10 Best Grooveshark Alternatives for Free

Grooveshark is a wonderful application which is based on a broad search engine for online music. This tool is based on a broad search engine for online music and its recommendation, allows users to search and upload music freely and for free. Grooveshark has a flow of 100 to 110 million songs per month, in addition to 35,000,000 registered users.

Grooveshark alternatives to listen free music online

What is Grooveshark?

Grooveshark is a popular free online music streaming site where people can listen to music for free.  Started in 2006, today the Grooveshark is counted among the top music streaming service providers. The Grooveshark is just like Spotify or SoundCloud where you can listen to your favorite music.

The Best Grooveshark Alternatives for Listening Music

If you are looking for a good Grooveshark alternative in 2020, then this list may help you to listen to music for free without worry about legal issues.



SoundCloud is one of the most interesting online music services, designed for musicians looking to distribute their music for free on the network. The tool’s ecosystem is more open with widgets, APIs and links with the world of smartphones. The audio player displays a wave-shaped rectangle to facilitate navigation and also has user comments at specific locations in the piece of music.

Key Features

  • SoundCloud offers both a free and extended experience for creators and listeners on the platform.
  • SoundCloud Go + is available for an upgraded listening experience.
  • Add your music with a click. No need for uploads and customize your player’s design
  • The Playlists feature displays the song you are listening to through the Info & Options screen.
  • Pro and Pro Unlimited are available for an extended creature experience.
  • Insert a URL or embed code from SoundCloud and connect everything with a click.
  • It allows you to collaborate on musical projects. This presentation of sounds is pleasant.

Official Site: https://soundcloud.com/


Spotify offers one of the most complete music collections on the network and makes it available to all who have a free or paid account. Although other cheaper alternatives have appeared, even free, that try to provide a similar service, it continues to lead the sector with various plans to offer to all music lovers.

Key Features

  • With more than 10 million songs in its database, the user can listen to both their favorite artists and discover new music talents through the recommendations of the network.
  • Its connection with social networks allows you to interact with friends who use the same service, share playlists and much more.
  • Fill in the search field with the name of our favorite artist and it will appear instantly
  • Spotify allows us to test Premium accounts for free for 30 days if this is the first time we have registered.
  • Spotify also allows you to add your local files, to have all our music accessible from the same application.
  • Automatically import the default music folder from your computer, as well as from your iTunes library.
  • Spotify is compatible with the following file formats: MP3, MP4, M4A, and M4R.

The Spotify comes by default with Windows 10. If you want to disable or remove spotify then you should read this.

System Support: Windows 10, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

Official Site: Official Website


Pandora Internet Radio is a digital music service that transmits content over the Internet to your computer or portable music player. The service is also available on digital stereo sound systems that are Internet-enabled and compatible with the service. Pandora Internet Radio also works on specific Internet-enabled televisions and home theater systems.

Key Features

  • Pandora Radio is a subscription radio transmission service that allows you to listen to music from a variety of genres.
  • You can create your own playlists, rate songs and bookmark your favorite songs and artists.
  • The service works with any broadband Internet connection and can be transmitted through wired and wireless connections.
  • When accessing Pandora Internet Radio on your compatible home stereo system, any bookmarks you have set up on your stereo system will also appear on the service’s web interface the next time you log in.
  • You can easily customize stations and can create custom schedules to automatically change music.
  • The service is compatible with stereo equipment and brands, and cinema in Internet-enabled systems.

System Support: Android and iPhone

Download Link: Google Play and Apple

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the music store through which we can download and store music in the cloud with the support and quality of a Google product. The most prominent feature of Google Play Music is the integration of its algorithms which, compared to the other two services, presents the best music recommendations.

Key Features

  • Google Play Music allows us to play music continuously, without any cuts.
  • We can also select the random play or create specific lists with our favorite artists, themes or genres.
  • The function to use music while still offline great as it guarantees us a good time with our favorite artists even without being connected to the Internet.
  • Different types of equalization to achieve the desired sound quality and the web player includes options to share our songs.
  • Through the algorithms, music curation is very good in relation to artists and genres that the user hears or marks as favorites.
  • It has an interesting aspect of synchronization, being able to have the folder always updated through the Internet.

Download: Google Play Store


Deezer is a music streaming application over the Internet that allows application users. You can listen to music online and offline. Music lovers using the Deezer mobile player can touch the “lyrics” symbol to see the lyrics and share them directly with their followers. Users can select and trim the lyrics while listening to their songs without interruption.

