Top 10 Best Greenshot Alternative for Windows

Greenshot is among the most popular screen capture tools for Windows that allows you to quickly capture a screenshot and even add notes using OCR technology. You can take a screenshot of a selected area, windows, or the entire page. It also helps you to highlight specific parts of your image.

Greenshot Alternatives

This lightweight tool lets you save the screen captures in a matter of a second or add it to the web image storage and get a URL that can be publicly used. Further, you can share the images with MS office products like Word, Excel, etc., and even customize the images.

However, if you want to try another similar software to Greenshot that has similar features then you should check this list.

Top 10 Greenshot Alternatives

These are the best yet free alternative to Greenshot for Windows PC:

1) ShareX

ShareX Screenshot

This free screen capture tool is among the best alternatives to Greenshot. It comes with a wide range of tools that help you edit images and videos efficiently. It also offers a collection of filters, editing tools, and upload options to quickly share unlimited files.


  • It allows you to save images and videos in any shape. You can save a full-screen capture, or in a custom shape with watermarks in any shape or opacity levels.
  • Lets you create new images using integrated designing tools. You can then use them for any of your purposes.
  • It helps you to add any file type with texts and images using drag-and-drop hot-keys, context menus, etc.
  • Offers the option to share files, record screen, and to use the productivity tool using advanced technology.

Interesting Fact:

It’s known to provide support for more than 40 different services including Dropbox, URL sharing and shortening services, Imgur, etc., and also offers additional useful tools like QR code generating software, photo editor, color pickers, and more.

Get it here:
Price: Free

2) Snagit

This is a complete screen capturing software that offers efficient screen recording It also offers state-of-the-art features like editing tools that optimize the screenshots and shape them and a wide range of options that help you to select and capture just what you need.


  • Compact application takes up minimal space and is placed at the top of the browser.
  • It allows you to capture screenshots and lets you access shortcuts to use the features.
  • Lets you drag and select the area to be captured.
  • Helps you to save the screenshots in different image formats including JPG, GIF, PDF, etc.
  • It provides the options to change the color, blur sections, insert a watermark, and more.
  • Allows you to add filter while saving screenshots thus, saving time, offers delay timer for recording cascading windows, lets you schedule screenshots at breaks, offers scrolling feature, and more.

Interesting Fact:

The scrolling option allows you to capture a complete page, and even insert shapes, borders, and other effects. Also, it allows you to set the clipping ratio with 4K image resolution.

Get it here:
Price: Free trial available; Pro version priced at $55.

3) Free Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool

Taking screenshots is easy with the Snipping tool. You can simply capture your screenshots and save them to your system. Whether you want to record a live screen image, or along with the web page and apps, it assists you with both, efficiently.


  • It offers the option to share several screenshots online in a jiffy.
  • It comes with aa range of editing tools that allow you to modify the captured images.
  • Offers a series of shortcuts that help you to record the screen elements, and save the image on the clipboard.
  • It allows you to c select a file location to save all your snips.
  • It makes it easier to add and edit screenshots, the option to add several screenshots to social media platforms, save images in PNG format, and more.
  • Simple yet powerful editing tools that are to use with the option to insert freehand designs.

Interesting Fact:

Equipped with a free form shape snip, rectangular selection, mode menu that offers a window snip (active window) and the option to capture all that’s on the screen.

Get it here:
Price: Free.

4) LightShot

This tool offers the fastest way to grab a screenshot that can also be customized. It allows you to take screenshots in two ways, in full screen or of an area selected by you. As soon as the screenshot is captured, you can see a tiny bar at the lower end of the image offering multiple options.


  • It allows you to select any region of the desktop and grab a screenshot in just two clicks.
  • Straightforward and easy to use with a responsive interface making it convenient and quicker for you to work.
  • It helps you to edit screenshots on the fly while capturing them or even at a later time using the dynamic image editor.
  • Lets you share your screen captures to the server and retrieve a short link instantly.

Interesting Fact:

It allows you to detect similar images. All you need to do is to select an image n your computer screen and look up from multiple duplicate images.

Get it here:
Price: Free.

5) Flameshot

This is a straightforward screen capture tool yet powerful in terms of features. It’s easy to use, allows you to customize the looks of the screenshot, and lets you edit the screenshots within the app.


  • Simple yet powerful screenshot tool that comes loaded with features.
  • User-friendly, can be easily customized and offers the option to add your screen captures to Imgur.
  • Available in a CLI version, that allows you to get screen grabs also from the command line.
  • It offers a screenshot within the app and comes with a DBus interface.
  • It also provides support for keyboard shortcuts, built-in editor, toolbars and more.

Interesting Fact:

It allows you to change the color of the paint tool as you edit a screenshot and save snips using a custom name from the filename editor instead of the default name.

Get it here:
Price: Free and open source.

6) PickPick

This is a comprehensive designing tool that comes with a range of image-related services that includes screen capture tool, color palette, photo editor, whiteboard, and more.


