptop or any removable drive or more. Employing true bidirectional synchronization, Always Sync has algorithms that can detect the most recent changes you’ve made in your files no matter on which device. Privacy is ensured by logging the data in a local database. It’s free for personal use which comes with limitations. It has major features like-

  • Helps you synchronize all your devices
  • It’s a free software
  • It has an easy user interface
  • It prevents data loss
  • It generates a report on differences between the folders synchronized

Official Website
File size: 9.5 MB
System supports: Windows 2000 and later


With odrive, you can use your cloud files like locally stored files. If you were to make any changes on any file, those changes would be updated automatically on the cloud. In other words, the changes made in the local file are automatically synced with the cloud file.


  • Automatic syncing of files and folders
  • For the server environments, there’s a command-line interface
  • Odrive works as a headless sync agent for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Allows syncing of all files and folders into a single drive folder on your computer
  • Ensures seamless syncing between your desktop and the cloud

Official Website
System supports: All Operating System


SyncBack works by backing up only files-based data. To put it simply, it only backups files created by you. However, you can’t clone entire drives containing system files. SyncBack free is a 32-bit program that can utilize 2GB of RAM.


  • It offers support for both external and internal storage
  • It supports FTP protocol
  • It offers backup sync to and from network PC or device
  • It offers backup, mirroring, basic syncing and restoration

Official Website
File size: 29.9 MB
System supports: Windows


OpenDrive provides cloud storage, backup, and sync features for personal, business, and enterprise use. With its support for a wide range of operating systems, you can easily access, manage, and share your data without any worries.


  • Effortlessly link or embed any of your files on the cloud for use in Emails, websites, messages, or social networking sites.
  • Highly secure cloud storage with instant access, sharing & collaboration feature with simple to use interface.
  • Sync files permanently or temporarily, anywhere (be it a computer, or an external storage device).
  • Add users to your OpenDrive account to let them access the files directly.

Official Website

File Size: 11 MB

Systems supported: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Web, iOS

DirSync Pro

DirSync Pro is a free and powerful file and folder synchronization utility. DirSync supports recursive synchronization of the content of one or many folders. The UI of this application is easy to get used to all while giving you plenty of options and features. DirSync Pro is written in Java which is the reason why it is fast and robust.


  • You can save your time by making incremental backups.
  • DirSync Pro provides preconfigured modes like Mirror, Backup, Contribute, etc.
  • DirSync Pro lets you schedule synchronization tasks effortlessly.
  • DirSync Pro is completely free of cost, ads, and commercial text. You can use it without limitation of functionality.

 Official Website

File Size: 2.8 MB

Systems supported: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, DOS


The fear of loss of data is something that bugs you all day. Making changes in files stored in multiple devices is also a bother especially when you’re on the move. Syncing of data is the answer. Our write up on GoodSync alternatives gives you 10 options you can choose from to create backups of your files and folders with minimal trouble. We hope our article proves useful. Do let us know which program you have chosen.



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