Key Features

  • Users can search the track without problems. To facilitate the task to its users, it can also allow them to stream live, download and listen to music without the network.
  • Push notifications are there to attract users of the application for a long time.
  • You can create music lists, on-screen music text, and live radio stations for users to fully enjoy the music program tracks.
  • Live radio stations allow users to listen to live radio stations. Search and open radio stations locally. In addition, it allows users to listen to songs live.
  • From your music collection, it can store up to thousands of songs to give you a wonderful time.
  • There are suggestions based on your likes and you can listen on Android, iOS, and the web.

System Support: Windows and Apps

Download: Official website


Last.fm online radio

Last.fm is a social network-oriented to the musical world, which is built around a radio via the Internet. Last.fm users listen to the radio and at the same time, they build a musical profile (known as audioscrobbler), which serves the Last.fm to propose new songs to the user and that the main feature of the Last.fm is its system of musical recommendations.

Key Features

  • Social Network oriented to music and able to add comments about groups, albums or songs
  • Store your music profile or audio scrobbler and it has a system of musical recommendations
  • Event Calendar. The user has a song counter that he has heard known as scrobbling.
  • The meter can feed either the music heard in Last.fm or the music heard in other programs such as Spotify, iTunes, WinAmp.
  • It allows you to connect with other users and add tags to catalog songs
  • Save statistics of the songs and groups heard. Indicating which are the most listened to.

Website: Offical Website


Libre.fm can be termed as a website based on the community of music and looks for giving a software renewal for last.fm. Here artists and performers can showcase their music for everyone to take a look and enjoy it. It has the capability to store a user’s listening choice with the help of data sent to the website’s server from the user’s audio player through scrobbling.

Key Features

  • Users can utilize the libre.fm web player to play the tracks and find and download music.
  • It helps artists to release tracks under a free license, and allow users to download or purchase these tracks
  • It is a fantastic service with a lot of really good undiscovered music.
  • This application is based on the GNU FM streaming backend, which is basically the design of the FSF.
  • The scrobbling aspect of this tool seems to be simply to keep track of your own listening habits.
  • You would be able to share your scrobbled listening histories with each other, and learn about some new songs.

Official Website: https://libre.fm/


Jamendo music

Jamendo is a web page with more than 20,000 albums of 9500 artists and, recently, has been rated as one of the 10 best musical web pages by the prestigious Cnet.com. All music that can be accessed is completely free, published under a Creative Commons license, which means we can use it and share it as we please. Search for artists or songs, access to our favorites, radio, song downloads and playlists.

Key Features

  • Music with Creative Commons or Free-Art licenses.
  • Files in OggVorbis and MP3. An integrated recommendation and rating system for albums.
  • Labels and reviews made by the same community. Audio streaming of a song, entire albums or ‘your Favourites’.
  • You even can have the possibility to access the most listened to songs currently on Jamendo.
  • Free accommodation for artists. Links to the official sites of the artists.
  • Downloads of entire albums and voluntary donations for artists through PayPal.

Official Website: https://www.jamendo.com/

Jango – Online Radio

Jango free unlimited listening

This tool is a free music streaming service that helps you to generate and share personalized radio stations. Users choose the artists they want to listen to, and the station will play similar music. Jango also allows users to rate songs and artists in their feeds, so the service knows whether to pass that content more or less frequently.

Key Features

  • It is a website that offers internet radio service and also functions as a social network.
  • Its main service is the continuous transmission of personalized radio.
  • Jango provides a system of musical recommendations with which the user discovers artists similar to those he seeks, through the ratings of other users.
  • Each user can create their own personalized stations based on their favorite genres or artists.
  • It offers the possibility of unlimited listening without ads for your music streaming.
  • It has a function that interprets your musical tastes to offer you songs that fit favorite genres.

Download: https://www.jango.com/music/Download


It offers a catalog with more than 18 million songs, you can search by artist, song, album or playlist. It is compatible with social networks to see the activity of other contacts. You can create playlists by simply dragging songs to the sidebar. You have the option of using a free license for six months with continuous reproduction, without advertising.

Key Features

  • Rdio has millions of songs of all musical genres.
  • Rdio allows you to synchronize songs using Wi-Fi on your mobile device, so you can take your music to places where there is no Internet service.
  • It gives you recommendations especially for you, plus you can check popularity lists, check new releases, or you can take a look at what people on your network are listening to.
  • With Rdio, you can create your own playlists individually or you can collaborate with more people. You can also subscribe to playlists made by other people.
  • You can keep the music collection you already have with your favorite songs, and you can share it.
  • You can share your collection or only part of it with whomever you decide.

Download: https://rdio.en.softonic.com/

So these were the top sites like Grooveshark and a good alternative where can listen to your favorite music. Let me know if your favorite music streaming site.



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