  • It allows you to capture screenshots of the full-screen, the current window, the scrolling area, and a certain section of your desktop, and more.
  • Lets you add notes to your images and even highlight them with texts, shapes, etc., using the integrated photo editor.
  • It offers the option to add effects to images like watermarks, brightness adjustment, drop shadows, and more.
  • It provides a range of graphic design accessories.
  • It allows you to save your screenshots, share them, or send images via Facebook, Evernote, Web, Google, Dropbox, and more.
  • It offers ultra-modern settings that allow you to configure the hotkeys, name files, and more.

Interesting Fact:

It allows you to work on multiple documents at the same time, choose a certain color on your screen, zoom in images, and also lets you use a whiteboard to sketch on your screen.

Get it here:
Price: Free.

7) Evernote Web Clipper

This tool allows you to save screenshots of web pages straight to your Evernote account and makes for a great alternative to bookmarks, or other ways to save content.


  • It allows you to save useful information online by getting full-screen captures of the web page or simply the specific region without any ads or headlines.
  • Lets you add text to the screenshots, callouts, and notes to highlight the critical information. This is to ensure that you remember why you saved it.
  • It allows you to insert tags, remarks, save content to any notebook, and even make changes to the titles.
  • Gets installed easily and quickly for Google Chrome.
  • It helps you to write notes, create to-do lists, save them, store images, etc.

Interesting Fact:

The screen capture of your chosen content is permanently saved in your Evernote account which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Get it here:
Price: Free version available; Plans start from $2.50

8) Lightscreen

One of the most popular screen capture tools in the list, it’s a great alternative to Greenshot. This straightforward tool automates the time-consuming process of saving and grouping the screenshots. It functions as a covert background process that can be executed with one or more hotkeys. It


  • A compact application that helps you capture screenshots easily and quickly, and then save the screenshot to disk based on your choices.
  • Highly customizable and so, allows you to use the hotkeys, obtain previews of the screenshots, add all of them automatically, and so on.
  • It allows you to adjust the size of the screen and also alter the area you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Lets you place it in Options where you can create a target directory of images, name them automatically, specify the formats, and more.
  • Organize the screenshots based on sequence, or use date or time.
  • Allow you to instantly share what’s on your screen to Imgur or other similar image hosting services.

Interesting Fact:

It offers wonderful setup choices, runs in the System Tray, allows you to activate all the functions using hotkeys, and lets you select the image quality.

Get it here:
Price: Free.

9) CloudApp

This is another great screen capture tool that also assists you with screen recording and GIF creation. It’s a user-friendly app perfectly suited for business users. It allows you to simply capture screenshots, share them, and speed up the entire process.


  • It allows you to share the current activities on your screen by instantly capturing and sharing it through video recording and adding to your webcam.
  • Lets you record your screen in a continuous unbreakable GIF loop that is perfect for explaining intricate ideas.
  • It helps you to capture your current personal cloud screen on the fly and share it with anyone you want.
  • It allows you to optimize the screenshots and GIFs using notes, insert instant drawings, emojis, lines, and other shapes for clear communication.
  • Enables you to create a video using your computer camera and use it for communication, while it allows you to create your message.
  • Lets you add large files of any format which can be then easily shared in form of a link. These links are encrypted with strong passwords and expiration dates.
  • It comes with a flexible button that helps you to link an article, complete deals using the sales link, and more.

Interesting Fact:

It helps you to control the security and confidentiality of your sensitive data, allows you to create a password and encrypt them, insert your logo and link to your websites, offers the option to customize the URL, lets you keep a check on the number of views on your Drops and more.

Get it here:
Price: Free.

10) OBS

This is a free and open-source program that helps you record your screen and even supports live streaming. You can download this on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux and start streaming instantly.


  • It helps you with supercharged audio or video recording in real-time and also supports mixing.
  • It allows you to create scenes made up of different sources such as texts, images, webcams, and so on.
  • Lets you assemble a collection of scenes that you can change between smoothly using your transitions.
  • It comes with a responsive audio mixer along with per-source filters like noise gate, gain, or noise suppression.
  • Offers complete control using the VST plugin service.
  • It provides user-friendly and powerful customization choices.
  • Lets you include the latest sources, copy the current ones, and easily modify their properties.
  • Equipped with a neatly organized Settings panel that allows you to use from a wide collection of customization options.

Interesting Fact:

The user interface is in the form of modular Dock that lets you organize the pattern just in the manner you want. Best of all, it also allows you to make each of the Docks to become prominent on its window.

Get it here:
Price: Free and open source


Whether you want to use screenshots for your blogs, articles, or any other purpose, you need the best app to get a professional look. While Greenshot is among the favorite screenshot apps for many, the above alternatives are also great when it’s about quality and features. So, pick one of your choices and create amazing screenshots for your needs.


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